Review │ Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush

Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush in girls hand
Today's review is on the AVOBATH Bath Bomb by Lush.

This bath bomb has never really been one I have thought of trying if I'm completely honest. I always tend to go for the "fancier" ones if you will, like big blue, space girl, fizzbanger etc... But one day while I was in Lush Buchanan street, my eyes were drawn to this lovely green treasure. I remembered skimming past it so many times before and thought to myself that maybe it was finally time to give this bath bomb a go. 

I picked it up and noticed that "lush" was printed on it and it was green all over. I smelled it and instantly I knew I had to have it. The scent reminds me of a lime calippo which just happens to be my favorite calippo taste. It's safe to say that I picked this up and couldn't wait to try it out! On first impressions this bath bomb won me over from it's simple design to its amazing smell. 

Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush in water, fizzing

When I put the bath bomb into the water I could instantly smell the amazing lime like scent, it's was very uplifting to say the least. I would say that the smell is incredibly citrusy witch I guess would be down to the lemongrass oil and all the great ingredients that have been used to form this bath bomb. The scent stayed with me throughout the whole bath and for a few hours afterwards. My skin smelled fantastic and even my partner noticed the smell and said it was great. So I guess that's a win on the scent front. 

Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush in water fizzing

The green colour was oozing into the water creating a beautiful view that took me to the beach in my mind, I instantly thought of being by the sea side and for what reason, I'm not sure. It's funny how the simplest of things remind you of different things in life. I was very pleased to say the least with my experience. There was some gitter on the surface of the water which have the bath water that "dazzle" that only glitter can bring, I defiantly felt ready to get up and go, so I would say that this bath bomb is one to be used during the day before you go out and get stuff done. I felt ready to get up and go which isn't practical at half 10 at night so I wouldn't use this one at night again. 

The avocado and olive oil in this means its fabulous for dry skin as it will help sooth it, this is perfect for someone like me, who is quite prone to dry skin in the winter or cold weather so I can see me stocking up on these when the crisp, cold weather comes. It defiantly provides my skin with some extra moisture which I guess is the aim of this bath bomb as all the ingredients in it point towards that. I left the bath feeling revitalized and my skin feeling hydrated. 

All in all I would definitely recommend this bath bomb to anyone who needs their skin hydrated or is prone to dry skin. It also helps up-lift your mood and get you set up for the day. So if smooth skin and a citrus scent is your thing, this is your bath bomb. 

Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush in water, fizzing

So what do Lush say about it? "Avobath in the morning to help you face the day: its lemongrass and bergamot oils will pick you up while also tackling dryness with avocado and olive oil. It contains lustre, which gives a shimmering green effect to the water, but will leave your skin feeling dazzling without the dazzle. It also contains lots of mashed avocado and olive oil to tackle dehydration, making this an excellent choice for dry skin sufferers."


  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Citric Acid
  • Fresh Avocado
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Rosewood Oil
  • *Citral
  • *Geraniol
  • *Farnesol
  • *Limonene
  • *Linalool
  • Perfume
  • Gardenia Extract
  • Lustre Holly Sparkle

  • Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush in water, all fizzed out
    My bath water after the avobath bath bomb.

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    1. Brilliant bath bomb, thank you for mine can't wait to use it x

      1. You're welcome gran! Glad you like it. It's such a great citrus bath bomb!

    2. That looks fab! I love Lush stuff :)

      1. Same! Lush is most definitely my favourite store of all time!

    3. Thanks for sharing! This makes the bath look like fun! I have to try this now for my sun when he's playing in the bath! :-D

      1. Bath bombs are great, they add fun and excitement to the bath for little ones and relaxation and calmness for grown ups. People of all ages can enjoy them. They are so versitile

    4. interesting and fun. I have never heard of a bath bomb.

      1. Bath bombs are great, I'm so glad I discovered them years ago, I can't have a bath without one now.

    5. This one has to be my all time favourite bath bomb