What I got for Christmas.


Review │ Luxury Lush Pud By Lush


What I have learned since I started Blogging.


Tantrums, tears and meltdowns; The ugly truth behind a mothers thinking.


Review │ Snow Fairy shower gel by Lush

Today's post is a review of Snow Fairy shower gel by Lush.


Girls Day Out Show In Glasgow 2015

close up photo of a bag that has Girls Day Out written on it in white writing on a pink bag

I was invited to blog about the Girls Day Out show in Glasgow On the 27th of November, luckily I was already going but I was so honoured to be asked to blog about it so Lisa and I attended. the event was held at the SECC and it started at 10 am. It really was a great day out and I'm glad I got to experience it with my bestie, I can definitely see us going next year and trying to get the other girls to join us. 


Wishlist │ December

Last month I focuses my top picks on Clothing from primary because that's really what I needed and I am glad to say that I managed to get most of what I wanted... Ok, well I got the same types but maybe not the exact ones I was wanted. I got Models Own Amethyst as an alternative to a Purple Haze. I also never got the dress that I wanted but that's ok because I haven't been wearing dresses as much as I was. I also got a different scarf from the one I put in the top picks post but it was from primary and it was tartan, I kind of went a bit over board in primark, buying lots of things I didn't need but at least it was all clothes! 

This month centers around things I would LOVE to get for Christmas, so let's get into it! 


Eating Out In Glasgow | Walkabout

close up photo of the walkabout sign outside of their building in Glasgow city centre

If you are anything like me you will love finding the best places to eat in your city. I am always on the hunt for a bargain and a tasty meal to match. One day on a hunt for a tasty burger before the cinema myself and Grant decided to eat in walkabout since it was right next to the cinema and looked lovely inside. I have been to walkabout for drinks before but I have never ate there so I was excited to try the food. I have ate there several times since then and it has always been delicious! This post is about the time I ate there with my best friend Ross. I haven't done a place to eat review/post in a while so I thought this very fitting for it as I would recommend this to anyone who fancy's a quick bit to eat before the cinema, the theater or a lunch with some drinks.


13 Superstitions

Since it's Friday the 13th today, I thought I would do a post all about superstitions. 


Organix Keratin oil Shampoo & Conditioner; Review

Today's post is a review on the Organix Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.


Review │ Granny takes a dip Bubble bar by Lush

Today's post is a review of the Granny takes a dip bubble bar by Lush. 

Living in chaos; Bedroom edition

Today's post is about the chaotic state that my bedroom in is and the plans to have a full redecoration. 


A - Z of me; a fact finding mission.

Today's post is all about me. Some random, useless facts.


Introducing; My Gran

Hello Lovelies!

So far I have introduced you all to my son and my best friends Lisa and Ross, so I thought that it was time to introduce you to my gran; 

Review │ Intergalactic bath bomb by Lush

Today's post is a review of the Intergalactic bath bomb by Lush.

Halloween costume ideas

*Contains links*

Today's post is all about Halloween costume ideas (for women) 

What's in my Lush box; October 2015

Today's post is all about what is in my Lush box right now. Come read about the wonderful goodies!! 


Review │ Brightside bubble bar by Lush

Today's post is on the Brightside bubble bar from Lush.

Review │ The Experimenter bath bomb by Lush

Today's post is a review of The Experimenter bath bomb by Lush.

Activities; Painting in the garden.

Today's post is all about a little activity we done in the garden a few weeks back, painting in the garden. 

Dear younger self; A long overdue letter.

When I was younger I was reckless, I didn't look after my material things, I didn't look after my health and I certainly didn't look after my body. I was selfish and I was broken. I was lost,Malone and sad yet I was surrounded by a family who loved and cared for me. Looking back now I understand why I felt the way I did but I also see that I wasn't dealing with anything in my life the right way. So here is a lie ever filled with things I would tell myself back then, if I could.


Review │ Blackberry bath bomb by Lush

Today's post is a review on the Blackberry bath bomb from Lush. 

Madness & Mayhem; Toddler edition.

Today's post is all about the madness moments that occur in my house thanks to Leon.


Review │ Karma Bubble Bar by Lush

Today's review is on the Karma Bubble bar by Lush.

Review │ Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush

Today's review is on the AVOBATH Bath Bomb by Lush.

What's in my bag

Today's post will be on everything that I keep in my bag. 


It's my birthday!

*warning - This will contain a lot of pictures* 

Let's talk; Cervical screening

This weeks let's talk post is about cervical screen and its importance. 


It's my grans birthday!

Today's post is all about my Grans birthday.

Review │ Love Layla Designs

Today's post is on Love Layla Designs.


Review │ Big Blue Bath Bomb by Lush

Today's review is on the Big Blue Bath Bomb by Lush.

Let's talk; Body Confidence

This weeks Let's talk; post is on Body Confidence 


Review │ Sex Bomb, bath bomb by Lush

Today's review is on Sex bomb Bath bomb by Lush. 


Review │ Space Girl bath bomb by Lush

Today's post is a review on the Space Girl bath bomb by Lush. 


Review │ Twilight bath bomb from Lush

Today's review is on the Twilight Bath Bomb from Lush.


Introducing; My son, Leon

Today's post is going to be the first of a few titled "Introducing;" I will be introducing you all to my family. First up is my son, Leon. 


Let's Talk; The Fear of Becoming a First Time Mum

This week's let's talk; post is on The Fear of Becoming a First Time Mum.

