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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Leons bath time maddness!

When it comes to bath time Leon really goes wild! He jumps up and down screaming bath!
 As soon as I say bath time to him he runs to the stairs, waits to take my hand and shoots up the stairs at some speed. He runs to the bathroom, waits on me turning the tap on, pouring bubbles in and we use a whisk to create big white fluffy bubbles for him. The boy loves it. But something he also loves doing at bath time is throwing absolutely everything he can get his hands on into the bath! 
So this post is dedicated to all things Leon deems fit for his big bubbly bath. 

I don't know why he started to do this every bath time, I don't even remember when it started but I can always bet on him throwing everything into it. He laughs his little head off while doing it, I love seeing him happy and as long as he doesn't hurt himself during it I really don't mind. Everything always has its lid on so I don't need to worry about any of the products seeping into his bath.
On this particular occasion he managed to get a hold of my pads some how! one minute he had his dummy in hand then all of a sudden I see three pads floating in the water. Great one Leon, thanks for that!

Next up is my grans E45 cream and some baby oil.
Leon laughed particularly loud while doing this. I was just about to pick the baby oil up when he jumped for it and threw it in the water.

After I took the baby oil and cream out the water to put into the sink as it's all wet Leon threw in the air freshener double quick. Every time I take something out the bath he has to put something right back in as quickly as possible. The whole time this is going on he is laughing about it. I'm pretty sure he thinks it is a game we play every night.

Once I took the air freshener out the water Leon stood staring at me for a moment, I' not sure why but he had this huge grin on his little face as we locked eyes for a minute.
Then he giggled like a little mad man, turned around, picked up shampoo and Grants shower gel then threw them into the bath!
Water went all over the floor and tiles.
This isn't something he normally does so I got down to his eye level and talked to him. I told him it was not a nice thing to do and it made mummy upset that he would throw the items like that. I got a look of confusion then a big cuddle and kiss. HE tried to fish the items out the bath so he could give them to me.
My boy is so clever.

Once we got those items out the bath Leon then looked around him to see what was left for him to put in, He clocked the bubble bath as his wash.
Safe to say they went in the bath as well. 

By the time the bath was ready for him to go into there had been a mass of different objects thrown into the water.

They all ended up in the sink to dry off.
The following items were included in Leons bath time;
* Bubble bath
*Baby oil
*Shower gel
*Shaving cream
*Baby bath time wash
*Air Freshener

I'm really baffled as to why he finds it fun and entertaining but I'm glad he enjoys bath time. Even the run up to it. He enjoys waiting on his bath to be ready and he enjoys being in his bath. Everything about bath time keeps his smiling which I love to see.

This has been a pretty random post but I thought I would share what happens at bath time in our house. It's far from relaxing but I wouldn't have it any other way as long as my baby is having fun.
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