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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Being Mum

This little post is about what it's like for me being a mum on a day to day basis. It's raw, nothing left out. All thoughts, feelings and events included. This is from the week beginning 8th June 2015. We had playgroup, the dentist and a trip to McDonald's all in the same day.
So Lets begin!

Tuesday morning 

6:27am - I get woken up with the sound of Grant's alarm going off for work and my first though is "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!". I can hear him tapping on "snooze" while he rubs his tired eyes ,trying to clear the sleep from them. He goes on his phone for around 10 minutes while hugging into me and kissing me on the back of the head. Eventually he stumbles out of bed, goes for a shower and finds his work clothes that I laid out for him the night before along with his lunch I made up. I'm very happy at this point because I can't hear Leon climbing out of bed and babbling away to himself while playing with his toys which means I get a little lie in, total bliss! Grant comes back into the room, puts my unicorn  teddy (penny) under my arm, tucks me in and kisses me on the forehead goodbye, tells me he loves me, Then he heads off to work for his 12 hour shift. I fall back asleep & love that I'm not being hit in the face with my remote control to wake me up!

7:42am - CRASH, BANG, THUD! 
I shoot up out of my bed with my heart pounding in my chest, thinking the absolute worst has just happened! My thoughts are that Leon has gotten through the baby gate and fell down the stairs! But thankfully it's just my little baby bear standing at my chest of drawers with a huge smile on his face, holding my hair brush in one hand and a Mega block in the other, after pulling all my sprays and hair products off the shelf. Panic over!! 
So it seems it's time to get up out of bed and start our day. 

8:00am - Cbeebies , Kate and Mim-Mim is on the TV, meaning Leon is tuned in and nothing else matters around him, he is proper in the zone when something he likes comes on. It's the perfect time to get him into his high chair for breakfast. While my gran puts him into his chair, I make some ready break for him with banana and toast. *Thoughts* "This boy is such a fussy eater, ready break, banana and toast? Really? I wish he would eat something different for once"
I also put on the kettle for my grans coffee, grab a yoghurt out the fridge for me and proceed into the living room. Breakfast is placed in front of Leon, his eyes light up and he jumps a little in his seat then starts munching away! Time to eat my yoghurt and have a seat before Leon is finished.

8:28am - Leon has finished his breakfast, I have finished my yoghurt, Chuggington is just about to come on the TV and the cat is chasing a fly at the back door while my dog scratches at the couch and wont stop when told "No". All I can here at this point is Teddy (the cat) jumping around mad and meowing constantly, Leon giggling and Lilly (the dog) whimpering a bit because she's desperate for someone to go back to bed, she's such a lazy wee thing.
*Thoughts* "My house is a bit of a mad house right now, the dog is scratching at the couch for someone to go back to bed, my cats jumping around after a fly and my son is going ape trying to grab my grans cup of coffee".
My gran is sitting having her morning coffee which naturally means Leon's trying to climb all over her to steal the cup. Not a chance boy! So the coffee gets put on the mantle piece, meaning he can't reach it which he isn't too happy about, resulting in a bit of a screaming match between him and my gran; with him taking a tantrum and my gran sitting ignoring his behaviour. But as usual my gran wins, he gets up, gives her a cuddle (well, cuddles her legs) then she picks him up and tells him it's time to get washed then dressed. Leon is a child who really really enjoys getting washed and dressed. He also loves brushing his teeth which Is a huge bonus! So my gran telling him it's time to get washed and dressed sends him into a fit of jumping on the spot and happy screaming, then he runs to the stair gate shaking it to get through and get up to the bathroom. This child is super excited and this makes getting dressed really easy in the mornings.

8:39am - We finally get to the bathroom after Leon spending 5 minutes on the stairs standing looking at himself in the mirror and bumming it down 3 stairs then climbing up to go down 3 stairs again! But now we are in the bathroom and it's apparent that he wants his great gran to wash him. He much prefers when she washes him because my gran lets him away with everything! he can run rings round her. Me on the other hand, I make sure we get done what we have to with a little bit of playing in between but he does NOT like that, he likes playing with his bath toys, throwing them in the bath then in the sink, putting soap down the toilet and trying to eat tampons. Not my sons finest moment may I add...
Anyway, My gran comes into the bathroom to wash Leon, tells me to go start getting ready while she washes him, dresses him and gets his shoes and coat on.
*Thoughts* "Good plan gran, Good plan!".
Off to my room I go to start getting ready for taking Leon to playgroup.

