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Monday, 21 December 2015

Toddler VS Christmas Decorations

If you have a toddler or young child around the house while you have Christmas decorations up then you will know that this is a recipe for DISASTER! I knew that Leon would play with the decorations and want to touch them but I never realised just how much things would be pulled down, thrown across the room or broken. Since putting the decorations up on November 30th all we have had in this house is absolute chaos and that's putting it nicely! I must have cursed in my head about a million times already and I know that it's not finished, I am just dreading what's to come.

So this post is all about the disasters we have had in the house already with Leon and the Christmas decoration, So I thought the title of this post was very fitting.

1: Leon pulling the sticky window Santa and snowman off the glass in the living room.

We put some window stickers up in the living room on the glass that is part of the partition between the Kitchen and living room. Leon helped put them up and he really did love them to begin with, he would shout "Man" and point to the snow man, so far so good. Until one day he climbed up onto the dining table and pulled them off and started throwing them about the room! they stuck to everything and it was very annoying. We put them back up multiple times but he just kept going for them and he tried to rip them apart with his teeth.... The stickers eventually got put up higher on the window and now he cries when he remembers he can't get to them anymore.

2: Leon trying to smash the little Christmas village to pieces.

We put out a little Christmas village that we had filled with houses, shops and little figures for Leon to look at because he loves that sort of stuff (normally) But once he set his eyes on it all he tried to do was throw them... I could have cried! He throws them about when he is in a mood which isn't practical and we have moved it so many times now but nothing helps, I think we need to just give up on it and put them back in the box before he does some real damage.

3: Leon pulling the white paper ball thing down

My gran thought it would be a fantastic idea to buy some paper ball decoration things that were on sale and use them at Christmas... I didn't see the point but she was dead set on getting them. We put them up on the loft door at first but everyone kept walking into them and they fell constantly so we moved them to down stairs where Leon can stand up on his stool and pull them down over and over again. He does this everyday and they are completely wrecked now thanks to Leon... Great idea about the paper balls gran!

4: Leon taking the Santa ornament everywhere with him and throwing him.

We have a Santa figure that we put out every Christmas and at first Leon just loved him, he would take him around the house with him, cuddling him but then something changed and now he throws him down the stairs, bites his hat, tried to chew his face.... I am so glad this isn't expensive or one that can break because it would be so unsafe for him (But yes, he wouldn't have been allowed near it in the first place

5: Leon pushed the big Elf over and broke his face...

When I was pregnant I bought a giant Christmas Elf thinking that it would be a great addition to the Christmas decorations and that Leon would just love it when he was older... He did love it, he cuddled it often and used to stroke his face until once day he was in mood and he stood behind the Elf while my gran and I told him to stop and pushed him face first to the ground while laughing... I was not amused that he thought this was acceptable. Once I picked the Elf off the floor I saw that his whole face was smashed in and wasn't fixable. Leon ended up being heart broken about the whole thing but we told him that the elf had returned to Santa to get fixed. Unfortunately, the Elf won't be coming back.

There has been so many incidents with the Christmas decorations but I just wanted to share with you 5 of mine. 

If you have a little one, do you have this trouble? What's the worst they have done?

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