Skinnydip London Wishlist Update


Hey Lovelies, today's post is an update on my original Skinnydip Wishlist because that was posted almost a year ago. I have always loved their products, I tend to buy things here and there to get my collection up but there are still so many things that I want! So here's My wishlist.

 I have always loved their shell bags, I already have the gold one that I love so much. It's my holiday bag that I think will look super cute with my outfits. I would love to own their coral one as it would go with so many of my clothes and be a great accessorise on nights out. I also saw the lemon pompom and instantly fell in love. I have a black bag that it would look really cute on, it would make it pop with a bit of colour.

I have just gotten a new laptop so I thought it only fitting to get a beautiful new laptop case that would keep my new baby dust free and looking super cool. I love the look of this one, it reminds me of mermaids and I am obsessed with mermaids so it would fit in well with my life. I have this new obsession with headphones and when I saw these ones I instantly fell in love, the colour, the design, everything about these are beautiful and I want these in my life ASAP!

I love backpacks and I love embroidery designs so this seemed like a fantastic idea to put this backpack on my wishlist. It has a stunning design, looks like a good size and I know I would use it like nearly everyday. I am looking for for a new compact mirror to keep in my bag as I always seem to find myself in a situation where I need one but don't have one, I am also obsessed with anything marble so this is a lovely fit for my life. 

I absolutely love all these pieces from Skinnydip London, I wish I could choose the whole lot but I have managed to whittle it down to these 11 items, It was a tough job but I managed it. All their stuff is so stunning, I lust after it all, such unique and different things. So this has been my updated wishlist! I really enjoyed revisiting my original and improving on it.

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  1. Love the coral shell bag and also the backpack is gorgeous! I'm obesssed with things with embroidery on at the moment.

    Tiffany x