Living in chaos; Bedroom edition

Today's post is about the chaotic state that my bedroom in is and the plans to have a full redecoration. 

For some time now I have been living in a room that makes me so depressed day in and day out. It's funny to think that a room can effect your mood so much, but it does. I wake up in the mornings to see a dark coloured wall, and barley any of my personality in the room at all. I only have dark bed covers as well to match the room which is just horrendous, I really don't like any part of it and that's why in the new year the whole room will be undergoing a transformation. My plan for the room is to have all natural coloured walls with pops of colour added in through accessories.

This picture below, is the view from the doorway, as you can see it's rather bland and lacking anything that screams relaxation. I do everything in my room, I blog, I play Xbox, watch tv, chill out and more so this space is always in use wither it be by myself or by Grant. It's gotten to the point now where I just loath cleaning it because I dislike it that much. The bed is situated in the corner which frustrates me to no end! But it's the best use of the space right now as I don't want to move everything into the position I want then have to move it all out again when it's getting decorated so I am stuck with it as is. 

The picture below is the view from the end of my bed, as you can see I use the back of my door for a few things such as my calendar and pin board, I intent to keep these things where they are but to tidy it up a little, taking things off that I don't need. I also have a set of drawers that also acts as a vanity table, it did have a mirror attached but it couldn't fit in that space with it still on so it got taken off and I refreshed the drawers with a coat of white paint (up cycling and all that jazz) I got the drawers from my great granddad when he went into a care home so I treasure them so dearly and I must have them on display in my main room. They do need a new lick of pain but I am reluctant to do this until the whole room is getting done. I feel like that area is a bit hectic as is, so it will be getting tidied up. 

To the left of my drawers is my built in wardrobe which is a pretty decent size, although it doesn't hold all of my things it's still great storage space.  

The picture below is more of a front facing view of what I already described above, This is what I see when I sit up in my bed and it drives me crazy. I really cannot wait until the redecoration happens, but I wish it was happening sooner.

This picture is a close up of my built in wardrobe I already spoke about, which as you can see, has no room in it at all. I really need to gut it out.My clothes are crammed in there plus I have boxes piled high on the floor of it that I don't even know what they are for or why I have them. I will need to have a serious clean out, I am just sick and tired of hording stuff I don't need.

This is the TV area, there is stuff everywhere! I feel like this is a big misuse of space but I haven't got places to put a lot of things right now so when the room has been re done I am sure I will look back on this post for comparison to see just how different it will look. I hate the table my TV is on, well, hate is a strong word but I strongly dislike it as a TV unit when it is in fact a coffee table. I plan on getting a white corner unit for the TV to maximize space. I will also figure out where to store the DVD's as it just is not practical to have them on the floor, Leon loves to get his hands on them and throw them everywhere. 

 Once the room has been re-done I am sure I will be at peace with it. I intend to create a relaxing escape so that I can blog in peace, sleep in comfort and relax in my own little slice of paradise. Three walls are going to be white with one wall painted a very muted grey colour. The flooring I intent to get is a nice grey wood effect, which will tie the whole room together. The new bed I am going to get will be wither a grey or soft brown colour as to not over power the room but to be an aspect of it's own and I will be dressing it with beautiful bed covers, pillows and a throw. The curtains are still undecided as I can't decide on making them a bold colour or a muted colour, I guess I will decide when the time comes. I will also be doing a full length picture wall on the chimney breast that sticks out in the room to create a space for me to hang all my pictures and to create somewhat of a feature. The furniture being bought is all going to be white to fit in nicely with the room, I will be adding pops of colour to the room through various accessories such as pillows, bed covers, ornaments and picture frames. I now have a clear picture in our head what the room is going to look like and it makes me very excited to know that this room of chaos and mismatch will soon be a tranquil environment.

Do you have any rooms in your house that you want re-doing? Have you finally updated a space in your home to suit your needs, let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Good luck with the room overhaul, have you considered mounting the TV on the wall or having it on top of a fairly high and narrow bookcase or drawers (that you can put DVDs and electricals in / on in a more organised way?) I just bought a new house in July and lots of it I want to change but just can't afford at the moment. You are right though, your surroundings definitely affect your mood xx