It's my grans birthday!

Today's post is all about my Grans birthday.

A massive happy birthday to my gran who is turning 63 today. I can't believe it has been a year already, feels like just yesterday I was stressing over her 62nd. But we are here and my plan this year was to spoil her and make her feel special. Grant and I got her a lot of stuff that we thought she would like and Leon got her some awesome presents as well. I just hope that she has a great day and relaxes for once.

The presents; 

When it comes to buying my gran presents I always seem to tear my hair out trying to think up new things to get her, she is so hard to buy for, seriously! She basically has everything already so I always have to think about weird things to her. This year I decided to make her up a big box of miscellaneous things for her, things that I know she would use or would like to have. When we gave her these presents she was just absolutely over the mood! I could really tell that she was pleased with them, she kept saying that she was spoiled which is exactly what I was going for! She does so much for me so my gran definitely deserves it. I don't think that she thought she would get as much for her birthday so it was a lovely surprise for her. 

First off I will show you all the presents from Grant and I.

  • Make-up bag (because she really needs a new one)
  • Elizabeth Arden mascara (My gran has a bad reaction to the one she has)
  • Max Factor ageless elixir 2in1 foundation (Her current foundation is out of date)
  • Real techniques stifling brush (I wanted her to have a great make up brush)
  • Vichy normaderm night detox (She likes Vichy products)
  • Vichy normaderm hydrating care
  • L'Oreal youth code (She loves this stuff)
  • L'Oreal elnet hair spray (Hair spray is always a necessity) 
  • Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum (She needed a new eye cream)

  • Carefree pantie liners (We have a running joke, it goes with her card)
  • Nspa shower flower
  • Nail polish remover 
  • Elegant Hair brush
  • Chloe perfume
  • Detoxifying deep sea face mask

  • Honey Bee bath bomb  (She loves anything Lush)
  • Avobath Bath bomb
  • Tisty Tosty bath bomb 
  • Bohemian soap (Her favourite soap)

  • Plaque from Leon and I (She has a Plaque wall) 
  • Her Birthday card (because you know, we have a running joke)
  • Candle holders (This goes with another present of hers)

  • Scented packets for clothes drawers (She loves these things)
  • Bone China mug (These are the only type of mugs she drinks from!)

  • Simply Home Yankee candles (She is in love with these candles)
  • Amber Leaf tabaco (She's a smoker)

  • Scarf from New Look (She absolutely loves scarfs!)

  • 2 New T-Shirts (Plain white T-Shirts because she just loves to wear these around the house)

  • New PJ's (She really needs them) 

  • New DVD player (she gave her old one to Leon so he would be able to watch DVDs in his room so this was a great idea)
Presents from Leon

Then there is is everything that Leon got my gran for her birthday. He saved up all his pocket money and spoiled his great gran rotten. (That's our story and we are sticking to it) She was just full of smiles from the presents from Leon, he took each one in hand and gave them to her, I was in the kitchen waiting with the next one to pass to him so he could run and give it to her. I didn't give him the flowers to carry though as they were in a vase and very heavy. So not safe for him at all. I think her favourite things from Leon would have to be the cards from moon pig that has pictures of Leon all over it, she wouldn't stop talking about it. So I'm glad she appreciated everything she got from him. Leon was helping her open all her presents like he normally does with things like that and ended up getting a few chocolates off my gran, he was so excited. 

  • Chocolates from Thorntons. She just loves chocolates to this is a great buy.

  • Aero bubbles. Again, she loves chocolate. 

  • A big bunch of flowers.

  • Earrings. My gran lost her other earrings similar to this so Leon got her new ones so she can finally wear earrings again. 

  • A personalised card from moon pig and a handmade card.

Like always, we write out cards from the cat at the dog to one another on the persons birthday or Christmas, so this card is from Teddy and Lilly. A lovely floral one. 

Mark from next door also handed in a present and card for my gran which was really nice of him, my gran wasn't expecting that all. He got her some Yankee candles, the same ones I got her actually and a funny card. my gran was just so chuffed with it all.

Then when Grant got in from work and after dinner we gave my gran her cake. It was a mega chocolate cake which I knew she would just love as you all know, shes a massive fan of chocolate. We also got a 6 and 3 candle since she turned 63 but Grant had an idea that we change them around so it would read 36 and make her feel young. So that's what we done. We took the cake into the living room with the candles lit and her face lit up, along with Leons. Leon helped my gran blow out the candles and she noticed the age on then, she found it rather funny. My gran loved her cake but we were all full from dinner so we put the cake away until tomorrow when we will all eat it, Leon included, he can have a little treat. My gran said she had a great day and loved all her presents. I am just so glad because I wanted her to feel special and I think I achieved that.

Happy birthday gran. 
We all love you.

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