Cocktails and Burgers; A catch up with my best friend.

Two Cocktails from Bread + butter in Glasgow on a wood tableToday's post is all about my catch up with Lisa on the 4th August 2015

On August the 4th Lisa and I had planned to meet for a little catch up. We normally do these catch ups every month or so and it's always something I look forward to. We chat for hours on end, have top banter and it's always an all round great day when I get to see my partner in crime. On this mate date we decided we would go into Glasgow for some cocktails and food plus a little shopping on the side and that is exactly what we done. Our original plan was a spa day and cocktails but it didn't really work out well for booking times etc.. so we done this instead. 
I met Lisa on the bus into Glasgow to start our day out, and from the moment we met, we never stopped talking (but that's nothing new) When we got into Glasgow we started walking, I'm not sure where we were walking too but we were walking none the less, eventually it got to the stage that I had no idea where we were going and neither did Lisa so we decided that going for some pre shopping cocktails would be a great idea. Lisa and I ended up at Bread + Butter just off Buchanan street in a little ally. I have always heard about this place, people talking about it, so thought why not, it's worth a try. 

Bread + butter in Glasgow
Entrance to Bread + Butter
We got into Bread + Butter and the first thing we noticed was how empty it was, yet the amount of staff that were in the place. We got to a table, settled in and looked through the menus, well what we thought was a menu but was actually a laminate piece of paper with pizza on it and then we noticed a canteen style food serving area where you go choose what you want to eat, pay them and then take it to your table. I must say, I'm not actually a fan of that type of food service and neither is Lisa, we try avoid places like that, so we decided just to have a few cocktails instead. 

We looked through the cocktail menu, choosing carefully what we wanted to drink as they seemed to have a good choice. I settled on a raspberry ripple and Lisa on a martini. We went to the bar and ordered our drinks, the bar maid told us she would bring our drinks over so back to the table it was. We got talking and then I noticed she wasn't making our drinks yet instead cleaning the bar... A few moments went past then she left the bar area, I was really confused because we had already been waiting for 5 minutes and she was leaving the bar. When she came back that's when she started to make our drinks. Lisa and I were very disappointed in how long we had to wait for our drinks which were £6 each and when we got them I wasn't too impressed at how small the glass was. 

When I ordered the raspberry ripple cocktail I expected a better glass and more for my money as their competitors across the street do cocktails from £5 and give you much bigger glasses it's a bit of a slap in the face. Safe to say I was a bit un-impressed. The rim of the glass was meant to be covered in sprinkles yet my glass hardly had any, they were very sparse on the sprinkles to say the least. Although the raspberry ripple tastes quite good I don't think it's something that would keep me coming back despite how long it took for us to get our drinks. Maybe I'm being picky but I know what I like and this place is definitely a no go again for me. 

Fresh Face Mask counter in Lush Buchanan Street.
Fresh Face Mask counter in Lush Buchanan Street.

After the cocktails we couldn't wait to get out of bread + butter so we hurried out, then off shopping it was. Once we had left we spotted Lush on Buchanan street and me being the addict that I am, knew that we had to go in for a nosy about. I had planned on getting a face mask and some bath bombs so that is exactly what I done. We spent ages in Lush looking about and reading the labels on near enough every product. Lisa and I both picked up face masks, some bath bombs and other various things. After shopping about in Lush for so long we decided that food was in order since we didn't get anything at Bread + Butter, TGI's it was! They always save the day. 

T.G.I Fridays Logo

We got into TGI Fridays, asked for a table and had to wait about 15 minutes for it, we got given a little pager and sat at the bar, while waiting on the table to be ready for us. Lisa ordered her drink then the pager went off, we didn't have to wait long for a table at all. We got to our table and that's when I got the chance to order my drink. As always I ordered The Rainbow Sherbet but this time they gave me a small glass rather than large, I had completely forgot that you could get them in small as I am so used to getting them in their large size. I wasn't complaining anyway, I love the drink and I could just order a large once I had finished that one. 

Once we settled in at the table we began looking through the menu, choosing what to have and as always I went for the classic American burger. I can't for the life of me remember what Lisa ordered, but it was a burger. I'm not adventurous at all when it comes to meat so I always stick with what I know, some of their burgers sound Amazing but then I see what's in them and I get put off. 

After ordering our food we got to sit back and relax while we chatted away. With me and Lisa we always talk, from the moment we see each other till we say goodbye at the end of the day, even then we still messaged each other. I'm honestly not sure how we manage it but we do, we always have something to talk about. 

Catching up with my bestie is always fun, I always feel relaxed afterwards as I have gotten to get a lot off my chest by talking to her. It's always nice to have a catch up and do stuff together. After all, we have been friends since 2004. 

Our burgers tasted amazing, our drinks were even better and the chat was good. Our lunch/dinner was a success, just as well we went to TGI Fridays, got much better service than Bread + Butter and we got to relax. After we chatted for hours and had some food + cocktails it was time to head home. Off  to the bus station we went, still chatting all the way. Our catch up was good and I'm looking forward to our next one already! 

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