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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Favourite Halloween items

Every October I always try to buy in some Halloween themed items, wither it be decorations, bedding, food, clothes etc... I always like to buy stuff that just shouts Halloween when you look at it. Halloween is my favourite time of year, I love the dressing up and excitement of decorating the house. I'm so excitable about it all. So I though that I would do a post on some of the items in loving right now! 

Yankee candle Halloween range 

Candy corn scented candle 

This one is my favourite scent from their Halloween range of candles by far! The first time I ever smelled it I was instantly hooked! I would recommend it for sure. 

Black cat wax tart melt holder.

I love cats in general and always try to buy something cat themed at Halloween so this is just perfect for me. I love their wax melts and tend to get a lot around Christmas time. This wax melt holder is perfect for me.

Spider web votive holder. 

As I am a sucker for candles I always like to have them in special holders and I have had my eye on this one. I think I'm going to buy two for my chest of drawers so that I can have my candles on display. 


B&M Halloween decorations 

50 Orange curtain lights 

These would look perfect in the kitchen and they are very affordable at a great price of £2.88! That's a bargain plus they can be used again every year. 

Window/door covers. 

Ever year I have to buy the typical novelty pieces and this year I am going for these! On my bedroom window I think they would look great! And they are only £1.49! 

Hanging furry spider with LED lights. 

I'm not a fan of spiders in any way, but when I saw this I knew I had to have it for Leons sake. He would just love having this hanging somewhere and it would creep me out at night. Great idea for Halloween decoration. 


Poundland halloween items. 

Halloween brain jelly mould 

Leon really likes jelly so I thought that this would be fun for him at Halloween. It's something different for him and it's a little bit of fun at desert time. For £1 it's a great deal. 

Halloween novelty window stickers. 

Because we like to decorate the house I thought that these would be a fun addition to the Windows. 

Halloween bat water globe. 

Again just a little house decoration but it's a cute one that can sit on the mental piece. It's amazing for only £1! 


Tesco Halloween range. 

zombie head toilet sticker. 

This just looks fun if I'm honest. My gran would freak every time she went into the bathroom and I think visitors would like it as well. 

Blood drip gel stickers. 

I would love these so that I could place them on the tiles in the bathroom for some extra decoration. 

Spider web decoration. 

Every year we buy this stuff, it's great to put over lights or in corners. 

What is your favourite thing to buy at Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.

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