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#MeetTheBeauties ││ Kat CandyFlossDreams

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Kat from CandyFlossDreams
I fist came across Kat's blog in the #Coolmumclub linky a little while back and I was just hooked on reading her posts. One that I really enjoyed was "How to make a Disney Autograph book"  I love anything glittery and sparkly so I really enjoyed her pictures in this post. All her stuff is well done and one of her most recent posts about pokemon go really pulled me in since I am ADDICTED to that game. I just know that once you have read this interview you will want to go check out her blog, so show some love! 
So without further adieu, Lets learn a little more about Kat from CandyFlossDreams.

#GRLPOWR Meet The Girls

So a lot has been going on lately in terms of talking to some awesome girls and getting to know everyone. If you follow me on twitter (@ofaglasgowgirl) you will have seen that a new account has started called @GRLPOWRCHAT which a bunch of us girls run. It's all about supporting each other, super awesome chats and more! It's a place to come and join in with this love we have for the blogging community. I'm pretty sure all of us will be doing a post like this, one where you can find out who all the Admin/Members are. Although this twitter account is for everyone, So join in!  We will be hosting weekly chats which will be twice a week and will run for 2 hours. Also, We will be RT'ing YOUR blog posts, simply mention us @GRLPOWRCHAT or #GRLPOWR 

Throwback Thursday │ My Pregnancy

Hi lovelies! 

Today I wanted to do a little throw back post all about my pregnancy because if I'm honest I have been feeling a little broody lately. I seen some bump pictures on my "on this day" bit on Facebook and since then I have been missing my bump like crazy! Although I had a pretty crappy pregnancy I loved knowing that I had a little live growing inside of me and my love for the baby grew stronger every day. Right now I would love nothing more than to be a mum to two little babies but I know it's not practical at this moment so I thought I would just reminisce with pictures about my pregnancy with Leon!

The Liebster Award

I just want to start by thanking @Kvburton657 who nominated me for this. I am very grateful!

Eating Out In Glasgow │ The Hope Bar & Eatery

Hi Lovelies, Today's post is all about The Hope Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow City Centre.

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to go and review The Hope in Glasgow so naturally I said yes! I love discovering new places to eat and/or have a little drink in Glasgow as I spend a lot of my time there so I got my bestie on board and we attended. Having never visited The Hope before I was really excited to see what kind of place I was going to walk into, Would I love it? would it be another same old same old restaurant? Well, I can definitely tell you all that I loved it so much that I am seriously thinking of booking it for my Birthday dinner.