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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My top picks for September.

Last month I done a post on My Top Picks for August, it's safe to say that I didn't achieve my goal in buying them all.... but they are still on the list. I did however manage to buy the Dragons Egg bath bomb from lush like I wanted,  but that's the only item I got out of the whole lot. I did try to buy the Spectrum mermaid brush set, but they were still sold out unfortunately. Anyway, This is Septembers top picks post and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a few things on the list this time as its MY BIRTHDAY MONTH

These next 5 items are ones that I have seen and would like to share with you all, I really love some of the pieces that I am showing you and I am going to try so hard to purchase them, I hope you can find something from this range that you might be interested in as well.

iPad Air - £459.00

First up is the Apple iPad air. I have had my eye on this little beauty for a good while now and since it's coming up to my birthday I thought I would treat myself to a lovely new iPad. This particular one is the 32gb with wifi + Cellular. It's coming in at £459.00 which isn't too bad considering it's from Littlewoods. I am buying the tablet out right however as I have saved the money up for this, I thought I would buy from Littlewoods as my gran always uses it and her account has a perfect record so o thought I would add this order on as well and it's paid in full so her record stays intact and her credit goes up. I am really excited to say I will be receiving this item on the 2nd September 2015. Although it was paid for in August, I'm receiving it in September, that counts right? 

O.P.I SeƱoritas set -£9.99

Next up is the SeƱoritas set by O.P.I. I I have definitely had my eye on this since it was released, the colours look lovey and I'm excited to try them out. These are a must for me. That are valued at £9.99 on eBay from a seller who has 100% feedback and they are listed as new in box + they are an eBay trusted seller. I am pretty confident that I will be buying these this month. 

Boots - £28.94

Now we have some ankle boots that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. I can't explain why but something about them just jumps at me, and makes me want to press the "buy now" button. My grams been asking me about what I want for my birthday, maybe I should show her these? The boots are priced at £28.94 which is a complete bargain if you ask me! I love eBay for nice little finds, it's where I do all my online shopping. 

50's style dress - £22.99

As soon as I seen this red dress I couldn't help but want it. I have a birthday dinner coming up that I'm going out to with friends to celebrate me turning 23.... So this dress would just be completely and utterly perfect for that occasion. 50's style has always been a love of mine but the last time I wore my 50's style dress that I have was to my engagement party.... I'm not with the man anymore so you can see why I haven't worn it again, plus it's too big for me. This little beauty is priced at £22.99 and I will indeed be buying it. 

Heart bag - £17.99

Last but not least is this fabulous heart shaped bag with a flower pattern. I feel this bag would complete my look I have in mind for my birthday. It would go perfect with my shoes, compliment the dress and it just looks amazing. For £17.99 I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong. I will have this in my life for my birthday night out, I just must!

As you can tell there is a bit of an eBay theme in this months post but I have just been eBay daft lately, buying everything off of it. I really am  going to strive to get these products this month, I already have one down, 4 to go!! 

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