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So a lot has been going on lately in terms of talking to some awesome girls and getting to know everyone. If you follow me on twitter (@ofaglasgowgirl) you will have seen that a new account has started called @GRLPOWRCHAT which a bunch of us girls run. It's all about supporting each other, super awesome chats and more! It's a place to come and join in with this love we have for the blogging community. I'm pretty sure all of us will be doing a post like this, one where you can find out who all the Admin/Members are. Although this twitter account is for everyone, So join in!  We will be hosting weekly chats which will be twice a week and will run for 2 hours. Also, We will be RT'ing YOUR blog posts, simply mention us @GRLPOWRCHAT or #GRLPOWR 

Since our little twitter personal chats have flourished and we have all gotten to know each other, talking so much and the conversation moving at 100mph I have felt so much support and love in my life. We have a meet up planned which I've just bought my bus ticket for! and we are in the process of making loads of other plans. It's been amazing to get to know these girls and I'm hella happy I have gotten the chance.
You should go give all the girls some love and check out their accounts.

Here’s the GRLPOWR Admins/Members :
Em @ohfab ) : ohfab.co.uk
Other members posts;

I really hope to see you all joining in with our weekly chats etc... For all updates make sure to follow the twitter account! @GRLPOWRCHAT
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  1. Can't wait to participate in your chats! :) xx