What's in my Lush box; October 2015

Today's post is all about what is in my Lush box right now. Come read about the wonderful goodies!! 

It's been a while since I last made a post about my lush box and since it's rather full right now I though, what the heck! Let's do a post about it. Recently I have been picking lush goodies up left, right and center. Anytime I'm in Glasgow I'll pop in and buy a load of stuff. My best friend Lisa M also got me some lush goodies for my birthday which was just lovely of her and she put £20 in my birthday card, it's safe to assume that the money was spent on lush products as well. My box hasn't been this full in quite some time so I am rather pleased with this achievement. 

First up is the all year round products. 
The ones you can buy at any time of the year plus a discontinued product. 

Dragons egg 
Bath bomb. 

This bath bomb is such a delight to use and I am so grateful to my best friend for gifting this to me for my birthday. You can find my review of this bath bomb *Here

Granny takes a dip 
Bubble bar. 

This little bubble bar was also a gift from Lisa. This one smells so good when you hold it close to your nose. Review coming soon!

Bath Bomb

This little bath bomb reminds me of my mum. It may be small but it's really lovely to use. You can find my review of it *Here*

Bath bomb. 

This is such a beautiful bath bomb and definitely one of my favourites! I love the scent so much, I would happily use this bath bomb every few days. You can find my review of the bath bomb *Here

Bath bomb. 

This bath bomb has made its way to the top of my favourites list and I cannot wait to use it again! I will have a review of this on the blog soon. Keep an eye out.

Charity pot. 
£1.00/ 10g Trial size

I love the little tins of the charity pots you get, they are so handy to keep in your bag or pocket and definitely give you that soft hand feeling instantly. Tip; use it as a foot cream to give your feet some TLC. 

Sexy Peal soap. 

This soap smells amazing and I have yet to use it, but once I do you will get my verdict on it for sure! 

Bubble bar. 

This isn't the full bubble bar, this is the bit I have left as I cut pieces off to use it. I'm not really a fan of the accent but I do love the way the water goes with it. You can find my review *Here*

The comforter 
Bubble bar. 

I currently have two of these bubble bars as I bought one not that long ago and Lisa gave me one for my birthday! This is my favourite bubble bar by far. You can find my review *Here

 bath bomb. 

This bath bomb is just beautiful when it hits the water, creating a your own icy kingdom within your bath. I will have a review of this up soon. This was also a gift from Lisa for my birthday. 

Hair treatment 
£9.75/ 225g

The H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatments has got to be one of my favourites. It not only works well on my hair, but the price is amazing too! I can't pronounce the name of it at all, but I love it all the same. You can find my review of this hair treatment *Here*

BB Seaweed 
Fresh Face Mask
I recently got myself a new BB Seaweed facemask again as I felt that it worked wonders on my skin! It works wonders for me and especially since I am prone to break out. You can find my review of this face mask *Here*

Bubble Bar

I am currently using Brightside for my baths so that is why there is some off of it. I love the scent of this bubble bar, it is in my top picks for sure. You can expect a full review soon!

Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar was the first one I ever tried from Lush. I love how clean it makes my hair, the scent is phenomenal and it lasts forever! Review coming soon.

Space Girl
Bath Bomb
Now discontinued

I am so sad to have seen the Space Girl bath bomb go as it has been one of my top picks for a while. I loved using this when I wanted a nice sparkly bath and to feel relaxed, This bath bomb will be missed. You can find my review of it *Here*

Now for the seasonal products 

Halloween range.

Sparkly Punpkin.
Bubble Bar.

Christmas range.

This bubble bar has been released with the Halloween range at lush. This product was available last year and I got two then. I absolutely love it and I look forward to using this little beauty. I will have a review up soon. 

Snow Fairy
  Shower gel. 

This shower gel is just beautiful! I only picked up the 100g bottle but I do intend to buy the big one (1K bottle) before they stop selling them again as this shower gel smells absolutely amazing!! Review to follow. 

Bar Humbug
bubble bar. 

I have never tried this bubble bar before, it is just beautiful in design and smells lovely so I am looking forward to using this soon! 

 Bath bomb. 

This little bath bomb smells like heaven and looks pretty lovely too. I cannot wait to try this and write a review on it. 

Shoot for the stars
Bath bomb. 

This bath bomb has been released for Christmas before but I have never gotten round to trying it. I just had to purchase it this year and try it for myself! 

Star Dust 
Bath bomb. 

This is a bath bomb is new to the Christmas range, only being released this year (2015) Because it is a new product I HAD to buy it so that I could give it a try and see how much I like it. I am looking forward to using it and writing a review.

Golden Wonder
Bath bomb.

Ahhh, Golden wonder. This bath bomb brings back so many memories for me! I used it at the start of the year (in early January) When I thought I was in labour (I was actually having braxton hicks contractions) I took a bath to ease the pain as I was 10 minutes apart so I knew I couldn't go into hospital yet. As soon as I seen it was back this year I knew I had to have it.

Yog Nog
Bath Bomb

New to the Christmas rang, Yog nog looks like it will be a good bath bomb to use. I can't wait to try it out and write a review for everyone to read. I am very pleased with picking this bath bomb up, it smells similar to something but I can't quite figure out what. 

Candy mountain 
Bubble bar. 

This bubble bar smells delicious, I could literally eat it! I used this one last year, my best friend Lisa got me it for Christmas actually. I tried to spin it out for as long as possible because I just loved it so much!! I will have a review up of this soon. 

So that is what is in my Lush box at the moment! I am hoping to buy a few new bath bombs soon to add to the collection. As I can't have a bath due to my tattoo right now and can only have showers, I am missing using them so when it get's to the stage I can have a bath again I will be in heaven! I will be doing a Lush cocktail for sure!

Have you ever done a Lush cocktail? If so let me know what you used and how it went, If I decide to try it out and write a post on it, I will credit it back to you. If you haven't tried one, are you interested in doing one? leave a comment!

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  1. Oh my - I just LOVE Lush. Always come out with more than I probably should whenever I visit!

    1. I'm the exact same! Can never go in for one thing haha

  2. I'm a recent convert to lush so I'm keen to try out some of these, especially the seaweed mask! So excited to stock up on snow fairy it's so beautiful! You have such a lovely blog :)


    1. I think it's such good value for money on products! All natural and organic ingredients and vegan as well. They really do work well ^_^

      Thank you so much!

  3. You have so much Lush stuff! The bathroom always smells fantastic because of it. You have even started a lush box for me! Lush mad woman! Xx