Rainy day adventures

Our rainy day adventures!!

Last week it was pouring with rain day in and day out and Little bear was loving it! He absolutely loves jumping in puddles, putting his hands in them and running through them. So, on the Tuesday morning I promised him that once we were all washed and changed that we would go a walk in the rain and jump in some puddles, safe to say he was excited. 

So we got washed, put our clothes on, got our jackets and wellies on then headed out for our walk in the rain. Little bear took my hand, looked up at me, pointed at the door and said "door" well, he pronounces it like "Doowaa" which is super cute! We stepped out into the rain and set off on our walk. We didn't even get out the street before he found a huge puddle to jump in and to top it off there was a big work van parked across from it. Little bear was in heaven! 

We spent around 15 minutes at the same puddle because Leon was just so fascinated by how deep it was and the work van that was there as well. I just loved watching him running back and forth screaming with happiness at what he was doing.

After around 15 minuets of him playing in the puddle he decided he wanted to go a walk again so off we went. I managed to get at least one good picture with him smiling, even if his eyes are half shut! but when we are out, he never stays still so it is extremely difficult for us to do. 

He didn't stay still for long at all, after I snapped a couple of pictures he ran off in a fit of giggles. I love to watch him run, his wee legs go so fast and his hair bounces up and down. We ended up taking a walk through all the houses to find more puddles, but we didn't find any more which Leon was quite upset about.

After about 10 minutes trying to get him back in the house, I took him out to the garden for 15 minutes so he could play about a bit more and have more freedom to run about. He found his watering can which had rainwater in it so he decided to pour it all over himself then he went into the plant pots and started to try and eat some compost! I was mortified. Safe to say it was time for a bath!

We got into the bathroom, started to run his bath and got his clothes off then I remembered I bought him the ickle baby bot bath bomb from Lush. This was the perfect time to use it. 

I gave him the bath bomb to put into his bath himself, he lowered it in and then near enough jumped out his skin when it started to fizz away! it was rather funny to watch if I'm honest. But after he got over the initial scare, he quite enjoyed it. After it fizzed away, he decided to splash about and play with his boats.

Once he had his bath, I got some comfy clothes on him then it was snack time. We mashed up some banana, put flavoured water into his cup and got him into his high chair, I put cbeebies on for him made myself a cup of tea then sat down to relax. I glanced up at the clock to check the time thinking it was around half 1/ 2 o'clock but oh how wrong I was... It was just going on half 11!

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  1. My boy is also obsessed with water. We recently spent some time on holiday by the sea and he would happily run around and splash in the shallows for hours on end. He's a real water baby! I like the idea of the bath bomb too. I might have to check them out! #fartglitter

  2. Awww how cute and adorable is your boy. My nephew is also called Leon so I enjoyed reading this post big time. Sounds like you guys had fun, loving the wellies and the coat.

  3. Aw what a little cutie! You can't beat a bit of puddle jumping to fill a rainy day (or at least a bit of it anyway haha). Gorgeous post. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

  4. There is always something about puddles!! My two go mad for them too. I have to say I am loving the yellow rain jacket!! x

  5. So cute. My kids love jumping on and down in muddy puddles.

  6. My daughter can be in the same puddle forever!! They are fascinating! Also so get the time crawling thing! Their activities never last that long. Great pics and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  7. Oh we love puddles too! Hence where part of the blog name and blog header came from.
    Leon is a little cutie! Glad he had a fab time :) x

  8. Aw he is adorable! I think most kids love jumping in muddy puddles god knows why lol!

  9. What a cutie, he looks like he had a really fun time!


  10. Oh my son and I love a rainy day walk 😃 And what a cute yellow raincoat! #bestandworst

  11. My little ones love puddle jumping too, this looks like such a lovely morning. That raincoat is so very smart x