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Monday, 20 June 2016

RuPauls Drag Race; A Slight Addiction

Do you watch RuPauls drag race? Have you ever seen it? If so, I can imagine you just LOVE it, after all, what's not to love?! The amount of sass and heartfelt stories combined with unforgettable fashion, winning personalities and some of the most iconic figures in the drag community, it's a seriously amazing show. 

Before watching this show I was always a fan of drag artists, their shows slay! But my eyes were definitely opened up to a whole new level of drag once this show came to air. I never knew just how many drag artists there were, how many different and unique queens there could be with acts and people forever evolving! It's amazing to say the least. 

Rupaul has always been (in my eyes) the most amazing queen there is, he's so talented in many ways. That man looks FIERCE wither he is in drag or not. What I love about Rupaul is that he's honest when judging in this show, and when one of his girls is lacking, he'll tell them but it always comes from a place of love. The fact that he also appears on many other shows strengthens my admiration for this artist, he truly shows that it's time for people to be more accepting of others, he's broken through so many barriers and it's an inspiration to many.

Season 8 has sadly came to an end, but oh, what a season it was! This time I really think some big personality have shown through with unforgettable artists such as Thorgy, Acid Betty, Bob the drag queen and many more! I truly feel that is has been one of the best seasons to date in terms of the girls. All of them were so talented in their own way, it was amazing to watch them all doing their thing. One of my personal favourites from the get go was Kim Chi. His exceptional make up stills and growth have been absolutely astonishing and oh, what an amazingly beautiful Queen Naomi Smalls is! Her figure is breath taking and I am sooooo jealous, He is one beautiful Drag Queen. I am very sad to have seen it all come to an end though, I was in love with this season and the girls. All the challenges made me gag and there were amazing fashion moment. One scene that always sticks out in my mind though is from episode three: Rucos Empire where Bob the drag queen reveals his outfit at in the white party scene, I was living! All the way through my faviourite to win was Bob the drag queen, He slayed the competition for sure, I was so happy that Bob took the crown (Yessssss, Purse first!) and his personal song lipsync on the grande finale was EVERYTHING.

So, If you watch Rupauls Drag race, Who is your faviourite all time queen? Which was your faviourite season?

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