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a red and white Christmas cracker on a table in TGI Fridays restaurant

When it comes to eating out in Glasgow I always like to try somewhere new, I love getting to know the best places to eat in the city wither it be a small diner, pub grub or a well known chain, it makes no difference to me. Personally I favor the small, cosy type but I do enjoy the occasional trip to the biggies I.e; Weatherpersons, Pizza Hut, Nandos etc... But out of all the big restaurant chains, TGI Fridays has to be my favorite. Why? Well let me tell you! I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you ever choose to go here (if you haven't already

Most people know TGI Fridays by now, with restaurants all over the UK I would be surprised if someone hadn't heard of them. Their restaurants center around an American diner theme meaning, comfy booths to sit in, fantastic interior decor and great food portions sizes. As soon as you walk into a TGI Fridays you get a warm welcome from a smiling face. (I'm yet to experience anything less) In today's society I fell that good customer service is a dying skill among a lot of restaurants so it's a breath of fresh air to step into a place and feel instantly at home. Their menus are great, you can find something for everyone, from chicken salads to Ribs and an extensive kids menu, no wonder it has such great reviews. This restaurant is not only a great place to eat out with the family it is also the prefect place for pre-drinks before a night out... Hell! Even a night out to TGI's  alone would be a great one as their drinks menu is never ending from super sized bottles of beers or cocktails, there's something for everybody and the prices are pretty reasonable too. 

The TGI Fridays that I visited is located on the corner of Buchanan street and Gordon street. The address is 113 Buchanan street, Glasgow. You can't miss it. Visited on 01/08/15 with Grant, My other half. 

a bar in TGI Fridays, lots of people crowded round it with large cocktail drinks on the bar.

Most times when I got to TGI's there is always about a 20 minute wait for a table unless you go on a day it's not too busy or you arrive at just the right time. While you wait there is the option to wait in the foyer or at the bar... You can guess which one I'm most likely to choose. When we went on this particular occasion we had a 15 minute wait, so the waitress gave us a pager (the pager goes off when your table is ready, I think it's a fantastic system to be running on) and we went to the bar until or table was ready. When we got to the bar, it was packed full of people waiting on tables or just out for some cocktail, this meant we couldn't get a seat. No worries though, we managed to find a space at the bar to stand at while we waited. As we were waiting we decided it would be a good idea to order some drinks, this means cocktails! My Favorite thing about TGI's. 

Two large cocktails from TGI Fridays, sitting on the bar. one junebug which is green and one rainbow sherbet which is orange.
Junebug & Rainbow Sherbet

I ordered a Rainbow Sherbet for myself and my friend got the Junebug. If you go to TGI Fridays and have never tried the Rainbow Sherbet I suggest you order one! It's absolutely fantastic and by far my favorite cocktail out of them all. To me it's everything a cocktail should be, Fun, tasty, refreshing and there's a lot of it. I could drink this all day and never get sick of it. 

Friend on the Junebug; " Any time we go to TGI Fridays this is my go to drink, you would think I would choose a beer since they do the super sized bottles and I drink beer anywhere else we go, but I can get beer anywhere we go... I can't however get the Junebug cocktail which is definitely worth coming to TGI's for. In a way it reminds me of the fat frog cocktail you can get in a lot of places, its colour is very close in comparison but the taste is something else. From the look to the taste this cocktail keeps me coming back for more, I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good cocktail, try this one. I'm sure you won't be disappointed"

Anyway, we waited for around 15 minutes then saw a seat at the bar become available, there was another couple who had just came into the restaurant that were also looking at it about to take it, so we grabbed our drinks and made a bee line for it only for our pager to go off, our table was ready. We went to the front door where the waiter was waiting for us, he took the pager from us and told us we were being seated upstairs.

a TGI Fridays menu on the table, a large orange cocktail sits next to it with cutlery.

We arrived at the second level to be met by a young girl, she had a big smile on her face and she was extremely polite. One thing I can never fault TGI's staff on, is being super nice. They always have a smile on their face and know how to give you GREAT customer service. The young girl took us to our table which was a two seater in the back corner near the window, she sat us down and gave us menus to read, then told us she would be back in a minute or two to take our orders. We got ourselves comfy, took our jackets off and stared to check out the menus. The young girl came back no later than a minute and asked if we would like refills on our cocktails while we decided what we wanted to eat, to which we replies yes of course. You can never have too any cocktails (cough, cough) So off she went with our order of another Junebug & Rainbow sherbet. While we were deciding what to have, we noticed that it was becoming much colder as time went on, eventually we were both sitting shivering. Turns out we were sitting right under the air conditioning... to be honest this kind of made the experience a rushed one. We have never had this problem at TGI's before but this time it was pretty bad. My friend put his zipper back on but unfortunately I didn't have a cardigan with me for once (I always take one and the one day I don't, I need it! Typical) After a few moments I started to become really cold, so much so that I wanted to leave but my friend gave me his zipper to put on which helped a lot. I was so grateful that he did this otherwise I really don't think I could have sat there much longer. (I did suggest to grant that I say to the waitress and we could get moved but grants funny when it comes to anything like that, he doesn't like to complain so we just left it) We started to talk about what we were going to eat, as usual I was going for the classic but My friend, was going for their newly added burger, The Warrior. This burger is just filled with everything and it's no surprise that my friend decided to go for this one. He's always trying new things on the menu. Just as we decided the waitress was on her way over with our drinks, perfect timing. 

