Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush; Review

Photo of Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush in a girls hand with purple background

Now when it comes to the rose scented products from Lush I'm not a big fan. The scent of rose is not something that interests me in the slightest which is pretty ironic considering my favourite flower is a white rose. But none the less I absolutely love Lush bath bombs because they have so many ingredients in them that make your skin soft and smell amazing, making it pretty hard not to like a product just because of the smell. But the Rose Bombshell bath bomb is not one I would buy again in a hurry, there are loads more I would rather be snatching up instead like Dragons egg, space girl, twilight etc...

So I am very ok with the fact it's a Mothers Day exclusive.

So here's what I think about this bath bomb and why I wouldn't buy it again in a hurry.

First off I wouldn't say that it's design is particularly eye catching, Its nice and simple which in a shop full of bright, colourful products means it kind of gets lost. If it was me designing it, I think I would consider more colours through the bath bomb, a more prominent smell and probably a bigger rose bud in the centre to catch the customers eyes. It's also very similar in design to the Amandopondo Bubble Bar which is white in colour also plus has a rose bud in the centre, so it feels like they didn't try very hard when it came to the design of Rose Bombshell.

The smell of Rose Bombshell isn't great in my opinion. I LOVE strong smells, smells that are fairly fruity and remind me of summer or very musky and bold. Rose bombshell is neither, It's not a smell I particularly remember and I only used it 20 minutes ago! Usually when I use a bath bomb or bubble bar etc... from Lush my bathroom stinks of it for HOURS which is something I really love but not with this one, it is a very forgetful smell.
But with saying that, one thing that I haven't forgotten is, I felt it had a pretty earthly smell once released into the water, I had a vision of being surrounded by trees while I had my eyes closed, inhaling the aroma.

Once this bath bomb was released into the water you could definitely tell it was a lush product. No doubt about it.
The bomb fizzed up all nice making it look very frothy in the water! for the fist time since picking this product up in the shop, I was pleased and excited to see what was coming next. Already I could feel the water getting very smooth around my skin and I had only just placed it in the water, This makes me happy.

Photo of Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush in water, fizzing

 This bath bomb is packed with some of my favourite ingredients like Soya milk, rose and rose wood natural oils, no wonder I am loving how my skin feels! It's conditioning and moisturising it, It's heaven.

*Other ingredients in this bath bomb include fine sea salt, Orange flower absolute, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate etc...*

So once the bath bomb has been fizzing away for a few seconds all I see is the colour pink pouring out the side of it! Now this is what I love about lush bath bombs, the surprise of what's coming next! will it be another colour? will it start spinning uncontrollably? who knows! so it has definitely grabbed my full attention at this point.

Photo of Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush in water, fizzing

The pink keeps going for a little bit then out pop the rose petals! It's beautiful to watch because they are coming out slowly then floating around the water, I am definitely feeling relaxed and pampered in this moment. I'm not sure why but rose petals In bath scream relaxation to me.

 Photo of Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush in water, fizzing
The bath bomb is now starting to fizz out at this point and all the rose petals are on display floating around my bath tub. The water is a nice milky colour with a tint of pink. I can't really smell anything if I'm honest. My skin feels great and I'm ready to just lay here in the bath and drift off into a nice little day dream.

Photo of Rose bombshell bath bomb from Lush in water, almost all fizzed out
All in all Rose bombshell is a nice bath bomb. I wouldn't rush to buy this if it were to come out again in store though, however if I were to be bought it for mothers day or as a present at any time I certainly wouldn't be disappointed because despite the initial look and smell, I loved the rose petals and how smooth my skin felt afterwards.

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  1. I'm a huge Lush lover (in particular their shower gels) and did enjoy the Rose Bombshell. I just used the Shoot For the Stars Christmas bath bomb and it's like being immersed in the night sky. So amazing!

    Di from Max The Unicorn