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Friday, 27 November 2015

Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask; Review

Today's post is a review of the Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask. 

When it comes to face masks I am always on the lookout for one that is going to help my skin because I love a good face mask for a pamper sessions and it helps if it does some good to my face, so when the opportunity arose for me to try out a new Dead Sea mud mask, I jumped at it! 

This face mask is 100% natural and mineral infused. It is full of many minerals that are beneficial to the skin, I'll leave a list of ingredients at the end. On the front of the packaging it says that is is a holistic detoxifier and purifier which completely drew me in. I love anything that is full of natural ingredients so I was very excited to try this mud mask out. When the delivery man brought the parcel to the door I was super excited but thought that the box was a bit big for the face mask so I was very eager to open it and inspect it. I took the box up to my room, ripped it open and wow! It was much bigger than I expected indeed, I should have clicked on when it said it was a 19oz tub but I didn't and wow! What an amazing size to receive for free! I was very overwhelmed and super excited to try the face mask out.  

Once I got the tub I read everything on it carefully then read it again so that I knew exactly what was in it and how to use it. It's not just a face mask it's also for the body which made me very happy because I have only ever used one body mask before and I loved it, so to have another I can use all over is great. The packaging is nice, a white tub with label on it that is a few different shades of green and a bit of purple. The writing is easy to read which is always a plus and it's clear which product it is and who makes it. On the back it says that it is an all natural detoxifier and purifier that comes from the renowned and sacred Dead Sea. It is said that more than a million people will visit the Dead Sea each year as it contains many minerals beneficial to the skin. 

Ok, so now it's time to try it out! 
I have tried this product three times since receiving it to collect as much feedback about it as possible to write a full honest and detailed review. 

First time using; 

I applied the mud mask to clean, dry skin with my fingers. I applied a thin layer and left it on for 15 minutes. When applying the face mask I felt like it was VERY watery and hard to get an even layer onto my skin, I did not like the consistency one bit, but I guess I can get over that, Right? I washed the face mask off with warm water, using circular motions to get all the mud off, I found it a bit tricky at first but I got there in the end. Once I had dried my face and looked at my skin I could instantly see a bit of a glow. My face felt super soft and I was relatively happy with the outcome. The only thing that I was a bit worried about was the fact that, under my right eye my skin seemed a little more sensitive than usual and when applying cream to my face, it felt a little tender. This could have been down to a number of reasons so I thought that on my second use I would see if the face mask was the cause of it or not. 

Second time using;

Again I applied the mud mask to clean, dry skin with my fingers and this time I left it for around 7/8 minutes. I still don't like the consistency. It was very cooling when I put it on my face and then my chin area, nose and forehead all dried up and became a little itchy but the cheek area, on both sides didn't dry in at all, so that was still wet which I wasn't pleased about. When it came time to wash it off I used warm water and cleaned my face with circular motions. I dried my face and all I could see was red which is perfectly normal I suppose since I just washed it so I thought best to leave it 10 minutes before I checked my skin. When the 10 minutes were up I noticed my cheeks were extremely red and it almost looked like a reaction of some sort. It was blotchy and I felt like I had some spot appear. My forehead was also still VERY itchy, Like it was when I had the mask on.

These photos were taken 1 hour AFTER the mask and as you can see it's still very red and it really hurts. 

Third time using;

I applied the face mask with caution after what happened with my second use. I left it for the full 15 minutes this time as it didn't feel itchy and most of it dried (apart from the top of my lip and a patch on my left cheek) I washed it off with a face cloth and warm water, in circular motions. Once I looked at my face under my cheeks were red once again. I waited for 30 minutes then looked at my face again, yes it felt soft and yes I definitely felt revitalized in some areas of the face but my cheeks were red yet again and I had to apply cream three times before my bed. 

All in all, I'm not sure if I would buy this. I felt very annoyed because I wanted to LOVE this face mask so much because its a dead sea face mask! I have heard so many nice things about the dead sea face masks but unfortunately, it's just not for me. It did not agree with my skin, I felt sore after use on my cheeks and I had to keep applying cream. My skin felt burnt almost and I was disappointed beyond words. Like with every product, what may not work for me may work for you, so please keep this in mind. What I will say for it though was that the skin on my forehead and chin was very bright, soft and felt tighter. My gran also complimented me on how my skin on those areas looked, she is very keen to try it out so I shall report back with her views. 

£21.95 for 19oz with free delivery option.

What face masks do you love? Do you have any you would recommend? If so, then leave a comment below, I'd love to get some suggestions. 

*I was given this item for free in exchange for an honest and non bias review. Me receiving this for free has not impacted my view what so ever, everything I have said I stand by 100%*

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  1. I think I'll try it on my skin and see if it is any different because the bits of skin that didn't take a reaction on you looked really nice.


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