What's in my bag

Today's post will be on everything that I keep in my bag. 

I decided to do this post because I just watched Katrin Bernt's YouTube video on what she keeps in her bad and it got me thinking, so that's my inspiration for this post. If you would like to watch her video, then >CLICK HERE<

This here is my trusty old bag (I say old but it's not really, I got in at the start of June)  Normally I don't like bags like this but as soon as I saw it, I just knew I had to have it!! The bag is jet black and is an almost sued material, it's so soft to round and it hold a ton of things which is perfect for me. 

When we were waiting in the que to pay for everything I saw this little clip on faux fur pompom and thought that it would go perfect with my new bag so I bought that myself as a nice little add on. 

Ok now onto what's actually in my bag; 

First up is my make up bag.

The make up bag is from River island and is pretty big, so it hold a lot of make up, I do admit that it's probably too big for the amount of make up I use/take out with me so I am planning on getting a new one. I have my eye on a little unicorn one from SkinnydipLondon which is £12.00 
I'm hoping to buy it in the near future. 

In my make up bag is; 
  • Rimmel London lasting finish foundation in colour 400: Nautral beige.
  • Revel in photoready foundation in colour 003: Shell.
  • Collection Bronze Glow in colour: medium.
  • Max Factor face finity all day primer.
  • Loréal Paris volume million lashes excess.
  • BarryM brow kit; shape and define.  
  • Rimmel London pencil eye liner. 
  • Rimmel London gel eyeliner in colour; 001 black. 
  • Bobbi brown powder brush.
  • Real techniques stifling brush. 

Then I have my brush with a bobble around it because you never know when you will have a hair emergency and it tends to happen to me more often than I'd care to admit. The brush is just a cheap one I picked up from primark for going on holiday because I tend to loose brushes a lot so didn't want to take my good one with me in case I lost it. 

I also have my mini loréal hair spray, again for hair emergency's. It's the perfect size for my bag, doesn't take up a lot of room and I always tend to get a good amount of uses out of it.

Next is my impulse spray, I always like to have one in my bag so it's handy on a night out. 

I also carry perfume in my bag, it depends what one I use that day so it varies a lot. Today's choice was Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 

My number one necessity has got to be my purse. It's from River island (Any purse I have is always from River island because of how much space they have and they always look great) This houses all my money, cards, bus tickets, passport etc... I can't go anywhere without it, which I guess you could understand why. 

In my purse is; 
  • My two bank cards 
  • Costa card 
  • Subway card 
  • Tesco club card 
  • Boots rewards card 
  • Superdrug rewards card 
  • Holland & Barret rewards card 
  • Sally's card
  • Casino card
  • Organ doner card 
  • Money 
  • Passport 
  • Some old bus tickets 
  • Healthy start Vouchers 
  • A voucher for 50% off hair dye in Superdrug
  • A photo of my mum 

Another necessity is my passport as its my ID. I can't buy any cigarettes or alcohol without it because I always, ALWAYS get ID'd anywhere I go. So I have to have this on me at all times. 

I always carry my headphones with me as I constantly listen to music, I would be lost without them for sure. If I keep them in my bag it's a sure way for me not to forget them when I go out as I always used to forget them if I kept them in my room. I had many of days where I would have loved to be listening to music but I forgot my headphones. So their new house is my bag. 

My umbrella is one of my most needed items in my bag, I never used to have one and would always get caught in the rain and would end up soaking! I don't know how long I actually went without one but now that I have this, I couldn't go back to never having it. It's saved me from being soaked so many times now as the weather here can never seem to make up its mind. So this little beauty stays in my bag so that I never forget it. 

This umbrella is from new look and cost £9.99

There are all the miscellaneous items that are housed in my front pocket of my bag.m

There is; 
  • Strawberry laces carex hand sanitizer (because you never know when you will need it) 
  • A pen (I'm always in need of a pen at the worst times) 
  • Carmel lip balm (my lips always dry out and this is fantastic)
  • Lush charity pot (I always use it and love to have one spare in my bag) 
  • Soap and glory sexy mother pucker (this is amazing this stuff so I always like to have it with me) 
  • Soap and glory Mighty mouth (I have always had this lip gloss with me in my bag, it's great) 
  • Train tickets (not sure why I keep these in my bag but I do) 
  • Bus tickets (I keep these because they have vouchers for McDonald's on them) 

Last but not least is a bag from F&F. Since we need to pay for bags here now when ever you go shopping, it's always hand to have a bag within your bag. It also comes in hand to put my umbrella in when its wet to save my bag getting soaking. 

So there you have it, all the contents of my bag. Looking at it now, I really do keep a lot of stuff in it. I don't think I would be able to cut anything out as I always need it at some point or another. My bag goes everywhere with me, I am defiantly a bag kind of gal. It's amazing how handy all the stuff is when you need it, if someone needs a pen or I do, it's there. If anyone needs some lip balm, boom! I have it. My gran often says that I have everything but the kitchen sink in there and I would agree. Something that isn't photographed here though is a bottle of orange lucozade, lately I always seem to have one with me. 

What do you keep in your bag?  What couldn't you go without having, I would love to know! 

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  1. I did not know you had all this in your bag!

  2. Amazing all the great stuff you can fit in your bag! Even an umbrella! Wow.

    1. I absolutely love the size of it, did not expect to get half of it in but it all fits thankfully!

  3. I love that bag.....gotta love a bit of River Island :) What a sweetie Grant is for buying it for you.....you lucky girl! What is that Marc Jacobs perfume like? I am looking for a new scent. I also love Rimmel like you, and don't know where I would be without my holy grail eye-brow pencil in hazel :D

    1. I must say, I do love river island bags! I know, he's very good to me! Always spoling me haha. It's really lovely, it's quite floral but not too heavy, you only need a few sprays and it lasts a good while. Rimmel is great, for a drug store brand they are really good. I've never tried their brow pencils, only ever foundation, concealer, mascara or eye liner. I really want to try some of their lipsticks!