Dear younger self; A long overdue letter.

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When I was younger, I was reckless, I didn't look after my material things, I didn't look after my health and I certainly didn't look after my body. I was selfish and I was broken. I was lost, alone and sad yet I was surrounded by a family who loved and cared for me. Looking back now I understand why I felt the way I did but I also see that I wasn't dealing with anything in my life the right way. So, here is a letter filled with things I would tell myself back then, if I could.

"Dear teenage Jordanne, 

I am writing to let you know that everything is going to be ok, all the things you are worrying about right now like collage, work, family, health, It's all going to be ok. You need to be easier on yourself because all this stress and worry isn't going to benefit you at all. It's ok to cry, it's ok to show your emotions and it's ok to cut toxic people out of your life and believe me, there are a lot of toxic people around you! you don't see it now, but you will. You are surround by people who would stab you in the back quicker than you can blink, stop falling for their BS. 

Drinking all the time isn't the answer, in fact you won't even like to drink alcohol when you're older because of this. It ruins alcohol for you in the long run which means you hardly ever want to have nights out. Stop binge drinking and stop making silly decisions. What you are doing now isn't the answer, get help. See the Dr and don't leave it too late. 

There is a lot you will regret in years to come and you will wish you never done half of the things you did, just because you were trying to "fit in", Don't do things to impress others, it doesn't define you. But, as you grow, just know that you shouldn't be hard on yourself for these decisions.

In years to come you will look back and think about the silly things you done whilst in a mood, how you reacted in the worst way to the simplest of things and how you let a man rule you. The best advice I can give you is be strong, stand your ground and take care of yourself like you take care of gran. 

Take some time for yourself, cherish the long summer days where laying about with not a responsibility in the world still exists, cherish the time you have with mum because that will all come to an abrupt end, stop being vicious in arguments, stop hating the wrong people and stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes. Realise that being humble is the best thing, stay out of other people's business and don't surround yourself with people who only want to see you break. 

Travel more, take advantage of having Family at the other side of the world. Explore, be curious, find hidden paradises. Takes photos, print the photos, scrapbook them. Make memories worth remembering. Stop saying what if and start doing. Achieve your goals because you are more than capable of doing anything you set your mind to. 

Remember you are worth something, you are special, you are perfect the way you are and remember to love yourself because that's the best kind of love. Stop dwelling on the mistakes that have already past and focus on what's to come, live in the moment and appreciate each day as it comes because life is precious. 

Be. Yourself. Love each day. Live your life. Take care of your body. Be kind on yourself. 

Love, your future self." 

So, there you have it, a letter to my younger self. If you could. would you tell your younger self anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I would tell my younger self to relax and not worry so much. Not to feel trapped by family choices and feel able to break out to make your own decisions. Travel and feel the freedom.

  2. Mine probably would be "That guy you thought was cool, isn't at all. In fact, you'd really be better off turning him down instead of going out with him ;)

  3. I would probably tell "don't care so much what other people are saying about you"!

  4. So many things the comment box isn't big enough!! Probably the biggest one was to say No more and follow what my head was telling me to, but I didn't want to let anyone down x

  5. Fab letter. I have so many things I would tell my younger self.

  6. Fab letter, I don't really know what I'd tell myself as I think my mistakes made when I was younger made me who I am now x

  7. Oh hun, we all make mistakes and as you said binge drinking was your way of coping. Its amazing that you have been able to take a taboo issue and be honest about your struggles. Well done hun xx

  8. Such an amazing idea to write a letter to your younger self. It must feel relieving to get it all out and also to reflect and see how much you've changed. I really need to do this. x

  9. I would tell myself to stop trying so hard to get people to like me. The people that matter already do!