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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mays Best Buys

I have decided that since I'm doing a monthly wishlist that I will also be doing a "Best buys" post to round up what I have bought through out the month that has truly made me happy! Plus I can document what I'm able to get from my wishlist of that month. 

So without further adu, here is Mays best buys! 

First up is my Calvin Kleins; Thanks to the wonderful DB for buying me these, I absolutely love them. He is one of a kind for sure, getting me my favourite things! I also treated myself to some stuff from Lush because, why not?! I love lush and when I seen that Lush kitchen had the melamine bubble bar I knew I had to place an order, plus Leon needed some new bubble bars so it was a win/win situation. 

Now, I am a shoe fanatic! I love shoes and I'm pretty sure I'm transferring this onto my son because I decided to buy him new vans, pretty sound investment if I'm honest, he loves them. My gran also picked him up a new pai of adidas gazelles which are beautiful. 

So that's my best buys of May, I truly love my Calvin kleins, although the I didn't actually by them myself, they were still on my may wish list. 

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