Mothers day Gift Guide

It's that time of year again when Mothers Day is fast approaching and people and wondering what that special present is going to be this year, will it be more mugs? another ornament? maybe another bunch of flowers to tie it altogether... but maybe you're sick of buying the same old same old and fancy treating that special lady to something different this year. If that's the case then I have a fab gift guide full of gifts for you to consider when making the purchases this year.

*I absolutely love the prints from Smart Arts gallery, I have featured them a few times and with every print I receive the quality is superb, each one just as amazing as the last. The range on the Smart Arts site is great, you can find a print to suit anyone wither they like heartfelt messages or they are a movie buff, you're sure to find something that will be perfectly suited to the lady you're buying for this mothers day. Both prints look fantastic, my favourite is the mumtastic one for sure although the queen of awesome one is pretty awesome too, that's one I could see me buying for my friends. I definitely think that anyone who wants to buy something a little different this year would do well picking up some prints.

These prints are from the Happy Jackson range which you can view HERE.

Next up is skincare products and I have a few from different companies here to show you.

*First is some from Skinchemists. I buy for skincare products for my Gran every year, she's one of those people who really loves to try new products, she likes to see what will work for her skin and maybe help those wrinkles out haha Over the past little while I have been letting her try out products I get through to see if she likes them and her favourite as of late has been the anti-ageing charcoal peel mask from skinchemists. Seeing as she loves this product and some of the other Skinchemists products she has tried I thought this would be a good one for those of you out there who are looking to buy more than just flowers this year for someone who may just be a skincare lover, even if they aren't, you can't go wrong with buying them some products to really make them feel amazing. 

*Next up for skincare is some products from Avernao which are a little more budget friendly than the Skinchemists products but they have a different sort of range. I have been using their face and body creams along with some of their lip butters for a while now and I really can't praise them enough. My lips are well taken care of now and I love the creams for my elbows and knees, I am noticing there is no dry skin there anymore. I don't want to say too much on these as I do have a full review coming of the products I have received from them but I can say that if you are looking into putting a gift box etc... together and think your mum would love some skincare products then have a look into Avernaco, their site is filled with fantastic products. 

Next on show is Bath bombs and I have chosen some from Bomb Cosmetics to show but I think any kind of bath bomb will do, especially if you are putting together a gift box or hamper. Bath bombs are fantastic, I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has used one at one time of another and I'm sure that most people can agree they are great for a pamper night. I always love to make up little pamper boxes for my Gran, she loves them and they always include a bath bomb of two. Even if they aren't in a hamper, it's still a great present to get if you find scents and colours your mum would love. 

I wanted to keep my Gift guide for mothers day short and sweet but filled with a few different ideas to the normal flowers and chocolate that everyone buys every year. I love all these products and my favourites are definitely the prints for sure! So hen you're making the decisions on what to buy, check these sites out, I'm sure you'll find something that will suit the lady you are buying for.

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*Some of these products were gifted to me and I have marked with a *, however, all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and I don't feature anything I wouldn't recommend*


  1. I love the ideas in this blog post. I'm so guilty of buying my mum the same thing every mothers day because I don't know what else to get her, but this has definitely given me some food for thought to think about getting her something different for mother's day this year. I love the bath bombs from bombcosmetics! They look high-end, but you can also buy little gift boxes which saves some of the cost that you'd spend buying them individually. If my mum's skin wasn't so sensitive, this would definitely be the top of my list for mother's day.

    Rebekah Gillian |

  2. This is such a lovely idea for mother’s day. I’m alwats stuck on what to do for mother’s day so posts like these are super helpful!

    -Sophie xx

  3. My mum doesn’t have baths so I’d definitely use the bombs myself! (She has showers, she doesn’t just not wash hahaha!) The skincare products look lovely! I’ve got my Mother’s Day gifts sorted already this year (gotta be organised 👌🏻) and I made my first Love Layla card purchase and I love it!