#GAYISOK soap from Lush; Review

Birds eye view of Lush gold glitter #gayisok soap

Today's review is going to be on the new charity soap from lush, #Gayisok
Not only will it be a review but I will be including information on their campaign for All Out.
I bought this soap for £4 on Saturday 27th June from Lush Buchanan street in Glasgow. The money from your purchase is going to All Out, A charity that aims to help LGBT people all across the world.

At first glance I completely fell in love with the soap, It's gold, it's glittery and has a very simple yet powerful message on the front. It's everything I need for pleasing my eyes. At a closer inspection of the soap I came to notice the amazing smell. I ended up chatting to someone I know who works in the shop about the soap, what's in it, the smell, the concept for it etc...

I found out that the aim for the smell of the soap is to engage your brain into thinking about your first love. The perfume smell for the soap was once a well selling perfume called "Love" the scent is said to be of Fizz bangers which I totally get! It smells very citrus based, clean and fun. They smell is so refreshing. I am so glad that it is unlike any other soap product they have released to date.

I knew I was going to Lush to buy this soap before I even entered Glasgow, I seen the release of the product all over Instagram and twitter which made me need it even more, seeing everyone with their awesome #gayisok selfies, supporting such a great cause. 

The campaign was launched in store on June 25th 2015

Anyway, after buying the soap on Saturday (along with a few other purchases) I was so sure I was going to use the soap that night! I couldn't wait to try it out as it is full of wonderful ingredients, all great for your skin!

Ingredients include;
 Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Sodium Chloride, Sicilian Lemon Oil, And much more.

At last, I was home and ready to try the product out... Well so  I thought, I opened the soap to show my Gran how lovely it was, took it up to the bathroom with me and decided tonight was not the night. I just couldn't use it. I have a very strange thing going on in my head when it comes to buying new things, I hate to use them when they look so nice, I put the soap in my bathroom cabinet and there it stayed until yesterday (01/07/15)

Birds eye view of Lush gold glitter #gayisok soap in a girls hand

I was taking a shower and all of a sudden it came into my head that I still have my #Gayisok soap to use! What a perfect time to use it as well since I was having a bad day.
So out came the soap! time to use.

Close up of girls arm with some of Lush gold glitter #gayisok soap on itThe soap just looks so sparkly and pretty! All I could think about was the glitter that I was going to get all over my body! And sure enough that's exactly what I got.

Now I know the picture isn't that great, the quality doesn't really show how much glitter was on me but it was a fair amount. I'm pretty glad that it wasn't all over the place because that means the is still some on the soap for next time! The glitter definitely isn't over powering like other products I have used in the past. A nice amount comes off.

Close up of girls arm with some of Lush gold glitter #gayisok soap lathered upThe soap also lathers quite nicely, Not too much but still enough to feel clean. When I washed the soap off I did feel my skin go a bit dry, that would probably be my only negative point about this product. But I normally use baby oil in the shower anyway to soften my skin so I didn't see it as a major problem where as some others might.

All in all I love this soap. Its look, its smell and the reason behind it. If you haven't already, Please, go buy it while you still can. It's for an amazing cause and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. #Loveislove

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  1. Such a great campaigned for a wonderful cause. Love is love and everyone is entitled to marry and love who they want. Lovely soap x