Luxêmme; WYATT CREPE Plunge Luxe Cuff Detail Dress Review

* Please note that I was sent this item for FREE from Luxemme but that in no way sways my opinions or thoughts, All opinions stated are completely my own and non bias*


My Labour/ Birth Story

Today's post is all about the day Leon was brought into the world. 


CBeebies; The programs that I hate.

CBeebies is fantastic for pre-school children, they really do learn so much from the shows and my son absolutely loves some of the programs that are on, but when you have them on all day, EVERYDAY, right up until 7pm, you start to loose your marbles a bit and find out which shows you HATE. I really don't like to admit it, but they send me round the bend.... Some aren't that bad if I'm honest, there is just something in them that I dislike.


Review │ Golden wonder bath bomb by Lush

I came across the Golden Wonder bath bomb in December of 2013 when I was shopping Lush's Christmas range in their boxing day sale. I was heavily pregnant, dying to find some bath bombs that would make my bath experience a little more relaxing and all the Christmas products were half price or cheaper. It's safe to say I was going a little over the top with my purchases, but in the process I came across this beauty of a bath bomb. I loved it so much on first impressions that I picked up 4 of them! And boy oh boy, am I glad I did. 


Blogging Goals for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a wonderful time at Christmas and New Years, I know I did! I spent it with the people I love most, Seeing my child so happy because the festive spirit was in all of us and we done everything possible to give him an amazing Christmas was so joyful. I really did enjoy this Christmas (for once it wasn't stressful) But after an amazing Christmas and New Years I got to thinking, What do I want to accomplish in 2016? What goals will I set myself this time round and will I achieve them all? 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! 
I hope you are all doing well and have started your 2016 off with a bang!

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