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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Review | Dobell Menswear; Boys Tuxedo

A few weeks ago I Received a tuxedo for Leon from Dobell Menswear, as soon as I seen the big cardboard box I was really impressed with the packaging, it was well and truly safe from damage which was a big hit in my eyes. I just couldn't wait to get tucked into the tuxedo that was inside, I kept thinking to myself, "I'll have a mini James bond on my hands" Que the internal sobbing of a mother.

I opened the box to see a lovely suit carrier, I inspected it fully to find it's perfect for traveling, it even has a pocket area where you can add in any accessories you may need for your suit/tuxedo like a bow tie etc... it's the perfect little pouch for traveling. The suit carrier can also be studded up, meaning it's folded in half rather than hanging down long, This makes it much easier for traveling and saving space which is brilliant. I am fairly impressed so far and I'm just on the suit carrier! I can honestly say that this is shaping up to be a brilliant little gift for my monkey from Dobell menswear!

When I opened it up and brought the tuxedo out my jaw nearly hit the floor! He Received the Boys 1 Button, Black Notch Lapel 2 piece Tuxedo by Alexander Dobell, Wow, seriously, wow! I couldn't believe how lucky we were to receive such an amazing piece of fashion. I inspected the full thing in more detail, I was just in awe of it all, the quality, the look, everything about this tuxedo just gives off the wow factor. I can imagine any little boy would be the centre of attention in one of these because it looks so expensive, but you can get it for just £64.99, now, that may seem like a lot but when you think about it, it's actually not! I have seen so many people pay over the odds for a suit that isn't even half the quality of this. 

Everything is had finished and quality controlled. One thing I really liked about this whole set was the trousers were left unhemed at the bottom, this means that if you need them taken up and adjusted to size you can easily do so. They come with some amount of length in the legs which is brilliant, rather they be a little longer and easily fixable rather than far too small and a waste. I had to get the trousers taken up so that they fitted my little guy and now he just looks far too cute in his little tuxedo, hes some little man, that's for sure! (I left the trousers a little long so that he had room to grop into them as I knoew when we have an occasion to go to next year he will need them a little longer, so I foled them up at the bottom for pictures sake) He glowed when he put this on and he refused to take it off for a while, I knew he must have liked it then because if he didn't I am sure I would have known about it, you know what kids are like haha My litle guy threw a strop in true toddler fashion just before the photo shoot and the only way he would get pictures was standing in front of the window, need's must I suppose.

Sometimes it is hard to find good quality at a great price so this for me is perfect. It's great for if you have a wedding or special occasion coming up and you need a suit for that man in your life wither it be your other half, child or someone else, it's perfect! or maybe you are reading this thinking it's the one for you, because let's face it, you could be anyone, male, female, non gender.... the list is endless so who ever pops into your head when you think about needing a suit, also think about Dobell Menswear, A place you can get high quality formal wear for any occasion. And if my son approves, it must be good, toddlers always have the unfiltered truth thing going on. 

About the Tuxedo;

A little BTS photo, Leon watching cbeebies in his Tuxedo! Fancy Child haha. 


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  1. Very cute! My son chose a suit for a family wedding earlier this year and it was lovely to spend time with him selecting what he wanted. And suits make for some excellent photographs!

    1. That's so nice that it helps you have some special time together! I think they are just perfect for photos.

  2. Ooo how cute and fancy, what a special treat, something to treasure (: #BigPinkLink

  3. Oh my goodness look at how gorgeous he looks in that! Love it.

  4. Awww your little man looks so cute in his outfit!

  5. Aw! He looks amazing, what a cutie! It sounds like a gorgeous fashion piece for a little boy and really the price is not too bad considering the quality seems to be suberb.

  6. He looks so fabulous, so cool what a dude! The suit is just fab, my son would love this.

  7. aww he looks just so adorable, and that bow tie!! Love it! #DreamTeam

  8. What a sweet tuxedo. Your son looks so cool in this. Lots of parties to go to now he has this :)

  9. Oooh that looks lovely! What an amazing thing to have, he looks gorgeous, far more handsome then Bond! ;) Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink

  10. Oh this is a beautiful little tux on a super handsome young man. You must be very proud :)
    I especially love how you styled it up with Converse, it looks awesome!
    Anna x

  11. Oh your little man looks so handsome! What a cool little dude :)
    I think it's great value for money x

  12. This is so smart and he looks great! Really good price too - would be amazing for wedding or any special occasion. Christmas maybe!

  13. Very cute! I have yet to put Little B in anything like this but it will have to be done! #twinklytuesday

  14. What an adorable suit! The detailing is gorgeous. It's great that they left the trousers un-hemmed for adjustment too. This is so smart for any occasion! x

  15. Very handsome;) What a gorgeous suit. Love the sound of the suit bag too, sounds like thought has gone into it. My boys wore converse trainers with their suits recently too. It is such a cool look;)

  16. He looks adorable! I would totally want to watch CBeebies in it too! #TriedTested


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