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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

NAOBAY calming face toner & Astral Face cream; Review

Today's post is a review on the NAOBAY natural and organic calming fave toner and Astral face and body cream.

I got these products in my Glossyboxes that were delivered on the 26th August so decided that I would give them a try and see how good they were. So that is exactly what this post is on. Keep reading to find out my thoughts and opinions on these products. 

First is the NAOBAY calming face toner. 

The packaging is simple yet I really like it. The font is clear, you can tell exactly what the brand is and what the product is, which I like. I'm not a fan of cluster of complicated fonts, I like to know what the product is and what it claims to do and this packaging is right up my street. When I opened the bottle to smell the product, I couldn't really smell anything, so if there is a scent it's very faint. 

Once I poured the toner into the cotton pad it I noticed that it wasn't clear, in fact it looked sort of peachy in colour. It's nice to see something a little different I suppose, rather than a clear substance, and I still couldn't smell anything when the product was on the cotton pad.

Once the toner is on the pad I use it all over my face in a down ward motion and sometimes circles. The product feels very cool on my face and I must say I do enjoy how my skin feels after using this product, It feels clean, cool and smooth. 

All in all I am very happy with this toner and have now Incorporated it into my skin care routine. I was using the Garnier softening toner  after the Garnier Micellar water but I ran out and never got around to buying it again so when I got the NAOBAY toner in my August glossy box I was praying that it would be good so that I could continue use and I am very pleased to say I will probably be buying this again! I am so pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it.

Next up is the Astral Face and Body moisturiser.

When I opened my glossy box to see this little cream sitting inside I was very happy. This cream has been out for ever I think, My gran used to use it all the time when I was younger and I absolutely loved the smell of it! So to see this product in my glossyobx got me very excited. The smell is still as amazing as ever and now that I have been reminded of this product I can definitely say I will be buying it again.

This cream is very rich in texture and when you apply it to your skin it feels lovely, at first I was worried that it would feel heavy on my skin and take forever to soak in but that wasn't the case at all. The cream absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 

As I am prone to dry spells on my cheeks I have been searching for a product that would help me out in that department and I am fairly sure that I have found it. Since using this cream I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin, I don't wake up in the mornings rushing to find some cream to put on my skin to help out my dry patches, In fact, I can leave it a few hours before putting cream on if I really wanted to.

All in all this product is a beauty must have for me. My skin feels great after use, very hydrated and smooth which really helps me put when it comes to wearing make up. This is a skin savior, I will be keeping this in my skin care routine for sure! And the smell makes it all the better, I can't quite explain it but it's a lovely, fresh smell. When I smell it, I automatically think of "cream", I think of nothing else and it definitely takes me back to my childhood, watching my gran put cream on and sneaking some for myself. 

So there you have it, these products that I used get a big thumbs up from me. But as always, what may work for me may not work for you and the same the other way around. Everyone's skin is different, it's just important to find what works for you.

All thoughts and opinions in this post are entirely my own. they have not been influenced in anyway.


ASTRAL Face and body cream 

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  1. I think this stuff would be great to add to my beauty collection!!!


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