Lush Bath Bomb Haul

Birds eye view of a bundle of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars in their wrappers in a round hat box

Today's post is on my Lush Haul from the 17.07.15 

On Friday the 17th I was going into Glasgow to pay the deposit for my tattoo and work out my design with Jayne Sermanni (working at Fleur de Lis tattoo parlour) + Grant was also getting his tattoo touched up by her so this was the perfect time to go on a little shopping spree in Lush Buchanan Street. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that any time I am in Glasgow City centre that I HAVE to buy something from lush, no matter how much money I have! I just have to buy something. Let's be honest, it would be rude not to. 

As soon as I walked into the store my eyes lit up completely! And my nose was hit with smells that can only be described as HEAVEN. We had 30 minutes before we had to be at Fleur de Lis, so I had to be quick with my pickings. Money didn't really didn't come into the equation either when picking things up... I had saved money up for just such an occasion and my gran had given me some money because she felt my pain of a few Lush products being discontinued and me wanting to snap them up before they go! Anyway when I walked into the shop, I grabbed a basket and wandered off to make my choices! Grant trailed behind me, he's not very interested in shopping so he just slowly walks behind me when I'm on a roll. I go into this kind of black out zone when I'm shopping and know what I want, and this is exactly what happened when I strolled into Lush. 
All I wanted was to grab bath bombs to fill my Lush box! So that is exactly what I done. 

After recklessly selecting bath bombs and a couple of bubble bars it was quarter to 4! This meant I had to get a move on and get to the tattoo parlour. So off to the checkout I went where I got served by a lovely girl called Hannah. She asked me about my favourite bath bomb, we had general chit chat and we stood smelling all the bath bombs I had selected. She also told me about doing a "Cocktail" in my bath with different bath bombs and experimenting to find smells that go together. (I will definitely need to be trying this!) And once all my products were wrapped and ready to go we had to shoot on off to Fleur de Lis. I was a bit gutted that I couldn't stay and pick more products to buy but maybe next time. For now all these heavenly bath bombs will do! 

Birds eye view of a bundle of Lush bath bombs and bubble bars in a round hat box 

Granny Takes a dip 

(One of the discontinued products) 
Granny Takes a dip bath bomb from Lush

Granny Takes a Dip was released in 2014. It is a bath bomb that takes around 10 minutes to completely dissolve. It is safe for vegans and smells amazing! (I still think it smells like rubber bands


Fizzbanger Bath bomb from Lush

Fizzbanger is a bath bomb that Lush have put popping candy into! It smells absolutely amazing and I definitely think the smell IS the definite smell of Lush. It is also vegan friendly.


Twilight bath bomb from Lush

Twilight is my favourite bath bomb of them all. It smells great and I love how it makes the bath water look at the end of it. It is vegan friendly. 

Big blue 

Big blue bath bomb from Lush

Big blue smells really good so I'm pretty sure that's why I picked it up. I really cannot wait to use this in my bath because it's one I love to use, All the stuff that comes out of it makes me feel like I am in the woods, it's a very woody smell at points which I like. It is vegan friendly. 


Butterball Bath bomb from Lush

Butter ball is a small bath bomb but it gives off a fantastic smell! It is one I am really excited to try out. The smell is quite musky yet fresh, something that makes my sense of smell go crazy! it is vegan friendly. 

Space girl 

(Another of the discontinued products) 
Space girl bath bomb from Lush
Space girl is one of my favourite ones and I am so sad to see it go! it smells great, looks great and I just all round really like it. It is vegan friendly. 

Sex Bomb 

Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush

This is a bath bomb I have NEVER used before but have always wanted to. It smells very strong. I love how it sticks in your nose for a while. It is vegan friendly. 

Ickle baby bot

Ickle baby bot bath bomb from Lush

This is one I bought for Leon to try out. It's cute, small, blue and in the shape of a little robot! it is definitely one I cant wait to use with Leon. It is vegan friendly. 

Blue skies and white fluffy clouds 

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar from Lush

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds is the first ever product I bought from Lush when I was 10, ever since I have always bought it. I just love it loads. The smell is great and the bubbles stay for ages. It is vegan friendly. 


The Brightside bubble bar from Lush

The Brightside bubble bar has became a new favourite of mine! It smells absolutely delicious, like you could just eat it! (but don't!) It is just dreamy. 
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  1. hurry up and just go work for them already you will turn into a bath bomb soon enough! xxxx