2016 Blog Post Round up

2016 has been a super busy year for me, especially in terms of Blogging. I have had amazing opportunities come my way, ones that I really thought I would never experience like attending some fantastic events, reviewing amazing products and getting to meet some bloggers who I would now class as friends for life. Because of blogging my life has changed forever in more ways than one.


2016 Reflections

2016 has been one hell of a year to say the least... We have all  been through so much! With this year being one of thee absolute worst in terms of how it will be written in history, it's no wonder most people want it to be over and done! With the likes of Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Lemmy passing away, Brexit happening and Trump becoming president it's no wonder we just want to forget about 2016 altogether, it's being horrible,
 But personally, I have had an amazing year and I have achieved so much. So that's what today's post is all about, my personal 2016 reflections.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day, I know I am.
It has been a great morning watching Leon run about, ripping his presents open and just generally having the best time ever. Seeing his smile really does light up my life more than anyone will ever know!

Have a Fantastic day all you amazing people out there.

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Review Sabai Soaps Kaffir Lime

Hello Lovely People
Today's post is a review of the Kaffir Lime handmade soap by Sabai Soaps


The Christmas Tag

Hello Lovelies! 
Christmas is almost upon us, it's Tuesday 20th today so that mean's 5 more sleeps till santa comes! I don't know about you lot, but I am so ready for it to be christmas already! Today's post is THE CHRISTMAS TAG! and I am very excited to do this, I LOVE christmas. 

Christmas Eve Traditions

In many households across the world, everyone has their own christmas eve traditions. Today I wanted to share with you all, our Christmas eve happenings.

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Lifewithktkinnes

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Katie From LifewithKTKINNES 


The Girl That Lied

This post contains talk about rape, sexual assault and being attacked. Please do not read on if this will be extremely upsetting. Thank you.


Review │My Cupcake Toppers

I had the pleasure of trying out some cake toppers from Mycupcaketoppers.co.uk who happen to be not that far away from me, situated in bellshill! I was super excited that they let me get some cupcake toppers to try out as Leon and I have started baking a lot more recently so this will be a great addition to our baking fun! 

#MeetTheBeauties ││ Withanoceanview

Hey Everyone and welcome to this week's installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Zoe from Withanoceanview.


Those people

I think today's post is accurately titled because I'm talking all about those people, you know the ones, at least I'm sure you do.


Christmas Gift Guide Burts Bees

Hello lovlies! 
Today's Gift Guide is centred round Burts Bees, You know, the amazing natural beeswax products *Heart Emoji* 

Christmas Party Wear


Christmas Jumpers for Boys


Winter Fashion


Sweater Weather Tag

Hi Everyone! 
Today's post is the Sweater Weather Tag! 
I loved the thought of this and really wanted to give it a go before Winter was truly upon us!



Yep You read it right, this is my Christmas Giveaway!

Hello all you beautiful people, This post is all about my massive christmas giveaway! Everything you see pictured (in the video) will come in the beautiful big white box and is my present to you for being super awesome and one of my readers! 


Christmas Stocking Fillers for make up lovers

I don't know about you, but I just love to tuck into my stocking on christmas day because my gran always fills it with thee most beautiful little presents ever, so I really wanted to do a Christmas gift guide on some beautiful little stocking fillers or the make up lover in your life. This year I have had the pleasure of trying out so many different products sent to me by wonderful brands, so this gift guide will include the products I've hand picked from the bunch. 

Christmas gift guide | Boots 3 for 2

Don't you just love christmas shopping? Don't you just love having to run all over the place looking for different presents for different people? Nah, me neither!!! That's why I LOVE boot's 3 for 2 range because there are so many presents that you can pick up for an array of people in your life. 


#MeetTheBeauties ││ Double The Monkey Business

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Double The Monkey Business.


Review | B Beauty Limited Japanese Face Masks

I had the pleasure of being able to try out Japanese Face Masks by B Beauty Limited. I was super excited to try out their Pearl and Collagen facial essence mask's.


Christmas gift guide | Unusual Presents

Have you ever wondered what to get someone who has everything? Do you have a fussy friend who likes things that arent the normal bath gift set or perfume? Then this is the gift guide for you! With some pretty awesome suggestions I think you can find something for your chosen recipient in mind.


Christmas Gift Guide | For the Mermaid and unicorn addicts


Review │Seventeen Make up

Hello lovelies.

Today's post is all about seventeen Make up, one brand that I absolutely love to use because of their great prices and product quality.
I have been using seventeen for a while now and I can honestly say with hand on heart it is one of the best brands I have used.


#MeetTheBeauties ││ SMABL

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of #MeetTheBeauties. Today is all about Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs.


That sounds Easy! I want free stuff!

"That's so easy! I want free stuff"

The above statement has been said to me more times that I can count at this point.


Caseapp Review

Hello lovelies, today's post is a review of CaseApp phone cases! 


15 Thoughts before sleep

Lately I have been having trouble sleeping because my mind seems to wander, it likes to remind me of everything I've forgotten to do and everything I plan on doing the next day. I feel like it's an endless cycle that likes to show up at the worst time, when I just want to unwind and fall asleep after running about after the little one all day.


