Organix Keratin oil Shampoo & Conditioner; Review

Today's post is a review on the Organix Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

When it comes to my hair I am always on the lookout for products that are going to help it stay as healthy as possible. I don't tend to wash my hair very often If I'm honest, now I know what your thinking... "Ew!" That's what I thought when I first looked into keeping my hair in good condition but after training my hair to go at most, 6 days without washing it, my hair has never been in such great condition! It has also grown at the front which never happened around 19 months ago (well that's how it felt) but now it has grown in the front and my hair feels great. So because I hardly wash my hair I always want amazing products to use that will help my hair stay in amazing condition and while I was pregnant I came across the organix range. I really have no idea what I done before this brand because honestly, it's amazing! They have different shampoo and conditioner combos and also hair treatments. I first used the argon oil shampoo and conditioner which was fantastic! And decided from then on, I would only use their products (apart from Lush ones, I use them too)

At the start of this year (2015) I started using their Anti-breakage Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner to help battle my broken ends, I got my hair cut so that it was all healthy hair and combated any breakage with this super amazing duo! Since using the shampoo and conditioner my hair doesn't suffer from as much broken ends or break as easy when I brush it which was a problem of mine for sure! 

What drew me to these two products was the packaging, It's a beautiful pink with gold lid and writing on the front and once I seen it was a keratin oil bases one I was sold. The front of the bottles has quite a bit of writing on it, it really does sell the product and I like how they have done it. 

This is the front of the shampoo; 

This is the front of the conditioner; 

The back of the bottles tells you how to use the product and why you would want the product. I always love when the companies think about what the customers want to know and include it right there on the bottle for you so that you don't have to spend much time searching for it. I guess that's why I like the packaging of these products, you find out everything you need to within seconds of reading the bottle. 

This is the back of the shampoo; 

This is the back of the conditioner;

The scent of the shampoo and conditioner is quite potent, it's a little bit like perfume and sticks to your hair for sure giving it a clean, fresh scent, I'm not sure what I would compare it to but it's lovely. The consistency of the shampoo is pretty thick and you don't need a lot of it for your hair in my opinion. It lathers very well which is something I find you don't get in many sulfate free products but with the organix range it's something that isn't a problem. 

My only negative about these products is only with the conditioner. I feel like no matter what I do its runny when I put it in my hair, yet when it's in my hands just out the bottle it's rather "fluffy" (that's how I would describe it) but I put it in my hair and bam! It's dripping out, no matter what I do it doesn't help. This doesn't affect how it works on your hair though, my hair always feels smooth and soft after being washed. 

Shampoo Ingredients;

Conditioner Ingredients;

I really feel like these products have worked wonders on my hair! I don't have as much breakage as I did, my hairs always super soft and smells great until I wash it again and I would recommend these to anyone who has had the same problems as myself. 

Hair care tip; It's important to know what works for your hair and the best way to utilize different ingredients so do some research into what you want to achieve with your hair and find out what ingredients will help you achieve your goal wither it be smoother hair or thicker locks. I find that the best way is to do an intensive treatment once a week. I use an Argan oil hair mask as a base then add jojoba oil, keratin oil and Argan oil to it, mix it then apply it to DRY hair and leave it for 30 minutes, rinse then wash my hair as normal. Although I have always done this I really feel like the organix shampoo and conditioner has helped 100%. 

- Organix Keratin oil Shampoo -

- Organix Keratin Oil Conditioner - 

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  1. I've heard good things about this organix product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.