9:05am - Leon is ready, I'm ready and now it's time to get our jackets on for catching the bus, everything has been done on time and I'm fairly happy about this! That wasn't too stressful this morning... Oh but wait, I haven't got his little converse bag ready for going yet! DAMN. So now I need to rush about shoving everything into the bag that he will need for going out; Nappies, wipes, spare vest, spare top, dribble bibs, socks, hankies, his water, extra dummy, sudocrem and I'm pretty sure that's it, nope, wait, his carrot sticks! I must not forget them.*Thoughts* "How the heck did I forget to do this?! I knew about it last night, I done my bag, so why didn't I do this last night?! WHY?!" Eventually I have the bag ready, Leon has only been chapping the inside door the whole time because he is super excited to go on this little adventure to playgroup and my gran is constantly telling me to hurry up. Not the most relaxing situation ever.

9:17am - We are finally at the bus stop waiting on the bus to come.
*Thoughts* "It's a good thing we live right next to the bus stop, made it just on time, or has the bus been yet? Damn. Why wasn't I more prepared"
I am worrying so much right now because his playgroup starts at 9:45am, I have never been before (this is his first day), I have no idea where it is and Leon is constantly trying to run near the road! This morning is so stressful already and I feel like just crying. Just as I feel like phoning a taxi the bus comes whizzing around the corner, we stick our arms out for the bus to stop and get on it. Leon sits on a seat by himself with his seat belt on and he is absolutely loving this. Because I have never been to the playgroup before, I take my grans word on where the bowling club is (where the playgroup is held). Trying to make this a fun bus journey but also educational I start to count the bus stops with Leon as we go past them, we have 4 to go past before we need to get off. The bus is approaching number 4 and I know it's time for us to get off, we press the button to let the driver know we want off. The bus stops and Leon loves jumping off the big step on the bus saying bye bye to the driver. As he does that, two old women are standing waiting to get on the bus making a lot of "Awww" noises at him, In this moment I feel like a proud mummy. Now we are off the bus I look around for this bowling club that is meant to be right next to the bus stop so said my gran. There is nothing but houses... Where the heck are we?!

9:43am - We have now walked past another 4 bus stops, no sign of the bowling club at all and now I am feeling completely lost. But to my luck a little old woman who is walking her dog stops to talk to Leon because he is pointing at the doggy and jumping up and down. She is the first person I have seen since getting off the bus so I need to ask here where the bowling club is!
*thoughts* "Thank the Lord we came across this woman! I hope she doesn't mind me asking for directions, surly not? Damn what if she doesn't know where it is, what then? Get the bus bake home? Yes. Get the bus back home!"
I ask her and she tells me its just across the road, telling me that if I walk up some stairs I wont be able to miss it! Finally! we say bye to the woman and her little dog buster, walk up the stairs and there it is, the bowling club!  words cannot describe how happy I am in this moment, no more searching. We get up to the building, find the entrance door, walk through and there are a few other children playing already, the adults are getting their socks on and some are reading a leaflet while waiting for everyone to arrive. I am so thankful I am not the last to get here and that we are only a couple of minutes late. So I take Leon's shoes off, let him run over to the rugs to play, put my socks on, fill in some paper work and then we get to playing as everyone has arrived. 

