Baby Bear's First Time at The Beach

Photo of burntisland beach

Today started off just like any other day. We woke up, had breakfast, got washed, dressed and started our day...... WRONG! 

Off We Go

Our day started off with Little bear waking up at 6am on the dot, bright as a button! Then at around half 6/7am his teething kicked in! Screaming baby appeared. My poor little bear was in floods of tears because his gums were in agony. It's his two back teeth that are coming through right now which isn't very nice for any of us, But we have a secret weapon when it comes to teething.... TEETHING GEL!  We have tried every singe one you can get in the UK but none seem to work, so when his aunt Claire brought some back from America I was so excited to try, turns out it's the best thing ever! 
So we put some on his gums and the crying stopped. FEW! 

So then it was onto getting breakfast, getting washed then dressed. Now this usually takes around an hour and a half in the morning but today it took near enough 3. Little bear was not for having any of it today. But eventually we got there and Uncle Ross had arrived for our day out. Off we went! We got in the car, went through the car wash (LB loved it) and then onto Asda to pick up food for having a picnic at the beach.

Eventually we were driving through little country roads and down steep hills. It was absolutely beautiful.

Photo of a road from the passenger side of a car in Scotland with blue skies and green trees at either side

And then we ended up at the beach! It was such an amazing sight to see and I can't believe I live an hour away from here! It's an absolutely gorgeous sight. Little bear was so cute when he saw the sea, Giggling and jumping around at this new adventure we were on. So we got our stuff out the car then headed down to the sand!

Photo of burntisland beach

Once we got onto the sand I tried to put the little one down so he could walk but he freaked completely and would not let me got. He was clinging onto me like a little monkey, it was cute that he was scared of the sand. Eventually we tried to put him down again but he wouldn't go, so It was time to go explore with him in my arms.

We stumbled across some rock pools with little hermit crabs in them and he was fixated on them, watching them all running around, some were even fighting which was an odd experience but he seemed to love it just the same.

Photo of a crab in a shallow pool of water at burntisland beach

Photo of a barnacls in a shallow pool of water at burntisland beach

We also found this object which looked like Tridents fork! I was pretty excited to see this but Little bear didn't seem to fussed at all, I think he was pretty bored with me looking at it and examining it.

Photo of a faux trident in the sand covered in sea weed at burntisland beach

We started walking down the beach a bit more and came across lots and lots of Jelly fish!
There were so many of them that I started to panic that I as going to stand on them all! It was not nice at all! and I was a bit scared Little bear was going to fight to get down but he never, he done really really well with staying in my arms or uncle Ross's.Walking back up to the sandy bit we saw these jelly fish just laying there on the sand so I decided to snap a few pictures of them. I think they just look so beautiful.

Photo of a clear jellyfish in the sand covered in sea weed at burntisland beach

Photo of a clear jellyfish in the sand covered in sea weed at burntisland beach

After we had a little wander around looking at the rock pools and jelly fish it was time to relax and play on the beach! Little bear still wasn't too sure of the sand and refused to even sit down on the towel so I had to have him on my legs while he stared into the sea and eating little cocktail sausages.

Eventually he got used to the sand, he climbed down off my knee and started to put sand all over his feet, as to bury them in it, his face was so cute, full of wonder and amazement as to this new thing. After about 20 minutes Little bear was running around the sand, throwing himself in it and giggling his little head off.I was one proud mummy in that moment. He was cute, well behaved and was really enjoying himself.

All in all our day was absolutely fantastic! Little bear loved it, we played on the beach, had food, went a drive, discovered some new things and chilled out. Spending the day with Uncle Ross was a fantastic idea.

This photo below just sums up the day for me;
Watching my baby bear discover new things.

This was a truly great day.

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