Monday, 4 January 2016

Blogging Goals for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a wonderful time at Christmas and New Years, I know I did! I spent it with the people I love most, Seeing my child so happy because the festive spirit was in all of us and we done everything possible to give him an amazing Christmas was so joyful. I really did enjoy this Christmas (for once it wasn't stressful) But after an amazing Christmas and New Years I got to thinking, What do I want to accomplish in 2016? What goals will I set myself this time round and will I achieve them all? 

I thought it fitting after all these thoughts and ideas rushing through my head to do a post on my Blogging Goals for 2016! If I have them written down, in black and white, I might, just might, stick to them and accomplish all I set my mind to. 

1: Have a set Schedule for posts.

2: Attend more events I'm invited to.

3: Reach out to more bloggers

4: Participate in more Link-ups

5: Introduce a new series (Hint: It Includes my Friends)

6: Try more places to eat in Glasgow for blogging.

7: Use my Camera more.

8: Stay organised. 

9: Keep on top of posts. 

10: Put more effort into social media. 

I really did think long and hard about these goals, the process of my thinking was that I wanted achievable goals and ones that would really help me grow. I love setting a bar so that I can surpass it and know I done a great job. I think that I have set myself some goals that will be easy to achieve and some others not so much, but I will give it a good go!

And that's my blogging goals, what are your blogging goals for 2016? And if you aren't a blogger, what's your goals?

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  1. I love that you haven't included the typical "I want to reach x followers on y" goals. It's great that your goals are focused on the stuff that you can actually influence and do instead of having luck to reach a certain number.
    I'm looking forward to your blogging series. :)

    1. Thank you! I didn't want to set goals that I know I'm not putting my all into, like trying to get so many followers etc... I want people to follow me because they like my blog, not because I'm campaigning for them. Thanks sweetie! I'm hoping it comes together very soon! Xo


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