BB Seaweed face mask by Lush; Review

BB Seaweed face mask by Lush

Today's review is on the BB Seaweed mask from Lush. 

When I was looking for a face mask that was going to save the day I automatically turned to Lush for some help. I got chatting to one of the sales reps and told her exactly what I needed in terms of a face mask and she hooked me up. BB Seaweed was the one for me, So I purchased it, took it home and couldn't wait to try it out! 

When I was in the Lush store I got to test out two different masks on the back of my hands, this was to see which one I preferred. The two that were up were BB Seaweed and Catastrophe Cosmetic, although I much preferred the scent of Catastrophe Cosmetic, BB Seaweed was the one for me. The back of my hand was bright, it felt exfoliated and I could notice a real difference in my skin and that was with one application so I knew that it was the one for me.

BB Seaweed face mask by Lush in use - on woman's face

The picture about is how the face mask looked when I had it one my skin. I tried to spread it as even as possible, making sure there were no bits that were thick than others and I think I done a pretty ok job of it. Within minutes my skin was starting to tighten up and I could feel the effects of the face mask so I was very hopeful for the outcome. 
I waited around 15 minutes then washed the mask off with warm water, it didn't take long for it to come off my skin which I feel is a problem with other face masks, I feel like I have to scrub my skin raw just to get all of the mask off but that isn't the case with BB Seaweed. I simply applied warm water, started to make circular motions with my fingertips to get it all off and exfoliate my skin. By the time it was all off my skin felt absolutely amazing. I was very very impressed with how my skin looked with just one application of the face mask. Already I noticed that my skin was brighter, smoother and my spots seemed to have vanished! I am very impressed, very.

All in all this face mask gets 10 out of 10 from me. It smells lovely, it reminds me of a microwavable bear I used to have, you put it on the microwave to heat it up and use it as an alternative to a hot water bottle. It feels so cool and refreshing on the skin as soon as it touches it. It's easy to get off and it exfoliates the skin when taking it off. What more could you ask for in a face mask? I am so amazed with this that I will be recommending it to everyone and anyone. If you have problems with break outs, skin that is a bit miscoloured, need brightening up then this is the one for you! 

BB Seaweed face mask by Lush

What Lush Say:
A calming fresh face mask with fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin. We also use rosemary oil for its regenerative qualities, kaolin to remove any excess dirt or oil, and millet flakes to gently exfoliate away dead skin as you scrub it off. To use, smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Lime Tree Flower and Sweet Violet Leaf Decoction
  • Kaolin
  • Honey
  • Glycerine
  • Ground Almonds
  • Toothed Wrack Seaweed
  • Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel
  • Millet Flakes
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Bentonite Gel
  • Fresh Rose Petals
  • Rose Absolute
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Seaweed Absolute
  • *Citral
  • *Geraniol
  • *Benzyl Benzoate
  • *Limonene
  • *Linalool
  • Perfume

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    1. Funny how odour can bring some memories. I'm a big fan of lush but I've never tried any of their masks...thanks for the review, I will keep it in mind!

    2. I am badly in need of a face mask. I will try this mask. It sounds fab.

    3. I have never used something like this before, I probably should as my skin needs some tlc x

    4. I've not used a face mask in years, I've probably got some in the bathroom cabinet that need throwing away. Every time I read one of your Lush posts it makes me want to buy something

    5. I do have loads of breakouts and this mask might be just the magic wand I am after. I will give it a go and see what difference it makes.

    6. I like the sound of this seaweed face mask, my poor skin is in desperate need of some TLC!