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Friday, 8 January 2016

Review │ Lauren's Way Ultimate Self Tan Bronzing Christmas Gift Set

When I attended the Girls Day Out Show on the 27th November in Glasgow I met a lovely man at the Lauren's Way stall called Nev, who kindly gave me the Lauren's Way Ultimate Self Tan Bronzing Christmas Gift Set for free to review. At first I was scared to try it, self tanning has never really been my thing because I haven't found one that works with me, I always end up streaky and hating it but I had read some reviews already on the Lauren's way tan and they were all good, so I really wanted to give it a go to see if this was the "one" Plus I was given it as a gift so it felt like fate that I had a new self tan to try.

Firstly I used the LW Medium self tan bronzing lotion 

The scent; I was very very surprised at how much it didn't smell like self tan, I didn't smell like burnt cookies which was AMAZING! Any other self tanning product I have used seems to have a very strong scent that sticks around for ages but the LW self tan didn't have that. So far this product has a big tick from me, I hate bad smells and this definitely has a nice one. I'm really not sure how I would describe the scent, it almost reminds me of being on holiday, Slightly like perfume.

Application; I pumped some of the lotion onto the mitt and the lotion looked super dark but I braved it and onto my skin it went. I followed the instructions and used circular motions to buff it into my skin. Once I was finished I looked at the finished product and could not believe my eyes! There were no streaks, the colour was beautiful and I put it on my face. Usually I don't put tan on my face because of how it normally turns out on my body but because this one worked so  well I decided that blending it onto my face was the right call. I showed my gran the overall colour and she said that it made me look "healthy" and as if I was just back from holiday. Result! 

The instructions say to leave it at least 8 hours then wash so I'll wash it off in the morning and see how that goes. So far, so good! 

After the wash; So I woke up, took a shower to wash and get rid of the excess tan etc... Once I got out of the shower and put all my cream on I looked in the mirror to check my tan out and WOW! It looked amazing. I honestly could not believe the results. The colour looks natural, as if I have been on holiday and there is no streaks! Everything blends in perfectly. I showed my gran and my other half and both of them really like the colour because it's not orange or too dark for me. My gran made a comment and said that I really looked healthy and that it made me look a little slimmer! 

All in all this product really worked for me. The colour was perfect and I didn't smell horrible. I love how nice my skin looks, its nice and bronzed, not streaky and orange. I honestly couldn't believe the results. If I am honest I was half expecting the tan to be streaky and something I wouldn't actually spend money on but I can tell you now, I will be buying more when this stuff runs out, it's just perfect for me and works well with my skin. I would recommend this to anyone who want's a natural looking tan with no fuss.

Going out with the tan; I took my little boy out for a walk and I did have my ankles on show (Really bad in this weather I know) But I was just going a little walk but I bumped into someone I knew and they asked if I was just back from holiday because my ankles looked very tanned and I told them it was fake tan and they couldn't believe it because normally tan goes very dark around the ankles and you can tell it's a fake tan straight away but not this time, this time it was natural looking.

Next up is the LW Darker than Dark self tan bronzing mousse. 

The scent; Like the lotion this mousse doesn't smell like burnt cookies but I do feel like the scent of the mousse is a little stronger than the lotion. 

Application; I used a Mitt again for application. I pumped the mousse onto the mitt and started to buff the self tan into my skin in circular motions. For being darker than dark I am pleased to report that it is not MAJORLY dark to the point people will know its a self tan straight away. (Not at this point anyway) It went on very smoothly and I had no problems with streaks until it came to my sides, I did notice that it was streaking slightly which is down to the fact I cant buff properly at this area, so I know that's my own problem. After all the tan was applied I checked to make sure I was even and waited 3 minutes before putting clothes on. I then left the tan over night to develop.

After the wash; I went for a shower and scrubbed all the excess tan off and when I was dried and checking it out I did notice that my ankles were a little darker than the rest of my body but that could be down to a variety of factors. The tan is a little dark for me (my preferences) but it is beautiful and went on very smoothly. My skin was very, VERY tanned, as if I was laying out in the sun for three days straight. I did feel like I looked healthy which was nice. 

All in all this tan was lovely but I don't think that the mousse or the darker than dark colour was for me, I much preferred  the lotion and the end result I got with it. Both products were very easy to use, I achieved an effortless looking tan. For me the lotion worked better with my skin, I got the colour that suited my skin tone and I didn't smell like burnt cookies at all throughout this experience. 

If you want to try a tan that leaves you looking flawless and natural then I would definitely give Lauren's Way Tan a go, If you want to give it a go then why not use my 20% off code!

For 20% off your purchase at www.Laurensway.com then use my discount code; GLASGOWLW at checkout! 

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