a large rainbow sherbet cocktail from TGI Fridays, the cocktail is orange with a red cherry on top
Rainbow Sherbet

We got our second lot of cocktails, ordered our food then sat back and relaxed... Well as much as we could with the cold air hitting us but as time went on we didn't notice it as much. When we got our drinks this time they tasted much better. The first time I couldn't really taste the alcohol and neither could my friend, and I never got a cherry or slice of orange like I normally get with it. This time round I did and the alcohol was extremely noticeable, just how we like it. We started to sip on our drink and eventually we were quite warm, finally. I can't tell if our bodies were getting used to it or the alcohol was staring to affect us, either way we weren't as cold anymore. While we waited on our food we talked absolute nonsense which isn't new for us, we talked about our plans for the day, which shops we would be going to and I told him how things were going with the blog etc... And before we knew it the food had arrived. 

Colse up on a plate of food from TGI Fridays. There is the classic american burger with bacon and a side of onion rings.
The Warrior and Classic American with bacon

I ordered the classic American with bacon and no tomatoes with a side of onion rings for us to share and my friend orders The Warrior which was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. With every burger, you get a side of fries and there are a few options for upgrading your fries if you like. Some places you have to order your fries separate, I'm glad you don't have to at TGI's. 

A close up of a plate of food. There is the warrior burger which iss two burgers in height stacked on top of each other with a side of onion rings and chips.
The Warrior 

Our food was fantastic as usual. Whenever we go to TGI's we never leave feeling hungry, I always have the trouble of looking at it and thinking there's not enough but trust me, when you start eating it soon becomes clear that it is super filling. I couldn't even finish it all, I never can. For both our meals and cocktails it came to £44.73 which I find a great price for eating out and especially at such a nice place. When I think about the price I always break it down. You're not only paying for the food, you're paying for the experience and I would say it's well worth it (Barr the cold air, this is a one off out of many many trips to TGI Fridays, but I would not suggest sitting up in the back left hand corner of the second level on a particularly cold day) 
The cocktails are a fantastic size, the food tastes great and you get a good amount, the seats are comfy, the staff are super nice and the atmosphere is relaxing so for £44.73, I would say that is a bargain. 

There are photos framed on a wall, they are in black frames against a beige tiled walll
Lower lever ladies toilets 

If you're anything like me, then you will always judge a place on their toilets. If their toilets aren't clean then it's a big turn off for me. Keeping their toilets clean should be a priority in my opinion, I feel that toilets in any business can tell you a lot about them and TGI Fridays is no exception. Their toilets on the first level are in the corner and down the stairs... (Not the most elderly or special needs friendly) but they are kept clean, the ones upstairs are straight a head as you come to the second lever and they are very clean too, although with those ones, there's 4 doors, 2 for the men and 2 for the women. They each have one toilet in them, a sink and dryer along with a mirror ( us girls ALWAYS need a mirror, am I right?) in my experience these toilets are always kept clean as well. I have never been to the toilets at TGI's and smelled something I didn't particularly want to, they always smell fresh as if they have just been cleaned which to me is a bonus as I am a tad OCD when it comes to that sort of stuff. Their toilets are well lit both upstairs and down, meaning I can fit my make up without having to squint my eyes in all sorts of positions, I find that with a lot of bar/restaurant toilets they are poorly lit so when you find one that isn't, it's a bonus. The first level toilets are also decorated with some awesome art work. Professional photos from the 40's & 50's which I think is a fantastic touch! I always find it interesting to look at when I'm there, even though I have seen them a good few times. One thing that does bother me with the toilets on the lower lever though, is that there is always that one door that just won't lock no matter how hard you try! This can be extremely frustrating when it's busy, you never want to be the one in the toilet that won't lock, there's always a fear of someone walking in on you mid pee.... Not a pretty sight! I hope it's something they fix, and soon

These views are entirely my own, they have not been influenced in any way. The date of my visit for this review to TGI Fridays Buchanan street was 01/08/15, everything paid for by my friend. 
Anything mentioned is correct as of this date. 

TGI Fridays 
Number0844 692 0249 
Address113 Buchanan street, Glasgow G1 3HF 

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  1. That is so cute! Your hubby is very gracious. Giving you his jacket was so kind. I am glad you enjoy this very American facility. I guess when you are not in America, that kind of place is fun. So glad you had a nice time. Date nights are always good. :)

    1. I thought so to, although I didn't want him to freeze either, but he wouldn't take no for an answer :) I must say, I am a fan of anything American diner, when we buy our house I definitely think the kitchen will be in that style :) x

  2. Your reviews are always well written hen, maybe I am bias but I think they are. Keep up the good work angel xxxx