Review │ NSpa Peach Bath & Shower Gel

Today's post is a review of the NSpa Peach Shower and Bath gel.


Cocktails and Burgers; A catch up with my best friend.

Today's post is all about my catch up with Lisa on the 4th August 2015

Dragons Egg bath bomb by Lush; Review

Today's review is on the Dragons egg bath bomb by Lush


Let's talk; Social Anxiety

Today's Let's Talk post is on "Social Anxiety Disorder"


BB Seaweed face mask by Lush; Review

Today's review is on the BB Seaweed mask from Lush. 

Best friends; Ross, The Bag Man.

Last week I introduced you to my long term Sister & Best friend Lisa. Well this week brings you a new post about my other long term best friend, Ross. 

I have known Ross since October 2012. We first met at "The Red Triangle" which is a pub in Cumbernauld and at the time it was my local. We met at a mutual  friends 21st birthday party which was being held at The Red Triangle. Ross came along with his girlfriend at the time (now his weird ex that will always be known for trying to pour a drink over him and missing). Ross has known the birthday boy for years through his sister and whole family basically, so it was evident that he would be there, I like to think that fate brought us together though. Ross was quietly sitting on one of the seats with a mass of bags wrapped round him as he nodded his head along to the music, sipping away at his drink... That's where I come in. I kept calling him the "bag man" to everyone else that was there that night, when I was asking who he was etc... It was always, "who's the bag man?!" After watching his behavior throughout the night which can only be described as "camp" I was pretty sure, if not 100% sure he was of a different sexual orientation than to myself.  So with me being me, a loud mouth, with no filter when I'm drunk, that's the first thing I said to him, along with calling him the bag man around a hundred times! In one whole sentence this stranger got to know my personality, and luckily from then on, we have just clicked. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar from Lush; Review

Today's review is on the Creamy Candy bubble bar by Lush.


Let's Talk; Experiencing Loss

I used to think that the old sayings, you know the ones that refer to time being a healer? were actually true, I really did, I heard it on the TV, in movies and I automatically took this as complete 100% for everybody. I believed, that no matter what happened to you, "Time would heal everything". This was before I experienced heart breaking loss, after that, I was a little more cynical. Once you have experienced loss of any kind, I think you wise up to these sayings and change them round, because let's face it, time doesn't heal everything, but I do believe that time helps to make things easier. You do survive and you do carry on with life but the feeling of loss somehow manages to stay with you, That's how it is for me anyway. No matter what I do, at one point in the day I end up really missing my mum and craving her cuddles, so I break down. 


Bars in Glasgow; Nice N Sleazy.

a photo of Nice N Sleazy from the outside. Black building front with which sign that reads Nice N Sleazy

My Friend decided that he wanted to go for a drink one Sunday afternoon, because he accidentally told me what he was getting me for my birthday. It's safe to say he was feeling a little silly that he blurted out my present that he had been keeping quiet for so long, this meant he wanted an alcoholic drink to help him forget about his silly mistake. Normally we go to Box on sauchiehall street, that's our bar of choice but on a Sunday it doesn't open until 5pm and we were looking for somewhere at 2:30 pm. We walked up sauchiehall street to see which bars were open when we noticed Nice N Sleazy. This is a bar in which we normally just by pass due to us both being in when we were pretty drunk which meant we had a bit of a pre conceived idea about the place, which by the way was all wrong! So we decided that it was time we took the plunge and tried Nice N Sleazy.



Review │ Hair mask by Lush

Today's review is on the H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatment from Lush. 

Lush Haul

It's no secret that I am absolutely addicted to Lush, so it's only natural that I spend all my money..and my boyfriends in Lush getting some new products, after all, I can never have too much! Grant and I stumbled into Lush but in no way was it an accident, we both knew I would be visiting them while we were in Glasgow, because I can never go to Glasgow without popping into Lush for something, even if it's just a bath bomb.
Anyway, While we were in Lush I went around picking up all sorts as you will see below and Grant paid for it all. I am one lucky lady! You would think it would have stopped there but on the Sunday we went into Glasgow again and yet again I went into Lush, no surprise when I ended up buying some more products, but it doesn't stop there, oh no! I was in Glasgow again on the Tuesday for a lunch date with my bestie which obviously meant we were going to drop by Lush at some point on our day out. I ended up spending another £20 in Lush... 

So this post is a Haul post of all the products I got over those three days. 

Lets Talk; Depression

This weeks post is on Depression. 


Eating Out In Glasgow | TGI Fridays

a red and white Christmas cracker on a table in TGI Fridays restaurant

When it comes to eating out in Glasgow I always like to try somewhere new, I love getting to know the best places to eat in the city wither it be a small diner, pub grub or a well known chain, it makes no difference to me. Personally I favor the small, cosy type but I do enjoy the occasional trip to the biggies I.e; Weatherpersons, Pizza Hut, Nandos etc... But out of all the big restaurant chains, TGI Fridays has to be my favorite. Why? Well let me tell you! I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you ever choose to go here (if you haven't already

Butterball bath bomb from Lush; Review

Today's review is on Butterball from Lush.

This little bath bomb is one that I instantly fell in love with when I seen it. From its size to its smell everything about this one just makes me feel like I am in heaven. Its a very musky smell which just takes me back to my childhood when my mother had the bathroom filled with white musk or musk scented candles. Safe to say as soon as I smelled this bath bomb I was sold. 

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