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Smooth Appeal Wax

Smooth Appeal Wax

Hair removal is everywhere at the moment, I have noticed so many adds for it recently and it can be hard figuring out what you want to use wither it be a razor, at home waxing or laser removal. Today I am here to tell you all about Smooth Appeal at home wax.

Smooth Appeal Wax

First up I want to talk to you all about Smooth Appeal original Formula facial hair remover wax. In the box you get two tablets of wax, Aluminium pot and wooden spatula plus instructions. The method for this one is using one tablet of wax, heating it up on the hob of your cooker and then getting down to work. This wax is just peel off so you don't need any wax strips for it which kind of keeps everything a little more simple. 

When I first tried this I felt like I was a little out of my comfort zone as I have never done this kind of at home wax before and I think my gran was worried as she was the one I was waxing haha. I thought the wax would heat up a lot faster than it did but I wanted to make sure I was doing it properly and not over heating it. I ended up making a mess the first time I tried it but the second time I done it I mastered how to use this wax, it is all about finding how it works and doing it how you like but also sticking to the instructions for how to apply it etc... When it came to cleaning it all up it was really easy, I had no problem trying to get wax off the work top as its peel of it's really easy to do. 

Now onto how well it took hair off. I used this on my gran because she does have just a little bit of upper lip hair and I'm lucky and done have any, now I did use it on myself too just to see how easy it would be to do on yourself and it was such a simple process. Anyway, when my I used this on my gran it did take out quite a lot of hairs and I only had a few to tidy up. I didn't find this painful at all, it as quick and easy. My gran also said she was surprised at there being no pain like she thought their would be, she compared it to getting her eyebrows done which I would agree with. 

Smooth Appeal Wax

Next us is the Smooth Appeal Microwave formula facial hair remover wax. Because I used the other facial hair wax remover on our faces I decided to use this one on our underarms, it does say that you can in the instructions so that's why I went for this area, I mean I really couldn't use this on the face if the face had already been done you know? So I am glad I had the option to use it in a different place. Again I used this on both myself and my gran just to get two perspective for it. 

Reading the instructions for this I did feel like they were a little more complicated than the original one and I got confused a few times, also I did put this in the microwave for the recommended amount of time and realised I had to put it in for more so I would suggest if you try this one just go off how the wax is reacting, if you feel it needs more time then do it but make sure to not over do it as you don't want the wax burning. I would always say refer to the instructions and do try out everything in there first and then go with what works for you if that doesn't.  

I really thought that this would be easier to use because it's a microwave one but I much prefer the original that you heat on the cooker because you can keep an eye on it and it feels like a much easier process. I also got confused with this one because there was no spatula included and after reading the instructions I seen that there was meant to be one with this and I didn't get one so I had to use the one from the first pot. When I applied it to my gran it did go on fairly easy and it took the hair off great, there wasn't that much left over at all. I also done this on myself but I found it a little more difficult to do and I ended up getting wax everywhere I was just really lucky the clean up is quick with no fuss. I did have more hair left over than I was expecting as it didn't take out much where as on my gran it did so I don't know if it was the way I applied it to myself or not. 

This one wasn't my favourite but I think if I got to grips with it, I would maybe find it easier to use, just a shame there wasn't a spatula with this one.

Smooth Appeal Wax

Last but certainly not least is the Smooth Appeal Microwave formula water soluble wax for legs and body. I just want to say right now that I loved this, although it got a little messy at first, I LOVED it. For this set you get the tub of wax, wax strips and a spatula. 

This tub of wax was quite runny before heated which I liked because then I didn't have to melt it from being hard and it was easy to follow the instructions for this. You pop the pot in the microwave, heat it up and boom, you're done. The process is really easy to follow and I found that it smoothed on my leg really well. You only apply the wax to one area at a time and you can use the same wax strip a few times which is very helpful, I found that I got 3 uses out of each strip. I managed to get all my legs done with this and there were hardly any hairs left over from the waxing. I didn't feel much pain with this, it's just like going to a professional and getting your legs waxed but in the comfort of your own home. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be work with it on an old shower curtain or something like that, I put down one of the old ones we had from before we got a shower screen and I placed that down on the floor and worked over that. I am really thankful that I did because I made a little bit of a mess trying to perfect the technique of getting the wax onto the spatula and over to my leg... it did drip quite a few times so I am glad that I used this shower screen as floor protection other wise I think my gran would have killed me haha.

I found this super easy to use though and the instructions are very clear on the box. I made sure to follow them all and my results were great! This wax also has hair growth retardant in it which I think is great! I only done my legs about a week and a half ago and they still feel really smooth, the hairs are just starting to come but I would definitely use this again as I found it quite fun actually. I think I'll set up a girly night for me and my gran so we can do some waxing and have face masks etc... Out of all the waxes I used this one is my favourite as I also quite like the scent of it.

Because I was doing at home waxing I decided to research some things about what not to do and what to use after it so that I wouldn't irritate my skin so I wanted to share with you all some tips if you are thinking of doing some at home waxing. 

  • Avoid hot baths, showers, hot tubs etc.. 
  • Wear loose fit clothing to avoid irritation/friction
  • Avoid using anything perfumed/deodorant on the areas
What kind of creams to use
  • Alovera 
  • Something tea tree based 
  • Something lavender based
  • Any natural moisturisers
All in all I think these are great for home use. The instructions are clear and I found these were relatively easy once I started to use them except for the microwaveable facial wax as I did have some problems with that one. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to going and getting waxed then I would suggest trying Smooth Appeal out.

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*I was sent this wax in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. This is a really interesting post for me because I've never waxed at home before, I prefer the sound of the water soluble wax personally x

    Kayleigh Zara

  2. Ooh this was a really interesting post, I've never heard of this brand before and don't often attempt waxing at home. I love the sound of the wax you can melt on the hob, I imagine that would be much easier as you can see how it's going and also the water soluble wax looks really good. I might have to look into these and give some of them a try x

    Tiffany x

  3. I liked this post because I only ever get my eyebrows waxed and that's it! Like I don't handle pain very well and so I've always been scared of getting other parts waxed...sounds like it was quite easy for you though! X

  4. I love the sound of these! It's perfect that brands are allowing us to wax in the comfort of our own homes and it sounds soo easy. I've never waxed before, only shaved but after reading this I feel like it would really well. Thank youu for introducing this to me.

    Gemma |

  5. I have only recently started waxing, I had my first one done professionally yesterday! I think I would want a little more experience before I tried home waxing, as I'd be terrified of messing it up! It's great to hear that the leg kit was so easy to use and that the results were akin to a professional treatment, I'm really impressed! I'll be investing in these when I get a bit more confident!

    Abbey 😽

  6. I've never considered waxing the same reason I can't pluck my eyebrows, I have a low tolerance for pain but I can be tattooed for hours, haha.

  7. These are so cool but I could never wax myself at home. I much prefer going to a salon to get it done. Glad some of the products worked well for you and your gran :)


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