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Birds eye photo of Love Layla Designs cards on a red background
Today's post is on Love Layla Designs.

Earlier this year I came across a little online store called "Love Layla Designs" I was very surprised when I clicked on their site and seen all the cards that had funny messages on them. Some were crude but in a light hearted way, they defiantly jump out at you and I haven't seen any other online store like it yet. I was very taken with them at first and I have order quite a few cards from them because I just love the messages on their cards. I am still very much a fan of their cards and I'm happy to see that they are bringing out so much more in terms of card designs. 

In August (I can't remember which date) I started to panic because I hadn't picked up my grans birthday card yet, her birthday isn't until September 16th but I'm one of those people who have to get everything in early other wise I start to have anxiety attacks about it, so when I didn't have my grans birthday card, I knew exactly where I was going for it, Love Layla Designs, they have some great funny cards and I had remembered seeing one about bladder control and after some pretty funny happenings at my house lately with me and my partner completely joking my gran around, this fitted in perfect. 

Birds eye view of Love Layla Designs birthday card

The card reads " I would have sent you a funny card but I know at your age bladder control is an issue" I know my gran will see the funny side to this as she has a great sense of humour. 

The card is great quality, Very thick which I like, as I have bought cards online before and they haven't been the best quality before. The design is printed on plane white card, no message inside nor on the back. 

close up of Love Layla Designs brown envelope

The envelope is brown, I can only describe it as brown paper because It's the same texture. I absolutely love brown paper, my gran always tends to wrap my birthday or Christmas stuff in it because she just knows how much I like the stuff, so getting an envelope that is brown paper really gives the whole product bonus points for me. The envelope is good quality, thick and has Love Layla Designs stamped on it. 

So far I have bought quite a few cards fr Love Layla Designs, I got one for my friend who just had a baby girl, the card read, "Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl, my thoughts are with your vagina at this time
It was definitely a hit card! 

I'm so glad you can finally get cards like this so easily ow though because I was always hunting for quirky and unusual cards, but now I have found my favorite site for purchasing them. Their designs are simple yet effective and that's why I like them, I would honestly recommend them to anyone who wants a card that is fun and light hearted.

For me, I can't imagine going anywhere else now. 

Head on over to Love Layla Designs to find out about all their other products. 

This card was bought for £3.75

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