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Friday, 13 January 2017

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Notsweetenough

Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Georgiie from Notsweetenough

1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi I'm Georgina but I prefer to go by Georgiie, I'm a 24 year old full time Tattooist living on the outskirts
of Brighton. I live with my other half & our small army of pets which includes Peach & Poppy our naked 
cats, four lizards & 2 frogs. I adore cats, food & sleep, oh & a good long soak in a bubble bath.

2: What is your blog name and how did you come up with it?

The name of my blog is Not Sweet Enough, this comes from my childhood. Growing up I was a massive tea
drinker, sometimes it was the only thing I would drink, whenever I got asked how I would like my tea the answer 
was always the same 'white with two sugars please' & the response I always got was 'what, are you not sweet enough?'.
This phrase stuck with me so much that even one of my first tattoos had it in. 

3: How long have you been blogging?

I've only been blogging since the beginning of December 2015, I'm still new to it & finding out new things. Also 
sometimes I can be slack with it because I would rather love writing about something than trying to force content,
I absolutely love it though & more than anything I love the blogging community. 

4: Who/What Inspired you to start a blog?

When I started blogging I didn't really know many bloggers or follow any blogs, several people suggested that I started one
because I was always coming out with beauty tips & what makeup I thought was decent. At first I just thought I was rubbish
at writing & that no one would care what I had to say but I thought i'd give it ago & it turns out I love it! So I guess my friends & customers are the ones that inspired me.

5: Do you have a tip you can share for bloggers?

Don't force content! If you are having a completely block for inspiration or don't feel motivated to write then take a break,
breaks are good for you & no one if going to hate you if you haven't published two or three posts like you normally do. Just share your old posts, get traffic to them until you suddenly feel inspired again.

6: Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I once cried over KFC, ridiculous I know!
Basically I love food, I really wanted a zinger tower burger from KFC for weeks & it all kept going wrong. The first time 
I asked my half other to get me one & he got my order wrong, second time they were out of zinger fillets. This third time was a nightmare, we went in & asked for two zinger tower meals which took forever to make apparently, the guy was like 'do you want 
the hash brown is the burger?' well yeah that's what the burger is...we got all the way home, I took one bite to find no hash brown & it wasn't zinger either! I lost it completely & just cried the whole time I was eating it.

7: Describe your Dream Holiday;

My complete dream holiday & I've been talking about it for years, would be to spend a good month or two in Japan 
travelling the whole of the country seeing absoultely everything. I want to see the cherry blossom trees in bloom, the wild orchids
growing & visit all the cat cafes.

8: Out of everything you have blogged about so far, do you have a faviourite post?
I think my favourite post so far has been my post on Marrakech, it was like I was back on holiday reliving the perfect
moments while getting to share them with everyone else. You can find it here http://notsweetenough.com/marrakech/ 
if you would like to have a read, thinking about it now just makes me wish I was back in the sunshine.

9: What are your links, where can we find you?

Twitter: [http://www.twitter,com/GeorgiieGibbs]www.twitter,com/GeorgiieGibbs
Instagram: www.instagram.com/notsweetenoughblog

Quick Fire Round;

Boat or Plane?
Flats or Heels?
Massage or Nap? 
Fizzy Juice or Fruit Juice?
Fruit Juice
Sun or Moon?
Night in or Night out?
Night in
Mcdonalds or KFC?
Starbucks or Costa?
Chocolate or Sweets?
Dvd or Streaming?

Drop by next week for another installment of #MeetTheBeauties Interview series.

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  1. I would have totally cried if they got my order wrong that many times, I think I did once when I was pregnant because Subway forgot my light mayo in my Italian BMT haha. I love your cats names Peach and Poppy so precious.


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