Wednesday, 13 January 2016

CBeebies; The programs that I hate.

CBeebies is fantastic for pre-school children, they really do learn so much from the shows and my son absolutely loves some of the programs that are on, but when you have them on all day, EVERYDAY, right up until 7pm, you start to loose your marbles a bit and find out which shows you HATE. I really don't like to admit it, but they send me round the bend.... Some aren't that bad if I'm honest, there is just something in them that I dislike.

So this post is all about the shows that I don't like and the ones that really get on my nerves. If you're a mother then you will know exactly what I'm talking about! 

Baby Jake

My son LOVES this show, He get's so excited when it comes on in the mornings that he jumps about like a little mad man then plops himself down in front of the TV to pay close attention to everything that is going on. Me on the other hand, I really dislike it. The way the show has been done kind of freaks me out a little with the way baby Jakes head is animated. The stories also get to me a little and the song is annoying. I basically just don't like this show.


This show annoys me on the basis that I really dislike Josie Jump.... I can't stand that character, she seems very snooty which grinds my gears for sure. My son loves PC Plum as do I but a few of the characters just get on my nerves and make me wish the show would end sooner. I also dislike the fact that the story of what is happening in the show is told so many times! I just don't see why that has to happen.

Charlie and Lola

This show doesn't annoy me too much as I feel like it can be entertaining for me to watch (yes, for me to watch) But I still can't help but dislike Lola.... the episode where she takes over charlies birthday party really gets to me for some reason, And the one where she becomes "the best helper" I feel like if Lola was my child, she would never be out of the naughty corner. Speaking of being her parent, where is their mum? You never see her and charlie is left to take care of his little sister? Just not practical. 

Everything's Rosie 

Everything's NOT Rosie. I just hate this show. Blue bird really gets on my nerves... when ever this show is on I make a point of trying to do something else, I just can't watch it at all anymore is annoys me that much. 


I have never in my life wanted to smash my TV box up so much than when this is on, and not only is it on once at the weekend, oh no, it's on 3 times a day... Saturday AND Sunday. The same one... Over and over and over again. The guy's voice sends chills down me and the theme song is just a big NOPE for me. Also, a quizz show that has actual children there, cheering at what? they children must never be able to watch the shows the same again because they will know its a load of BS. This show really does get me riled up, as you can probably tell, even writing about it gets my blood boiling. This is for sure the worst one out the lot for me, I just can not stand it at all.

There you have it, some of the shows that I just cannot stand. Kerwhizz is most definitely the worst in my opinion. There are a lot more that really annoy me like Waybaloo and Teletubies but I didn't want to overload you all with the ramblings of a mad woman who hates childrens programs. 

What childrens programs can't you stand?

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  1. I actually don't mind Baby Jake as much because it does mesmerise the children. But otherwwise I totally agree! #coolmumclub

  2. I'm supposed to be reading the odds (and they're keeping me busy) but I had to detour past this one! I hate so many kids's always time to switch ceebeebies off when you see the same show twice. But thankfully (NOT) NickJr plays shows on loop forever. Time to go to the TV free kitchen diner I think....! Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  3. OMG. Baby Jake. Hate it!!! Toddler loves it. Literally the most backwards uneducational waste of space programme EVER!!! Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub lovely lady xx