Introducing; My son, Leon

Today's post is going to be the first of a few titled "Introducing;" I will be introducing you all to my family. First up is my son, Leon. 

Leon was born on the 12th January 2014 weighing 6lbs 3oz at 7:25am. After 12 and a half hours of horrendous labor I welcomed my little angel into the world via c-section. When Leon was born his head was COVERED in jet black hair, just like I was when I was born. The only differ was, Leon was the spitting image of his dad. I was so amazed at the little guy I was holding in my arms after he had been whipped out my womb and laid on my chest for skin to sin contact, he was just absolute perfection. I couldn't believe that he was MY baby, that I had carried him in my womb for almost 9 months. I was overjoyed when I saw his tiny fingers and toes, his little cry brought joy to my life and his smile made me cry. I was so overwhelmed when I got to cuddle him for the first time, I didn't stop crying until we got into the ward, I felt amazingly lucky to have my son. 

Leon was a great sleeper when he was first born, I got him home after 3 days in hospital and straight away he was going down around 8pm, up for a feed around 2am then back up at 9am the next day, that routine lasted about 2 weeks, then he was sleeping right through the night without feeds. Although I did have to wake him every now and then so he could get his milk, I didn't want him to go without and be even more hungry when he woke up. But right from the get go, Leon was a great sleeper, I felt I was extremely lucky because I knew others who had children and their babies kept them up to all hours and they were always tired, so I felt really lucky that Leon was a good sleeper. 

At 2 days old Leon was already getting his first tooth and within a couple of months, 7 of them had came in. By 3 months he was trying to sit up himself unaided and making a start at crawling. I was so impressed with my boy, he was doing fantastic for his age. By the time Leon was 6 months old he was crawling around mad and pulling himself up onto the furniture to try and walk around, Leon is one impatient boy and that showed from day one. 

At his first birthday party he was trying to run around mad and was great and getting to where he wanted to be, even though he hadn't mastered walking yet. He had most of his teeth in and already started to develop his own personality. When he was 16 months old he was running around, walking unaided and could out run me at some points. My boy was growing far too fast. He was on solid foods, no longer needing a bottle for nap time or wanting to take a nap for that fact. 

His personality really started to shine through, he loved cars and every time he seen one he would shout "ca!" He still does that actually. My boy is obsessed with vehicles; Cars, buses, trucks, taxis, diggers, fire trucks... Any type of vehicle, my boy loves it. When ever we go to the shops he loves to pick out a new car to add to his collection, right now he has over 50 cars and it's ever growing.

Leon sitting on me watching Mr Blooms Nursery. 

Now at 19 months old he still loves his cars but also loves balls and cats. He is starting to work out what he likes and doesn't like. I love watching him play with his toys and taking an interest in stuff because now my little boy is growing up and starting to discover all his likes and dislikes. He also watched Cebeebies properly now, paying attention to his favorite shows, which are; twirlywoos, Bing, Mr Tumble, Show me show me, Mr Blooms nursery, balamory, In the night garden and Grandpa in my pocket. When these shows come on it's impossible to get Leon to do anything, even eat. He is so tuned into them and until they are done, he will simply ignore anything you say or do. 

Leon playing in puddles. 

Leon also loves playing outside, he is definitely an earth child. He constantly wants to be outside, walking and playing on the grass. We go walks quite a lot and his thing is to collect stones or sticks. Leon has to put the stones in his pocket to take home and show to granny. I love his little quirks because it makes him, well, him! Leon's favourite type of walk is in the rain so that he can play in the puddles. One time we went a walk and he played in one puddle for 15 minutes, it was so cute to just watch him playing about in it, having the time of his life. He just loves getting outside to play so we try to get him out as much as possible so that he can enjoy himself.

Leon running around the fields. 

We are at the stage now where Leon just wants to walk absolutely every where and despises his pram, even though he gets really tired half way through and I end up needing to carry him. But I'm glad he loves to walk because I do too, so it means we have some time to ourselves to bond. 

So that's my son. He loves to walk, play with cars, cuddle the cat and kick his ball around. Jumping in puddles is his favorite activity and he hates going to sleep. All in all I am so proud of my little man for how well his development is coming along. He is saying new words every day and starting to remember the names of objects etc... 

I still can't believe that Leon is my son, that he was in my womb for near enough 9 months and that I am a mother to this little angel. I am very blessed to have him, I really couldn't imagine life without him now. 

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