Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Bientot Boutique

A few weeks back I was kindly invited into A Bientot which is located in The Avenue shopping centre in Newton Mearns. This little boutique is one of two shops opened by Local business woman, Debbie Stewart. This little shop has all the charm of a beautiful flea market and specialises in the french style. With the shop stocking designer brands such as Ted Baker, French connection, Vera Moda, Jewells and more. You are bound to find something that takes your fancy in here, I know I did!

A Bientot has two branches, the one in The Avenue shopping centre & one in Sheddens - Clarkston. If they are anything like the one in The Avenue shopping centre you won't be dissapointed. I was overwhelmed with just how much the shop stocked from scarfs to jewellery, candles to jackets and everything in between, they have it all. The price rand is also great, it's somewhere you can go and shop wither you have a budget of £20 or £200! Wither you are 20 or 40, the items available are for everyone.

A Bientot also have plenty of jewellery available, there was a wall full of stuff! Talk about spoiled for choice and that wasn't all of it! With more scattered around the shop you are bound to find a piece of jewellery you like, their necklaces are stuffing and A Bientot stock names such as Tutti & Co Jewellery, Pilgrim and more. 

When I was finding out more about the shop their best sellers came up which are trousers by Robell. They come in a range of different sizes and are great for any shape. I could tell that the staff are very passionate about the shop and the clothes they sell, you only had to talk to them for a matter of minutes to see this. I got so much information about these trousers and it was great to see them up close and personal, The fabric feels luxurious, well made and they are a funky design. 

Another best seller in A Bientot is their Ted baker stuff and it's no surprise as it's just stunning. The bags were by far my favourite... no wonder I got one! I can see that the shop really does stock amazing labels but also at fab prices, when I was in they did have a sale on which was filled with fab stuff! It was amazing seeing all the different styles available, I could go in and find something for myself but also pick stuff up for my gran, I don't find this often in little boutiques but I did in this one... perfect! 

The whole atmosphere of the shop is relaxed, I could have spent hours browsing through every little thing whilst feeling comfortable and not rushed. I also like that you can carry out a conversation with the staff, whilst I was there I noticed several people come in and do this whilst shopping about, it gave a great sense of community. 

One of my favourite points from the shop has to be their fitting rooms! They really do scream luxury when you walk in, with beautiful walls, thick curtains and stunning chairs/footstools, I was wowed by them. For me the whole experience was amazing, I really enjoyed finding out about the store, the inspiration behind the fashion and more. Debbie Stewart really has created a fab shop within A Bientot. The staff are helpful, chatty and really know what they are talking about, the clothes are placed perfectly and definitely showcase what the shop is all about, style. Wither you're looking for a candle or in the market for a new jacket, A Bientot have you covered. I would really recommend popping in store and having a browse. I plan on taking my ran in next time we plan a day out, I saw so many things that she would love as well as stuff I wanted so I know we would be spoiled for choice. 

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  1. I love shops like this. there is always something a different from the usual High Street Stores and it's important to support local businesses too

  2. Oo I love the look of this shop - so luxurious and filled with stylish clothes and accessories :)

  3. This shop looks very chic and they have a great variety of things which is always good! Those clothes look wonderful!!

  4. It's nice to have a mixture of price points, looks like a lovely shop x

  5. The Boutique looks very nice. Love how organised it is. Like the jewellery section.

  6. Its cool that they sell Ted Baker as I do love Ted Baker. Also the jewellery is very pretty too x

  7. This little boutique looks fab and well designed too.

  8. Small shops are usually so much friendlier than all of the big chain stores. You also find that the staff are more passionate most of the time. This boutique looks perfect.
    (hubby helping out)

  9. This place looks lush! I love how organised it looks, it's all so perfect and I think I could spend forever browsing as well. Not much takes my fancy by looking at these photographs but I feel I would still go inside to just have a look. Thank-youu for introducing me to this boutique.

    Gemma |

  10. Even looking at the pictures I picked out a few items that I know I would love, this place looks so relaxed and it seems like it would be a nice shopping experience and not hectic and rushed. Thank you for sharing this boutique with us.

  11. I love shops like this, looks like there is so much choice! I also love a good dressing room, trying clothes on can be stressful anyway so definitely want a place that looks nice and feels comfortable! Thanks so much for sharing this post lovely :)

    Tiffany x

  12. Aw this shop really does look like a hidden gem! I absolutely love that blush pink chair, I want one of those in my bedroom hehe! Anywhere that stocks Ted Baker is a winner in my book, I absolutely love their rnages! How sweet that you found something for your Gran too!

    Abbey 👑


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