Bars in Glasgow; Nice N Sleazy.

a photo of Nice N Sleazy from the outside. Black building front with which sign that reads Nice N Sleazy

My Friend decided that he wanted to go for a drink one Sunday afternoon, because he accidentally told me what he was getting me for my birthday. It's safe to say he was feeling a little silly that he blurted out my present that he had been keeping quiet for so long, this meant he wanted an alcoholic drink to help him forget about his silly mistake. Normally we go to Box on sauchiehall street, that's our bar of choice but on a Sunday it doesn't open until 5pm and we were looking for somewhere at 2:30 pm. We walked up sauchiehall street to see which bars were open when we noticed Nice N Sleazy. This is a bar in which we normally just by pass due to us both being in when we were pretty drunk which meant we had a bit of a pre conceived idea about the place, which by the way was all wrong! So we decided that it was time we took the plunge and tried Nice N Sleazy.


As soon as we walked in I felt right at home, the bar was cosy, warm and had dull lights which added to the ambiance of the place. You get a vary lived in feel when you walk in, the place isn't too big and the bar looks well stocked. I was really happy with our choice of bar at this point, everything was clean, the place was cosy and wasn't packed full of people which I like.


I am really pleased with my first impression of Nice N Sleazy, So far it is definitely a place I would come again for a quiet drink. With a long bar, raised seating area and comfy boot it really is somewhere you could enjoy some drink's in a slow atmosphere; well, that's what I got from it anyway.

Cool art on their wall!

Something that intrigued me as soon as we walked in was the art on the wall. The paintings are very good and the style in which they are painted, remind me of an artist who used to do some YouTube stop motion videos. I really like weird and beautiful things, so this art fits right in with my style. The detail in which it has been done is fantastic.

Malibu and coke + Sol

When I came back from the toilets my friend had a Malibu and coke waiting for me, since I have gave vodka up I have started drinking Malibu again. I was happy to just sit with my friend at a table, talking about life etc... I was in a nice little Sunday afternoon haze.

Raised seating area

There were only three other groups of people in Nice N Sleazy when we arrived, a young couple, an older couple in their late 40's and a group of people in their 20's at the table next to us. It was quiet, the staff were nice, smiles all round and I could have stayed there all afternoon if I didn't have to be home for Leon.

As you may already know, I judge a place on its toilets! That's where most of my judgement comes from if I'm honest because I like the toilets to be well maintained, if the toilets are clean then the rest of the place will be too as this is usually the last place people think about cleaning (well it is in my experience of working in a bar) Anyway, I was dying to go and check their toilets out, I went before we even got our drinks. I saw a sign that pointed to the toilets and said underneath that they were down the stairs just after the front door. Now from previous, drunken experience I also remembered that the venue for playing gigs is down the stairs as well, but they close it off when there isn't one on.

Once I got to the bottom of the stairs I was rather shocked by what I saw, in a good way that is! The decor reminded me of American horror story; Freak Show. It has that sort of circus feel to it, and the red lighting really sets it off. Already I am in heaven!

Ladies Toilets 

Once I got into the actual toilets I was pleased with what I could smell... Bleach! I love the smell of bleach because that means the place has been cleaned! The toilets were really nice for a little bar actually, I was rather fond of the lighting as it was perfect for those toilet selfies everyone likes to take (but never admits) all in all the toilets get the thumbs up from me.

Writing on the back of the toilet door

I have always been fascinated with the graffiti on toilets doors in bars, why? I honestly don't know, but I enjoy reading some of the things people have left behind. I always try to imagine what they were doing at the time, what was going through their head. Were they drunk? were they sober? Was it a group of girls, all squashed into one cubicle talking about their night so far and who was getting a taxi home with who, while they all told each other how much they loved them and how great a friend they are. You just never know and I guess that's why I like it, my personal favorites are the sarcastically funny ones, as that is my sense of humor. On this particular visit to the bathroom I got landed with this door, it's very bland to say the least but, there is one funny one, smack bang, right in the middle. I am sorry for the profanity in this image but how could I not snap this? am I right?

Gig's Flyer

All in all Nice N Sleazy was much better than I had anticipated. I used to think it was filled with young writers/poets/artists all sitting down with a note pad, a cup of earl grey in one hand and a pen in the other, writing away with the faint sound of music. Although this does sound pretty heavenly, it's not the atmosphere I want when I go out for a drink. But for a Sunday afternoon, it was pretty laid back and chilled. As I said earlier there were only three other groups in when we were there, an older couple in their mid to late 40's having a quiet drink, a young couple in their late 20's I would say and a group of about 4 sitting at the table next to us, having a drink and chatting away. With an atmosphere like this, I would definitely come back for some food and a quiet drink. They are also a gig venue which means I can come in and listen to some home grown talent with a nice cold pint of cider, letting the night run away with it's self.


Do they serve food? Yes.

Would I recommend the food? I didn't try it, so I'll get back to you on that one.

Would I go back? Yes.

Would I go in for a night out? Maybe for pre drinks. For a night out for a gig? Yes.

Were the toilets clean? Yes.

Was the service quick? Yes.

Was it reasonably priced? Yes.

Smoking area? Not, you just go outside, at the front.

Additional needs friendly? Not for the toilets, no.

Nice N Sleazy
Address; 421 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G2 3LG
Phone Number; 0141 333 0900

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