Get Valentines Right With Love Layla Designs

I'm back with another Love Layla Designs post and this time it's all about their Valentines day range, I am completely loving their cards, funny as always.

It should be no surprise by now that I LOVE the Love Layla products, I've wrote about them twice already which you can read HERE and HERE. To me they are the only place I go when I need something for an adult, with fun, tongue and cheek statements that would make anyone laugh. 

As always their valentines day range is on point, every year they bring out a fabulous selection of cards, wrapping paper and more. I'm always looking for a unique card to buy, I hate the lovey dovey ones because they are a dime a dozen these days but hilarious greeting cards are right up my street, something that speaks to every day life and can help towards an inside joke. 

If you are looking for something that's going to say I love you in a witty way that your partner will appreciate then Love Layla Designs is your place. So here's a selection that I received, I have to admit, I am sooooo pleased with everything I got, when I ask for a surprise they always deliver, it's like they just know what I need and send it, definitely a printing what I'm thinking situation going on here.

The cards I received match my life perfectly and I am that person who always puts my finger in the other halfs mouth when they yawn... I like to be annoying, ok? So I guess I know what card I'll be getting this year haha and my other half is a prick... a major one but he's mine and I wouldn't have it any other way. The wrapping paper is so thick, really great quality which I like because I hate the paper you get that your finger just goes straight through but this stuff feels nice and thick. 

With every valentines day card you'll get a coupon inside which you can give to your partner, it's an extra little present that could turn out to be the best one of all *Wink Wink* If you really want to make Valentines day a good one then decorating the place with some balloons, getting a few badges and sticking some bottle stickers on some wine to make the place personal, I bet the person you are planning it for would love it.

If you fancy getting some of these pieces for valentines day then you can view all Love Laylas valentines day range here -
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*I received these product for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. These are so fun and cheeky! I've not heard of Love layla before but I think I've just found all the valentines inspo I need ;D x

  2. Love Layla range is fabulous I got my Dad a Fathers Day card that was so spot on no-one needed to read the card to know whether it was my brother or I that got him it!! Never been able to beat it since 😍

  3. Oooh theses cards look so so cute! They are so cheeky! I had not heard about Love Layla before. They make the perfect valentine's day treat! xx corinne

  4. Haha these are super funny! Never heard of Love Layla before I’ll hve to check them out!

  5. I haven't heard of Love Layla before but I love the idea of getting something funny and that both people understand like an inside joke as you said, makes it special. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!!

  6. I love their cards and have purchased and received quite a few before ! I’m loving the finger in mouth when you yawn one as I am that annoying person 😂😂 perhaps won’t show hubby it or I know which card I will be receiving !
    Thanks for sharing

    Melanie |

  7. Haven’t heard of Love Layla before so thank you for sharing!

    Soffy //

  8. I love this stuff! Especially the vouchers and the badge. I'm very much single but I'd love to receive that kind of gift. Have a lovely day! x


  9. Ha ha, these are brilliant! My kinda humour! The Valentine Wanker badge is the best. I’m gonna have to check out these designs, thank you for sharing Jordanne <3

    Bexa |

  10. Fully laughing out loud here some of those cards are brilliant!
    I love the idea of the love tokens too, just something a bit different from the usual mushy crap!
    Pip J Duma

  11. Haha, I always see pictures of cards with similar messages and they are hilarious! My boyfriend always says about getting me cards like that but as I currently live at home I think it would be a little awkward hahaha.


  12. Not heard of Love Layla before but these cards are hilarious! So cheeky, perfect for those less serious couples. I'm gonna check them out and will have to get the yawn rape card for my man as he's notorious at ruining my yawns! :P
    Great post Jordanne, as always :)

    Jessica xo |

  13. Love the idea of the coupons plus that wrapping paper is 👌🏻

  14. LMAO 😂 these are cards I’d def use if I had someone to give them too. I’m so cheesy and annoying these would great. It’s the perfect mix of saucy and humour. You’ve definitely caught my attention, plus your photos are always amazeballs! 💕😘

    xx Lena |

  15. We've never heard of this brand before, but these cards are so funny and cheeky! Such a great idea if you're not into soppy Valentine's gifts!

    Siobhan & Louise | The Unwritten Chapter | Lifestyle blog

  16. I am such a big fan of Love Layla! I've been ordering from them for years so I'm so glad more and more people are finding out about them. Their valentines cards are always my favourite, funny ones you wouldn't find anywhere else. Fab post xx

    Tiffany x