Playlist; My musical addiction

Lately I have been super addicted to listening to music. I have made myself a few playlists for different moods but I seem to keep going back to the same one, I don't have a fancy name for it or anything, it's called "playlist 2" but I find that it really puts me in a good mood which is what I've been needing lately. I've found that my moods been a little up and down so I make a point of putting music on for at least half an hour a day to just give me that little boost. I usually stick it on when I'm getting ready or cleaning as it helps me to stay motivated. It also helps that Leon really likes the music so he dances about to it which I think is great, he's always been shy about doing anything like that in front of anyone, even me. So to see him enjoying the music as well brings me joy. His favourite has got to be The Hunna though, he likes to take my phone and dance with it when they are playing. 


15 things I've had said about my depression

Hello all you wonderful human beings. Today I wanted to bring a post to you all that's a little personal to me.


Glasgow Therapie Launch

On the 27th of October my best friend Lisa & I attended the new Therapie Launch in Glasgow City Centre where we enjoyed a night of getting to know all about the clinic and the products they stock whilst having some prosecco and nibbles as well as being treated to a goody bag and free bikini laser removal session.

Eating Out In Glasgow | Gourmet Burger Kitchen

On the 3rd of November I attended the opening of Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Glasgow Fort, I have one word! WOW!

*UPDATE* GBK at Glasgow fort has now sadly shut down.

Review | Dobell Menswear; Boys Tuxedo

A few weeks ago I Received a tuxedo for Leon from Dobell Menswear, as soon as I seen the big cardboard box I was really impressed with the packaging, it was well and truly safe from damage which was a big hit in my eyes. I just couldn't wait to get tucked into the tuxedo that was inside, I kept thinking to myself, "I'll have a mini James bond on my hands" Que the internal sobbing of a mother.


I'm on Youtube?

Hello all you lovely people out there, I AM NOW ON YOUTUBE
Yes, yes you read that right, I am now in fact on youtube. 

Versatile blogger award

blog, award
The Versatile Blogger Award

I have heard of this award a few time's but never been nominated so when Natasha (http://itsatashathing.blogspot.co.uk/) Nominated me I was over the moon! So thank's Natasha, I am so honoured! 


Vogue 73 Questions; Vlog/Blog

I was tagged by the lovely Claire from That mumma Rocks  to do the Vogue 73 questions. I have never done a vlog before so I really thought that this would be the best opportunity for me to try it out! I am so excited to share with you all my vlog for this but also my blog post on the questions. 


NutribuddyUk 14 day weight loss Kit Review

As some of you may know I have been using the Nutribiddy 14 day weight loss kit, I wrote a First Impressions post on this which you can find HERE.


Tarot Reading by Tarotbella

Hello all you beautiful people. Today's post is a little different, all about tarot readings.

Review │ Runaway Fox

Today I thought I would do something a little different and rehash an old post of mine that I really loved to write because I just loved the product so much! I made a purchase from Runaway Fox and as soon as I received my item I didn't regret it one bit.

They make jewellery, home décor and much more! If you are looking for something unusual then this is the place to go! 


Review | Jojoba Company

I love Jojoba oil, I honestly love these type of oils for my skin because they tend to work so well with it, giving me that silky smooth feeling. There are many benefits to Jojoba oil that makes it a great choice like the fact it's the closes oil out there to the natural sebum that your skin produces.


Why I like to be positive

I've had some very unfortunate things happen in my life, things that could have completely broken me into pieces, things that have shaped some people into a completely different person (in a bad way) so now that I'm no longer living in that moment I want to spread peace and happiness. It's my way of saying, you know what life? You threw all this at me and I'm still standing here today, smiling, promoting love and kindness, so stick it!


The Real Glesga Dance Mums

I love going to see shows at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, It's always a great night out full of laughs. For me it's perfect to go for a nice night out with friends that doesn't involve a thumping hangover the next day. I've been to see a fair few acts at the Pavilion such as Peter Powers, The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga, Wee fat glesga wedding and much more. Most recently I went to see Real Glesga Dance Mums with my bestie and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! 


Boots Beauty Box #Faceoff

Ahhh, Boots, The place I over indulge in so many items that I don't NEED but most certainly want. It's great for makeup and perfect for all your beauty needs if I'm honest. So when I found out boots had a review panel where you could try out lot's of different products I wanted very desperately to be a part of it, so I filled in the application and waited patiently for an email but then one day, out of the blue I received a parcel at my door, I opened it and it was this beauty of a box! Boot's had sent me their #Faceoff box that has some amazing products inside for me to review, LUCKY!


Review | Kiss false Nails

I was kindly sent some Kiss products to try out and WOW! These nails I'm going to be talking about today are really great quality and I can't wait to just tell you all about them!


Halloween Pintrest Inspiration

Hello all you spooky people you! Today I am going to show you all some of my faviourite pintrest halloween posts that inspired me for this years halloween! There is so many great ideas out there that I think everyone just has to know about whether it be for parties, costume ideas or make up inspo, you can find pretty much what you're looking for on pintrest.

Faviourite Horrors for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching I have been digging out my horrors (who am I kidding, I watch horrors pretty much everyday haha) but seriously, I've been making a list of my favourite horrors to stick on the full week before Halloween. 

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