Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush; Review

Close up photo of Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush

Today's review is on the bath bomb Granny Takes A Dip from Lush.

I have always been tempted to buy this bath bomb since it came out. Every time I go into Lush my eyes are instantly drawn to it and the name is just completely perfect. But for some reason I always bypass it and pick up the products I normally buy like Twilight, The Comforter, Big Blue etc...

So when I went into Lush to buy the new #Gayisok soap for their campaign I was sure I was going to pick up my normal purchases but for some reason my mind told me BUY GRANNY TAKES A DIP! buy it now! I think it was because I needed to pick something up to put into my grans gift basket and the name is completely fitting for the occasion! So instead of picking up one I picked up two, one for my gran and one for myself.

Close up photo of Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush

First impressions of the bath bomb is that the colours are so eye catching! The design reminds me of 60's patterns, very funky! It's bright which I just love! I just adore anything eye catching so this is pretty perfect. The outer ring is a bright pink/purple and paired with the almost turquoise blue ring that comes next makes it pop! Then the 3rd layer is a nice muted red which cams it down a bit so there isn't too much going on and finally the inner core is a lovely green colour. Together all these colours make for a pretty red looking bath ballistic. Granny takes a dip is also very large in size which is great!
The smell of this particular bath bomb is quite catching, It's very unique to the Lush range I would say as I can't compare it to anything else I have bought from them. It's a rather comforting scent and I would almost say it resembles rubber bands in a way.
(I'm pretty sure it's just me who smells rubber bands when smelling this bath bomb as I have asked several different people about it and they cant smell it at all)

Close up photo of Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush

What Lush Say;

"This ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bath bomb turns your water psychedelic and puts some colour in your life. Simply drop into a warm bath and watch as its fizzing centre dissolves into multi-coloured waters. Its spicy, citrusy scent will pep you up: lemon oil boosts the mood, while ginger and pepper are warming."

Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush fizzing in bathWhen it came time to use the bath bomb I was very very excited! I just couldn't wait to get it into the water to see exactly how it would look once it started to fizz away.
I dropped the bath bomb into the water and straight away colour was everywhere! It was like an explosion that completely drew my attention straight to it. I had to watch this bath bomb the whole time, it looked amazing. My first thought on smell with the bath bomb once it hit the water and started to fizz was that it definitely reminded me of rubber bands! It's all I can smell, it's just over powering my sense of smell at this point. I'm not complaining though as I love the smell of rubber bands! I can't tell you why I smell rubber bands but I do.

As the bath bomb fizzes away in the water it bubbles away and lots of colours come pouring out. It looks so amazing. I honestly enjoyed watching this. It fizzes onto of the surface meaning you see everything that is happening.

Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush in use - fizzing in bath

I had a thought while it was fizzing away, It reminded me of a space ship. That is how I would describe it floating around the water. The pink fizzed out gradually to a white foam then stopped and that ring around the bath bomb is what reminds me of a space ship. It is very aesthetically pleasing, it creates fun and wonder in your bath. First pink pours from it, into blue then red and finally green. They all emerge from it at different times but they all keep coming till the very end.

I really had to take lots of pictures of Granny Takes A Dip fizzing in the bath because it's just so beautiful. I am so gutted that I didn't buy this product sooner, Look at it!! I'm pretty sure the pictures just say it all. so beautiful. The one word that I think of when I look at it is frothy. It takes 10 minutes to fully dissolve which I find amazing! Well worth the money.
Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush in use as it fizzes in bath

Here are more pictures of how the water looks with this bath bomb;

Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush in use as it fizzes in bath

As you can see from the pictures it really is a pretty bath bomb. My final verdict is I must buy more. I must keep buying this product. It's very luxurious and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a fun yet relaxing bath. It's a great price for someone on a budget as you could easily get two uses out of this by cutting it in half.
Okay, so now on to the negative points of this bath bomb and I have left these points till last because I actually really enjoy it. First off The smell doesn't stick around long and It wasn't very strong either, I feel it could have been much better in that respect. I love when you get something from lush and the smell is there for hours but on this occasion it didn't not happen. Secondly I didn't feel like the water was silky smooth which is something I always expect with Lush bath bombs. I didn't feel like It preformed as well as others in the same price range in that respect. Saying all that though I do Like it.

Granny takes a dip bath bomb from Lush in use
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  1. I love the colors! Thanks for the pictures, I wondered what it would look like in the water. I understand your disappointment, though. I do prefer the scents to last a while. I used to love getting colored bubble baths from Avon, not sure if they do that anymore.

  2. SO COOL! I have never seen such a colorful bath bomb. I think the name is just AWESOME! I've never tried LUSH, but it's certainly nice to learn about new products. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for buying me this hen, I love it so much and I am glad you done a review on it before I have used mine because now I know what to expect. I love the name, very fitting for a present from you xxxx

  4. Whoa, for £3.35 that bath bomb looks awesome. The colours are so bold and the fizzing action looks exciting. Would love to try this one. Great photos!