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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Glossybox August + Free box

Today's post is on the August glossy box deal I received. I got the August addition plus one free box of my choice for £16.50. 

On the 20th of August I was checking my emails like I normally do each day, when I came across one from Glossybox.

I used to subscribe to glossybox when I was pregnant right up until the summer of 2014. I canceled my subscription because I felt that they were completely ignoring my beauty profile, what once was a treat for myself every month full of new and exciting products, eventually became a burden as I ended up with lots of products that went un-used. I started to receive products that didn't match my skin tone or hair colour and my friend who used to get different products from me started to review the same ones I did each month and our look couldn't be more opposite. I started to look into this online and soon came across lots of others who were disappointed with their boxes as well and were cancelling, around this time I decided it best that info the same as I felt that it was a waste of my money to keep buying this each month.

So when I got an email from glossy box telling me about two boxes for £10 I was a bit unsure but ended up thinking it's worth a try. My initial though was that I could always cancel again if I didn't like what I received. 

In singing up again I didn't think they would still have the beauty profile as it did get ignored before, but I was wrong. They still have the beauty profile section for you to fill out so that's exactly what I done and I just prayed that they listened to it this time. I paid £16.50 for the two boxes, £10 for the boxes and £3.25 p&p for each box. Now it was time to sit back and wait for my boxes to be delivered.

On the 26th of August I received both my Glossyboxes and was pretty excited to see what products awaited me. 

First I opened the Hollywood Stars box. 

When I took the glossybox out of its packaging I couldn't help but think it was one beautiful looking box. Very elegant. So far so good, a Hollywood icon on the lid of the box, a baby blue colour for the box and great quality, Glossybox has changed the quality in its box and I find this to be a great idea, it's so cute and great for storage. The boxes before were great but didn't look as good quality as the new design. 

Inside the box you get pieces of card telling you about the products that are inside and an introduction on the box. 

When I opened the Hollywood icons box I saw a quote on the inside of the lid by Rita Hayworth, this is a quote I deeply love and to see it on the inside of this box made me smile. 

"One of the secrets of real beauty is simplicity - Rita Hayworth"

After opening the box up I was greeted with 5 full sized products. I'm very happy that all the products are full sized as one of the problems from my subscription before was that, there were too many sample sizes being thrown in and counted as product which wasn't fair as one month I only recieved one full products and 3 samples. So to see this has gotten the Glossybox off to a good start with me this time round. 

This Glossybox contained; 
  • Astral face and body cream
  • Color Club nail varnish; Colour -  Barely there.
  • Pop Kajal pen; Colour - Sooty Black
  • Lord & Berry Crayon lipstick; Colour - Kiss
  • Scented Garden; Warm Lavender body lotion

I also recieved the August edition of Glossybox. This box is just a plain pink box with the Glossybox logo on it.

As always you get a sheet of card that tells you all about the products that will be in the box. 

Like the other box, this one contained all full sized products. Again I am very happy with this!

This glossybox contained;
  •  NAOBAY natural and organic calming face toner
  •  SASS purifying cleanser
  • Emite Make up Artist colour powder blush; Colour - 108
  • Manna Conditioning lash primer 
  • Me Me Me lip glide; Colour - Playful peach
All in all I think that the products I received were pretty decent. They were all full sized but some are definitely not my colour, so it's likely I wont be using them any time soon. I will however try out the skin care products, the lash primer and the nail polish, other than that I can't see me using the rest. For the money it is pretty good, but it just isn't for me, so I won't be continuing my subscription. I hope everyone else that gets a glossybox enjoys their products! 

I got both these boxes for £16.50.

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  1. I don't know why you got it again, it was always full of stuff you never used, you still have a box filled with un-used glossy box stuff xxxx


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