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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Favourite TV shows of the moment.

I feel like all I do is watch TV shows lately, I am so addicted to a few shows right now; some I have finished and just want the next season to come on already and some I'm still watching. They all have my heart and it's very hard to choose a favourite from the bunch so I'll just tell you all about what I'm watching. Maybe you will discover a new show and maybe you're watching some of them too! 

First up is Mr. Robot which is an Amazon original, this show is AMAZING, it's very gripping and it leaves you wanting More for sure. I was Hooked and very distraught when the season ended. This show has so many twists in it that you will literally sit and wonder what you just watched and will be dying for the next episode. I cannot wait for season 2! 

When I seen that Mad Dogs was on Amazon prime I was super stoked because I thought it was the British version, but I was mistaken and because I thought it was the British one I was a little sceptical about this take on it. "Would it be good?" " Will I be interested?" 
Within the first two episodes I was hooked! And by day three I had finished the season. I was left wanting more for sure, I could have watched this for days on end and never gotten sick of it. If you like crime and twists then this is a show for you, not only is it gripping it also has some comedy moments packed in there along with some emotional and serious parts. I would give this a big thumbs up, so if you have Amazon prime, go watch it. 

When I was younger I would curl up with my mum and gran on the sofa and tune in to The X files. This has always been a love of mine and when I saw that Amazon prime had all the seasons on it, I was in heaven!  Such a big part of my childhood for sure, even though I probably shouldn't have been watching it at about 7/8 years of age. What I love about The X files is that it is timeless, I think I could be 50 and still enjoy watching it. What helps is that I don't really remember all the episodes that well so it's like watching it from the start with a blank memory that's being re-written. 

This is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine because I never used to be a fan of reality TV but I have always loved Teen Mom, especially Teen Mom OG (Original Girls) These 4 right here are the girls that started it all off and have came so far from where they started! When MTV announced that they were bringing them back I was over the moon, I really do enjoy following their stories (Farrahs not so much as I feel she is very aggressive towards her family and a little bit of a spoils bitch) But it does make for entertaining TV. The show follows the lives of 4 teen moms, it's and inside look into what they have to go through with co-parenting, overcoming hardships and dealing with having children at the ages of 16/17. The girls are into their 20's now and all live very different lives. 

This is a bit of a newbie show for me, I had never heard of it before until one day a few weeks back I was watching CBS reality because I couldn't be bothered to hook the Xbox up to the to and this show came on. It follows the stories of women who have stabbed/murdered their husbands (as you can tell from the title) It's very insightful and discovers what it takes for some women to pull a knife on their other half. I really do love anything crime related and it's always better when it's a true story for me, it's a bit of an addiction. So if you fancy watching this then you can catch it week nights on CBS Reality at 9pm. 

American horror story; Hotel may be finished now but I can't stop watching it. I keep going back to my favourite episodes and re-watching them; I have always been a big fan of AHS stance it started with murder house and I have been so hooked. Lady gaga really is a great edition to the AHS team, she fits in so well and I am more than shocked by how good an actress she is. She's a bit of a hit and miss though it seems as a few people I know have said that they can't stand her and that she ruined the season for them and others have said how they just loved her in it, for me it's the latter. This season is filled with blood, love, lust, twists and jaw dropping lay good looking people. What more could you ask for? 

What are your faviourite shows to watch?

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