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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Garnier softening toner; Review

Today my review is going to be on the Garnier Softening Toner; Good bye Dry...
I picked this toner up when I was looking to buy a new cleanser for my skin, And this was on special right next to the Garnier Micellar water at £2.50! I thought that this was quite a bargain so snatched this up as well. 

This toner has definitely fitted into my skin care routine very smoothly! 

My first thoughts on the packaging for this product was "ITS PINK!!"
Now, pink is my most favourite colour along with blue, so
you could say I am more drawn to products that are any of these colours. The bottle is see through so you can see the product inside which I like. I always want to know how much I have left, I much prefer products that have see through packaging for this reason. I feel all tones of pink on the bottle tie in quite nicely, it's very aesthetically pleasing and it's very easy to read the writing on the bottle which I'm fond of. There's nothing worse than hardly being able to read about the product you are wanting to buy. On the bottle it states that this is for normal to dry skin so it should be ok for me to use. 

Before actually using the product I decided to go onto the Garnier website to find out about this product and this is what they say;
"How does it work?
An ideal as a daily way to soften, refresh and tone your skin to achieve a beautiful complexion. For dry skin. Enriched with Rose extract and Pro-Vitamin B5, the formula removes any remaining impurities such as make-up and pollution.
Your skin is left feeling clean, soft and toned."
What's inside;
Enriched with rose extract and Pro-Vitamin B5, the formula removes any remaining impurities (make-up, pollution ...) while respecting delicate skin. Your skin feels clean, soft and toned

After I read up on the product I thought it was about time I tried the product out.
Since first trying this Toner I have been completely convinced it does what it says!
My skin always feels amazing after every use and I have noticed a big difference in my pores. I also no longer have dry skin breakouts.

Normally I use two cotton buds for my toner, one for each hand. I do this because when I was in collage we were taught how to cleanse a face "properly" so I follow the method I used in collage.
the pads each do one half of the face.
When pouring the product on to the cotton pads it smells really nice, It's a lovely smell of rose.

I don't pour too much onto the cotton buds because I use two.
Once I have poured the toner on I get to work on my face using upwards motions to help tighten my skin then down my neck.

 All in all I am so impressed with this product because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It really does what it claims to do.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry skin.

I bought my Toner from Asda for £2.50 when it was on a sale.
Here is a link to buy it for £3.26;

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