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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Music; Ocean of you

When it comes to music I am definitely of the home grown persuasion. There's nothing I like more than going to a gig, grabbing a pint of ice cold cider and listening to the raw, unedited sound of an artist giving it their all on stage to a venue that holds around 500 people and loving every moment of it. 

I defiantly think you can tell when someone is enjoying playing to a room full of people, when they feel it, you feel it and that is exactly what happened when I seen Ocean of You for the first time at The Circle, a little bar in the back of beyond in a town called Cumbernauld. For the first time I seen my friend, up on stage giving it his all, solo. I always knew he was an amazing singer and very talented artist but damn! He blew my socks off the moment the music began and I wasn't the only one who was loving it. There was not a soul in the place who wasn't 100% focused on Damien doing his thing on stage, and to make it better his friends and family were there to cheer him on, and at the forefront of them all was his beautiful girlfriend showing her support. I wish everyone reading this could have been there, to be in that atmosphere and feel those feelings you only get when you fall deeply in love with the music you're listening to.

Ocean Of You started back in 2012 when Damien Hendry took a break from playing in a band called Fluorescent Hearts. At this time Damien had lots of ideas roaming around in his head, so what better way to fill his spare time than to create music, thus, Ocean Of You was born. Damien found inspiration from artists such as One Republic, Muse, Cold play and Savage Garden, you can see why! All these bands have amazing sounds so there is a lot of inspiration there for Damien to draw in. When asking Damien about his music he said, and I quote "taking inspiration primarily from acts such as One Republic, Muse, Cold play and Savage Garden to create what I hoped to be melodic, anthemic music with deep lyrics and a darker, more meaningful undercurrent."

As time went on, Damien started to showcase some of his solo work by playing acoustic gigs, as all the music is written, recorded and preformed by Damien himself, this meant it would be some hard work getting it all together for a show as the music is really written for a whole band to play but that didn't stop Damien, oh no. While Damien was playing acoustic sets in places such as Kilmarnock, Glasgow, and even The Noizy Music Festival in Cumbernauld, he knew that he wasn't doing the music justice and knew there was more he could do to enhance his performance. Eventually his music was ready to be taken to the stage with him in the form of backing tracks that he, himself done ALL the music for. This meant Damien could play it on his laptop while he was performing giving you the feel of a full band on stage. Then Damien got the opportunity to show case his solo work, Ocean Of You without it being acoustic only, just like he had been striving for. His first performance like this was a pretty big one you could say, Damien played at the Switching on of the Christmas lights in Cumbernauld, 2013. What an amazing opportunity for Damien to say the least, things were finally staring to take shape for Ocean Of You

Album artwork for Stained Glass Teardrops

Right now Damien is working on his new album "Bring On The Dark Nights" Which is a follow up to his very first album "Stained Glass Teardrops" which was released in July 2014.  A lot of work has been put into this already, but more writing/recording and other various things, need to go into this album before it is ready to be released. Damien is hoping to have "Bring On The Dark Nights" released later in the year with a the help of fans, the public, avid music lovers etc... So Damien has set up a Gofundme page which you can find here; http://www.gofundme.com/BOTDN

Album Artwork for Bring on The Dark Nights

All donations are welcomed and would help so much in the production of this very talented artists new album "Bring On The Dark Nights"  and as you will see on Damien's Gofundme page, with donations you get a reward! It depends how much you donate on what you get etc... But there is some pretty cool stuff in there. So what isn't to love about that? I don't really see it as donations myself, I see it as helping out the music industry. Helping out a talented artists, who deserves so much with the work they put into their music. You can tell his passion for music just by listening to it and experiencing a gig of Ocean Of You.  

When I was talking to Damien about his music and what we can expect from "Bring On The Dark Nights" as an album this is what he said; "This record will contain a more upbeat feel at some points, however, will still be very firmly rooted in the deep, epic, mystical feel Ocean Of You has become known for"

To say I am excited about the new album is an understatement and I will defiantly be helping him with his Gofundme campaign! After all, we need home grown artists who still make and produce amazing music, because to me it's the best kind of music there is. Seeing a band live, purely live and unedited, is a far sight better than half of them in the charts right now. Support local artist, keep music essential. 

Find Ocean of you on the following;

Twitter - https://twitter.com/oceanofyou
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/oceanofyoumusic
Bandcamp - http://oceanofyou.bandcamp.com/


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