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Monday, 27 June 2016

Instagram accounts to follow

Hey everyone.

Today I decided to do a little post on some Instagram accounts I'm obsessed with. Lately I have been using the app more and more for personal and blogger use, you can find me at the following; @colourmemermaid (personal), @ofaglasgowgirl (blogger) and @jlthroughthelens (photography) I have connected with a load of new and interesting people through this platform, I feel it is a great way to connect, see other peoples work or just catch up with some friends lifes. To be honest, it's my faviourite social media platform, maybe because I like pictures so much, they tell a story. 

As I have been using Instagram more, I felt it appropriate to make a post all about the accounts which I have really been enjoying the past few weeks, all for different reasons.

I stumbled upon this account after reading an article about it on buzzfeed which can be found >Here< and I immediately fell in love. Their bath bombs look amazing, very different and definitely one of a kind. I cannot wait till I get paid so I can buy a few to try out. If you like anything bath related I suggest you check out this account. 

I don't quite remember how I came across this account, but oh man, am I glad I did. Her account is filled with beautiful pictures, amazing art and cool items that you can buy. My faviourites are the pin badges, especially the ice-cream one. 

As it is one of my faviourite places to visit how could I not follow them? I get to see pictures of lovely animals and keep up to date with the park. oh, and they used my pictures of the ants I took on my last visit for their account! So honored. It's the 7th picture down on the second screen shot.

I have followed this guy on facebook for ages, his little sketches are hilarious and his character "Emily" is brilliant.  He post's these on his Instagram, as well so that is why I love following his account.

KimChi was one of my faviourites from season 8 of Rupauls drag race for sure & When I found out she was going to be on it, I was very excited. I have followed her Instagram account since before she was on the show because of her exceptional make-up skills. I suggest you follow her because her stuff is pure art!

This is a make up account which sells animal testing free make up. Their eye shadows are beautiful and definitely on my "To buy" list. It's colorful which is a big plus for me, I love anything bright. 

I'm not sure when I started following this account but their clothes are amazing. I haven;t bought any as of yet but I really hope to in the near future as their designs are rad. You should really check them out, plus they were born in Glasgow, always a win.

My season 7 Queen. The amazingly beautiful Violet Chachki. I am so in love with this queen it's unreal, so I love following her Instagram account. Her body is to die for, her style is on point and her look makes me gag! So yeah, Follow her.

Last but not least, Jack of the dust. His creations are amazing, his skull.... YES! I honestly hope to be able to buy something of his one day, to say I own one of his pieces? yep, I want one. Go have a look for yourself, Truly some stunning work.

What are some of your faviourite Instagram accounts to follow?

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