Madness & Mayhem; Toddler edition.

Today's post is all about the madness moments that occur in my house thanks to Leon.

You know when you have a baby you think of all the awesome things you will be able to do together and how amazing life will be? Well I had that vision too. While most days are great and I can't fault Leon for anything, we have had some days that left me wishing we didn't even get out of bed. So I'm going to share with you all some of those days, Leon didn't even realise what he was doing was wrong or would cause any sort of damage as he was too young to understand. I do teach him right from wrong but some things are just too tempting for a toddler. 

The day Leon flooded the kitchen. 

It was a normal day, we got up, breakfast, washed and dresses then said goodbye to gran as she went out for the day. I had plans for us to go a walk, visit friends and grab lunch but it didn't quite happen like that. Leon had just started walking around this time and loved running from the kitchen to the living room over and over again, this wasn't anything new so I didn't think anything of it. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and my heart sank, I ran from the hall to the kitchen thinking the worst had happened, Leon had fell and hurt him self or worse, he had broken something but what I saw next made me laugh, because if I didn't laugh I was going to cry. I saw Leon sitting on the floor, soaking, playing with the mop. He had tipped the mop bucket over which was filled to the brim, water covered the kitchen floor seeping under the vinyl. Leon didn't even flinch at this at all, he was so happy to just sit on the floor and feel the mop head. My heart sank because how was I meant to strip him, keep him out the way while I cleaned it all up and how was I meant to get it from under the floor?! My head was all over the place so I got Leon stripped, dried and a vest on, then I phoned my gran who was in fits of laughter as I told her what had happened. I cleaned it all up the best I could but the floor was ruined and that why we had to get a new floor for the kitchen. Now we have to keep the mop and bucket out of reach, it was a hard lesson to learn but at least I know better than to leave it laying around now. 

The night Leon covered the whole living room in sudocrem

I had seen lots of posts about children and sudocrem online and always told myself that it would never happen in my house, oh how wrong I was. We used to keep sudocrem on the dining table in the room, and for a while Leon couldn't reach it but one night he proved to us that he was definitely growing and could reach all the places we didn't want him to. My gran an I were cleaning up before bed time, putting a washing on and cleaning his high chair so we let him watch CBeebies bed time hour while we done all this. We didn't think he could get up to any mischief but we soon ate our words. When I walked back into the living room I seen a mass of white... EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on the tables, on the couch, cushions, TV and the sideboard, not to mention all over Leon as well. I couldn't believe that my baby was able to reach it now, we laughed at it though and made Leon feel at ease as he cried when we found him, I wanted him to know what he done was wrong but he was exploring and having fun. It took a lot of time to clean up but we got there. Note to self; don't leave sudocrem within reaching distance of Leon. 

The day Leon pulled all the plants out in the garden

Like any other day in the garden, we all chilled out and played games. Leon has the freedom to run about and go where he wants in the garden, my grams been teaching him about plants and how to plant them. She got him his own gardening tools and plant pots with seeds to get him interested in it, and he was. It was a sunny day so he was constantly getting water to hydrate him, him cup was empty so I came in to give him water while Leon and my gran continued to do gardening. I was gone for around 5/10 minutes as I was getting us all drinks and finding ice lollys. When I came back out side, my grans back was turned as she was putting soil in plant pots and Leon was happily pulling all the flowers out their pots. It was like a massacre! Flowers and bulbs everywhere as this little guy was smiling away thinking he was helping. Soil covered the grass and step, it was a mess. I quickly shouted on my gran, she turned round and just sighed. Leon was so happy to do this and still to this day continues to try pull them out, we are working on him realising he can't do it. Again we just laughed at this incident, well we didn't at the time but we can laugh about it now. I can still see it in my mind, flowers everywhere. 

The day Leon set the kitchen on fire

Now the title of this makes it sound worse than it actually was. It was only a shelf and the washing basket filled with clothes that went on fire and got ruined but it was still pretty scary and not something I want to experience ever again. 
It started on a beautiful Friday morning when we were in the kitchen  getting stuff to take out in the garden with us like drinks and some snacks, Leon was walking in and out the kitchen, wasn't bothering anyone so we didn't think anything of it. We all went out into the garden not suspecting anything was wrong. I had planned to take my gran and Leon out for lunch that day so we were planning that out when all of a sudden we could hear a fire alarm. At first we didn't know it was ours until I said that I sounded as if it was coming from inside the house so grant opened the back door and sure enough, it was. I went in first to investigate, came to the kitchen door and all I seen was flames, massive flames almost touching the ceiling. I froze and went into panic mode. Luckily enough it got put out but the damage had already been done. All the clothes that were in the ironing basket were burned and the shelve above the cooker was ruined too. Leon had walked past the cooker and turned the button thing, that's the only way it would have went on. It was a scary lesson to learn but he is not allowed in the kitchen alone anymore.

So there you have it, 4 very different yet similar days when Leon completely went into typical toddler mode. All these lessons were hard to learn but I'm glad we have learned them now. We have had so many other days in between when things have been hectic but these 4 times really stand out for me. 

Have you ever had moments like these with your little one? 
Then let me know! I love reading about other people's experiences. 

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  1. What a michevious little lad! Glaswegian, are you? I love Glaswegian accents. Wales here, but I'm an American. x

    1. I am yes! Ooo niec! I would love to live in America!

  2. We did. O trashed our garden so many times that despite having a massive garden, my husband had to take an allotment to get anything to grow! He's coming out the other side of it now (I hope), although he did draw, with pen) all over the conservatory walls the other day so maybe not! #picknmix

  3. Oh my word toddlers are a menace aren't they? Then they smile at you all innocent and melt your heart.... My boys are 10 and very almost 12 now, but I still remember the toddler days well... they were the terrible twosome at one point and nothing was safe.

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  4. kids hey! The sudacream one has happened to before. It was in the cupboard where I keep it with all the nappies ans wipes and things. My son was about 15 months at the time. He was playing on the living room and I just went up stairs to the toilet. I must have only been about a minute, but came down to find him covered in it and all over my floor and sofa

  5. Awwww im sorry but i did have a wee chuckle at some of leons antics. He sounds such a cheeky wee dude :)

  6. Well, parenting doesn't get much more real than this! It made me smile, gasp and nod all the way through. Toddlers can be little monsters, but they're our little monsters, and I suppose the exploring and boundary pushing is all part of their growing up ... and learning that floods and fires are not a good thing! ;)

  7. When I was very small I set fire to the living room. I decided to see what would happen if j stuck the feather duster in the fire - whoops! My kids have done the sudocrem trick as well. Sounds like he is a mischievous one :)

  8. Oh dear! They are so mischievous aren't they. We've had a few sudocream incidents. My 3 year old is doing something cheeky almost every day x