11:03am - We have finished playgroup! And I met my friend in there who I didn't know was going with her little one, it was really nice to have someone there I knew, it made talking to everyone a little easier. Leon had a great time playing with the other children for all of 10 minutes out of an hour! He was far more interested in running around the doors and chapping them! I eventually got him to sit still for around 10 seconds while the woman was handing out teddy bear ears for the teddy bear picnic, then Leon tried to get out of my arms and ended up banging his head on my lip resulting in my lip being burst, blood filling my mouth and dripping onto my top. FANTASTIC. This is just what I needed today. Leon turned round to look at me and gave me such a big hug! it made me feel 100x better, So I cleaned up my face and back to playing we went. Apart from that "little" incident, his class was great, there were loads of toys he liked, he probably would have taken them all if he could! Now we are on the bus on our way to his dentist appointment, Around 5 minutes into the bus ride Leon fell asleep so I was straight on the phone to my gran, asking her to bring the pram with her for meeting me outside the dentist, she agrees. I hang up, look out the window only to realise it's time for me to get off the bus already. Now this is very tricky to do at first glance, get a sleeping child out their seat belt, into your arms and ready with the bags to get off, all while the bus is moving! But I done it (yay me, even if I did have 2 old women staring at me like I was an idiot). I got off the bus with Leon in my arms and walked to the dentist with him as a dead weight. By the time I got there and waited on my gran showing up, my arms were in complete agony! So when my gran finally got there, I put Leon in the pram straight away. Now time to wait for his appointment.

11:45am - The dentist shouts Leon's name so we go into the little room for his first ever check up. Luckily enough he woke up around 5 minutes before we got shouted upon. In the little room, Leon was keeping his mouth clamped shut! the dentist was NOT getting in there. We tried everything at first; funny faces, tickling, using puppets and even offering him a carrot stick as a bribe, but eventually he started giggling at the bubbles I was blowing to keep this interest. The dentist got into his mouth, checked his teeth and he got a great report! All his teeth are super clean, coming through great and right on track. I am one proud mum in this moment because my little guy LOVES brushing and got an amazing report.
*Thoughts* "YAY! Go Leon! I am so proud of you and your gran will be too! I can't wait to let her know"
Because Leon has such great teeth, he got to choose a sticker! naturally he chose the one with the dog on it (he adores animals). We got out the room, went and got granny, told her about his teeth so she decided to treat us to lunch, how nice of her! So it's off to McDonald's we go (probably not the best place but it's the only one around really that Leon doesn't get cranky in) 
*Thoughts* "I am so glad he doesn't like junk food! So some chips and fruit will do him fine, he loves the fruit bags" 

2:00pm - It's now the afternoon, We have been for lunch, done our food shopping and now we are back home. So far we have had such a busy day! 
It's 2 in the afternoon and already we have done so so much! I am proud of my little guy for doing so well. Now it is time to chill out, get a snack and play. Leon gets his toys, pours them all over the floor, we put on Cbeebies for him to watch "Let's play" while he runs about and does his own thing, we put a couple of biscuits down on his wee table along with some juice and carrot sticks so he can help himself when he feels slightly peckish. This means I can get some washing done, tidy up the house a bit then go and play with Leon until dinner time. My gran on the other hand is dying to get her garden sorted so off she goes to cut some branches off of the tree we are cutting down. 

4:35pm - I have gotten house work done, My gran has been playing with Leon and me for the past hour. We have been; trains, lions, bunnies, played hide and seek, chases and much more! We have been run off our feet playing with this little man and cleaning the place so now it's time to get his dinner on and him into his High chair. My gran gets him into his chair while I start the dinner, Tonight I'm thinking some sausage & chips.
*Thoughts* "Why on earth is my child obsessed with chips? he has it constantly!"
I make everything, bring it through, place it on his tray and the first thing he does is throw some chips on the floor. *Thoughts* "WHY CHILD?! WHY? you love chips, you love them, you can never seem to get enough and tonight they are all over the floor with the dog trying to munch them all!" He has two bites of sausage and about one and a half chips. The rest gets thrown on the floor while he tries to stab the tray with his fork. What is up with him tonight?!

5:42pm - Leon ate the yoghurts and banana he got for desert, so he did at least eat something. Leon being fussy with eating is not something I enjoy but I'm getting through, me and my gran are constantly trying new things with him, eventually he will enjoy new foods. But now it is time to run his bath, so I go upstairs and run it, look out a towel, add his oilatum to the water for his skin, look out PJ's for him and take them down stairs to await him getting ready for bed. My gran takes Leon up for his bath so I take this opportunity to clean up all his toys and anything else that he has thrown about the place.

