It's my birthday!

*warning - This will contain a lot of pictures* 

Today is the 18th September 2015 and it's my birthday. Today I turned 23 so this means I say goodbye to Taylor swifts song Feeling 22 and hello to Blink182 song What's my age again. To be honest I don't really get excited about birthdays like I used to, I would always make a big thing of it like going out for the night, having a party or doing something completely random but that all stopped when I found out I was pregnant with Leon. I celebrated my 21st birthday pregnant which at the time seemed like a big dampener on my day, but looking back I wouldn't have changed it for the world because I now have my amazing son. Then my 22nd was spent having a fancy dress party with the theme of "Princesses" I had high hopes for that evening, but what was supposed to result in me getting absolutely hammered and crawling to bed resulted in me hardly feeling the effects at all, all the cup cakes going to waste and having a little bit of a boring night. Although I was surrounded but great people I just didn't feel like the party was going anywhere fun. So for this birthday I didn't hold out much hope. To say that I shouldn't have dismissed it would be an understatement because it's turned out to be the best birthday I have had in a LONG time. 

First off I got an early birthday present on the 11th of September from Grants mum, dad and brother. They have paid for me and grant to go away for the weekend (staring tomorrow through till Monday). I am so lucky to have been given this to say the least. It's such a thoughtful present to receive. I am very excited to be going away, Grant and I need a little break as things have been hectic lately, so we need this alone time to get our heads out of the clouds. So this was a fantastic start to my birthday, it gave me something to look forward to. 

Then I got my birthday card from my grandpa through. He always gets me funny little cards and it's always something I look forward to getting at my birthday. This year he got me one with a little cardboard doll on it that you can dress up, he said its for when I'm bored haha! It's super cute. And I also got a cheque for £30 which will be going towards my tattoo.

On my birthday my gran came into my room with Leon and gave me all my birthday presents! I just loved everything I got, Leon helped me open them all and was so intrigued with all the stuff, was cute to watch, so I can only imagine what he will be like at Christmas and on his birthday!

First I opened a card and a present from the animals which is something we do every year. I got a lovely card with cats on it and some sweets from them. 

Then from Leon I got; 

  • A gift card from new look which is amazing because I just love that shop. 

  • Chocolate from thorntons which said happy birthday mummy on it.

  • And I got a mini ciaté nail bard (I love ciaté nail varnish!) 

This is what the inside looked like. 

From my Gran;

These are all the presents I got from my gran, well I say all but I don't have some pictured so I'll just tell you what they are, first is a photography course that she paid for, for me which I can finally start, then she got me a huge pink box for me to keep all my lush stuff in, a cat organiser and a peach leather jacket. These are all things I either got in July or August as she saw them when she was with me and bought them so just gave me them then. Ok, now onto what she gave me today. 

  • A lovely butterfly box that all my presents came in. It's just lovely and I love little boxes because I always need them for something. This one came in handy for putting all my new camera equipment in. 

  • She also gave me £100 for my tattoo! I'm so lucky because I only need to put £60 towards it as I have £130 saved up, this £100 for it and £30 from my grandpa. And that will be my 4 hours paid for. 

  • I got the TRESemmé keratin smooth 7 day smooth system as well which I love! It works on my hair soooo well. 

  • I also got the 7 day smooth shampoo and conditioner to go with it. 

  • I got a new real bristle hair brush and wooden comb too. This woman knows me so well as I just love hair care stuff. 

  • And last but definitely not least, she got me 2 new cans of batiste dry shampoo! I love this. Love love love. It's my no.1 hair product. 

From my friend;

My friend Lisa C also came round to give me some presents which I thought was lovely. We haven't seen each other in a while so this was really nice of her to do. I'm so lucky to have the friends that I do. 

She got me PJs which are mostly leopard print... I'm a sucker for leopard print! A new friendship bracelet which is just beautiful and a lovely card which she has labeled herself, other Lisa and me in. I thought it was brilliant. I am so thankful for my gifts. Just beautiful. 

From Grant;

I saved my buggy for last because, oh, what a buggy it is. These are my presents from Grant. 

I am one lucky lady indeed! He got me a Canon EOS  70D with lenses then two other lenses which are a high definition one and macro wide lens one. I also got three filters, another battery to go with the one that came with the camera, this one hold 5 hours. A bag to keep it in when I'm out, a manual flash, a strap, lenses cleaning stuff and a tripod. He got me some amount! I am just so luck to have him because I really did not expect anything like this from him. I have my amazing camera now which means I can start my photography course that my gran bought me for my birthday. I am so blessed to have someone who supports me in all my decisions and has helped me getting closer to my dream job. Everything I got was just amazing. 

The cake;

After all my presents my gran gave me my birthday cake which was a wee one as I don't like cake at all. I like chocolate cake but I can't eat a lot of it so this suits me perfectly. 

My whole day was great, I got spoiled rotten and I still have things to get off a few friends! I'm so bloody lucky to say the least. My family and friends are unlike any other. They have made my day special and then some. So thank you to all of them for all of my gifts, they are perfect. I got to run around with my wee man, sit out in the sun and eat ice-lollys. 

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