6:12pm - Leon has had his bath, he is now wrapped up in the towel and I can hear my gran coming down the stairs with him, he is giggling his little head off and it just sounds so so cute! I'm waiting on the couch with his PJ's to get him all cosy for going to bed. So my gran hands me him and it's like a complete 180! he is throwing himself around the place, screaming like I'm trying to kill him and trying to kick me in the face because he wants to run around naked and play with all his toys. I manage to get his vest, socks and dribble bib on. It's something at least so I guess it's ok if he runs around for a bit before I manage to get his PJ's on. He runs over to his toys, picks out a little digger truck and starts playing with it on the floor, It's super cute to watch him crawl around the floor making car noises while he plays with it!

6:30pm - Leon has been playing for a while now with no PJ's on so it is time to get them on, Just as I go to pick him up he starts squatting because it's poopy time! Ok, time to change his nappy! He's got his nappy changed, PJ's on and off to the bin he goes with my gran. It's super cute when he gets a hold of the nappy sack, he runs to the front door and jumps around in excitement. Now it's to the bin! After taking his nappy to the bin he runs back to the living room because he knows what's on the TV, In the night garden! For some reason he loves it, I can't understand why but I'll go with it. He climbs onto my knees and we watch it till bed time. 

7:13pm - It's time to make the bottle up for Leon's bed time, get the little guy settled and hopefully he goes down without a fuss! *Thoughts* "Please go down without a fuss, please!" I have already set up his Dvd for bed time, tonight it is Disneys Brave. I take Leon up to his room and he plays for around 10 minutes while I sort his bed out and make a comfy corner for us to snuggle up in! Eventually we climb into his bed, he lays his head on my chest staring at the TV (this is one dvd that he really loves) Leon takes his bottle out my hands and starts to feed himself. His eyes start closing so it's time to take over feeding him and it's off to dream land he goes! He went down without a fuss, Yay! I am one happy mummy bear in this moment. I wait around 10 minutes to make sure he is down properly. He is snoozing away, I climb out his bed, tuck him in and quietly sneak out of the room. My baby bear is sleeping and I wish I had time to just relax but that is not the case! 

7:50pm - It's now time to get everything done, clean the bathroom up, put all Leon's bath toys away and put new hand towels out. I feel like I have 101 things to do now that Leon is asleep but in reality it's not actually that much. I still have to take the dog out as my gran asked me to do that, I still have to clean up the kitchen from dinner time, although my gran keeps saying she is going to do it, I keep telling her to leave it for me but I doubt she will.
8:12pm - The bathroom is cleaned, all toys put away so now it's onto the garden, just general tidying up, putting some garden toys away, taking rubbish to the bin and putting the wind mills back in the flower pots. I have to bag up all the tree branches that were cut down by my gran earlier but I can't find any of the garden bin bags! what a nightmare because I can't leave them overnight in case it rains so I will need to hunt for them!
8:44pm - The garden is now cleaned! I couldn't find any of the garden bin bags so my gran told me to leave it until tomorrow when we pick some up from the shops. The bathroom has been cleaned, the kitchen has had a quick tidy up, take the dog out and its done. This means a little chill time is in order! Up to the room I go, I decided to put on Amazon prime to pick a movie. I decide it is time for a horror so pick grave encounters 2. 

10:00pm - Well that movie was a disaster, not even a horror! I found bits really funny and the bits that were supposed to be scary were really poorly done in my opinion. I notice the time and decide it's bed time so I go say good night to my gran, check in on Leon then climb back into bed to get some sleep for the next day.

Our day was long but Leon had a great time at playgroup and the dentist. He got little stickers for being good and got treated to some new clothes while we were out shopping today. Our days are always pretty hectic now that Leon is getting older and much cheekier! He is definitely turning into a mini teenager! He throws fits all the time, screams about nothing and tries to slam doors, but apart from that, he is as good as gold! He loves playing outside and exploring, he is very well behaved when we are out in public and he always has a smile on his face. My boy goes between me and his dad, he has done so well to adjust to the change and he is only 17 months old. I am beyond proud of my little guy. So now you have read through what it's like in my day of being a mum, you can expect some more! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you read all of it, well done! because I know I rambled on about some stuff. Thank you. Have a great day.

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